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Online Booking User Guide

Booking can be done from both POS or the web based booking site.
In this guide we will go through the steps on how to make a booking from the website.

Enter the booking site that we just created.
Key in the URL of to your browser.

online reservation booking main page

Upon entering the site, user will be shown with all booking details.

Booking Date

online reservation select booking date

Start by selecting the date they wish to make a booking.
They can choose from the quick access button below or select the date from the calendar.
If the calendar is shown, click on the date again to hide the calendar.


online reservation select party size

Next, they will need to select the party size for this booking.

Seating Area/Section

online reservation select seating area

User can select the preferred seating area of theirs or leave it as no preference.
If they leave it as no preference, system will assign their seating based on best efficiency practice.

Booking Time

online booking select booking timeslot

With all the information above selected, they would need to select the time they wish to make the booking.
Booking time that is greyed out is not available for booking.
Selected booking will be displayed in green.

Booking Details

Upon clicking on Next located at the bottom, user will need to fill up their contact information.

online booking customer details remarks

Enter their remarks if there are any, and proceed to click Next to the final confirmation page.

Booking Summary

In this page, user checks if all their booking information is correct and click on Confirm Booking.

online reservation booking summary confirmation

Customer will then be presented with the Booking Received page.

online booking received page

Behind the scenes, both customer and owner will receive an email about the booking.
If "Requires Confirmation" is turned on in setting, the status of the booking will be "Pending Confirmation" as shown above.
You will need to Accept or Reject the booking in the POS.

If POS is online at the moment of booking, POS will receive the booking immediately.
Else, it will receive when it comes online.