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Secondary Terminal (iPhone/iPod)

To have a secondary ordering terminal, you need to have an iPhone/iPod Touch.

1) Download MobiPOS - Point of Sale for iPad & iPhone from the Appstore.
2) Upon completion, head on to Settings.
3) Under Terminal IP Address, enter the IP address found in your primary POS terminal settings page.
4) Click on "Pair/Synchronize DB".

If this is the first synchronization, there will be a pop up in your primary POS.
Asking you to pair this device. Click "Yes" to pair.
Now in your iPhone terminal, click on "Pair/Synchronize DB" again.
It should proceed to retrieve all settings & pictures.

Upon completion, go under "Menu".
Punch in a few orders, then under "Order" click on "Send Order", the orders will be sent to the primary POS.