MobiPOS offers various pricing plan to fit businesses of all sizes.
To ensure our product is priced reasonably, we configure each add-on module of our product to be optional.
Get your business up and running quick and decide the extras you need later on.

Plan Billed Anually 3 Months

Standalone POS System

$10/month $15/month


iPad Terminal

$5/month $8/month

iPod/iPhone Terminal

$3/month $5/month

Each Kitchen Display

$3/month $5/month

10 Terminal + 5 Kitchen Display

$25/month $30/month

Cloud Reporting

$12/month $15/month

GloriaFood Integration

$5/month $8/month
All prices are in US dollars.

* Standalone POS system has to be purchased before add-ons.

Sign up for a 14 days trial, no credit card required

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How does free trial work?

When you first download our software, the app is under lite version limited to 30 items and 10 transactions a day.
Once you start your 14 day trial, your app will not have any limitation.
When the trial expires, the app will revert back to lite version.

How do I activate my account?

You have to register an account with us.
An email with instructions will be sent to your email.
With the credentials provided, login under the app settings -> activate/restore.

What payment method can I use?

We accept payment via Paypal.

Can I cancel my account at anytime?

Yes, if you decide to cancel your account, do it at your convenience.
However, no refund will be given.

Can we renew the subscription monthly instead of every 3 months?

Nope, the minimum duration of our plan is 3 months.

What is the difference between an iPad & iPhone terminal?

iPad terminal has more features like bill splitting, change table and bill closing. However iPhone/iPod terminal is use mainly for mobile ordering.

Do I need to login my account under terminal as well?

Nope, you only have to login under your main POS.
Once terminal is synced with main POS, it will retrieve necessary information.

FAQ for existing users

What is the difference between my current POS with this version?

You can refer to the list here.

What will happen to my app if I do not wish to upgrade?

Your app will still run normally.
We will still provide bug fixes and minor update to the app, however you will not receive certain pro features.

What happens when my trial expire?

Once your trial is expired, your app will be limited to 10 transactions a day.
Go under settings -> activate/restore -> manage license and logout.
You will be able to process unlimited transaction again, however new features will be disabled.

Does MobiPos still offer non subscription based POS system?

Nope, this is our new standard pricing.