Key Features

Customer Display

Using a secondary iOS device, deliver product price and information to your customer. Obtain customer signature without the need of turning your POS to face customers.

Kitchen Display System

Eliminate paper printing, use your iPad to serve as a kitchen display. View open orders by table or time ordered. Upon completion, notify expedite screen.

Table Management

Customise multiple table layout according to your restaurant. Table timers enables staff to turn table more efficiently.

Customer Relationship Management

Manage customer's email, birthday and address. Track their spending and assign different tier of membership discount.

Split Bills

Split bill by item, percentage or number or pax easily. System automatically bring up the previous bill, saving you the hassle to restart the split process again.


Inventory module allows you to control and track inventory in decimal quantity. For each product sold, system deduct inventory according to recipe provided.

Clock In/Out

Track employees clock in and out timing. Pay them according to the hours worked.


Reward your customer with perks to keep them coming back.

mobipos star mpop

Over 3000 stores worldwide, find out why

Best POS

"I have searched a year for a system I could afford and be able to program. This is it. Best POS on the market. No I don't work for them, I own a winery and restaurant, and one program does it all. Set up with 3 iPads and 4 printers. Great tech support answers questions very fast"


Great Support

"I have installed this system in 5 of my restaurants and all working fine, the support from developer is outstanding, can not recommend enough."


Better than all cloud systems

"I run a restaurant that makes around 80k per month. I have 3 ordering terminals, 7 iphones for tableside orders and one kitchen display. This system has worked wonderfully for me. I have tried most cloud based pos systems and mobi is by far the best one."


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