Add Category

pos system add category

Assigned Printer

This controls the kitchen docket for item under this category.
If the item has no printer assigned, it will follow its parent category assigned printer.
If you do not wish to print the entire category. Set it to *Do no print.


If you have different tax configuration for different category. You could set them here.
Default tax will apply all taxes that is configured under the tax settings.

Automated Discount

Order level discount will be applied to all item under this category.

Accessible By

Disable certain user account to access the category.
It will be hidden from inaccessible user.

Quick Key

To use the quick key, you have to setup the quick key under item as well.
Setup "PI" for the category and "01" for the specific item. Then you could tap "PI" then "01" to order.


You could disable the entire category including item under this category.

Moving category position

Beside category list, you will find the Edit button.
Click on Edit, hold and drag the 3 bars icon in every category to move it around.
Click on Done to save.