Changing Printer IP Address

This guide will focus on how to change the printer IP address using a Mac.
If you are using PC, a software driver CD should be provided to you when you purchase the printer.
Connect your printer to your PC using ethernet cable, use the installed software to change the printer IP address.

This guide assumes that you have a Mac, iPad and Printer all connected to the same Wi-Fi router.
You can connect your printer directly to your Mac if your Mac has an ethernet port.

1) On right top of your Mac screen, you should find the Wi-Fi icon.
Click on that and scroll all the way to the bottom, click on 'Open Network Preferences...'.

mobipos system setup guide

This is what you should see.
For further reference, do note that my mac IP address is as shown in the screenshot.

2) Click on the '+' button on the left bottom corner.

mobipos system setup guide

3) A Pop up will show, select Wi-Fi and service name leave it as Wi-Fi 2.
Proceed to 'Create'.

mobipos system setup guide

4) On the top bar, click on TCP/IP and choose 'Using DHCP with manual address'.

As for the IP address, it might differ for everyone.
Before keying in the IP address, you have to find out your printer IP address.
This can be done by holding the feed button and power on the printer.
A configuration sheet will be printed out with the printer IP address on it.

In this example, we will use printer IP address of
To connect to this printer, we will need to be in the same subnet.
Which means I have to be in 192.168.192.XXX in order to communicate with this printer.

As displayed in the screenshot above, I'll set my mac IP address to
* If your printer IP Address is, then you will need to change this to instead.

Proceed to click 'OK' and click 'Apply'.

5) Now go under your Safari or Google Chrome browser.
Type in the IP address of the printer, "" and enter. You should be able to see the printer configuration page.

mobipos system setup guide

Click on 'TCP/IP', you will find the IP address.

So what printer IP address should you change it to?
Remember in the very beginning of this guide, we stated that the mac IP address is ''.
Now we know that all my devices connected to the router are under the subnet of "192.168.0.XXX".
I shall change my printer IP address to that as well, I'll give the printer

mobipos system setup guide

Click 'Submit' then proceed to reset the printer.

You should have changed the printer IP address successfully.
Now go under MobiPOS application, key in '' as the IP address and 9100 as the port.
Do a test print to see if it works.
If it does, go back to your Mac, select Wi-Fi 2 and click the '-' button on the left bottom to delete this network.

mobipos system setup guide