User Guide

MobiOrder is a web-based online ordering platform.
Assuming that you have set it up as instructed, you will be given a url.
Key in the own url of your own and you will be directed to the ordering page.
A sample of URL would be

Now you should be promoting this URL to your users through Facebook, email marketing or any other method of your own.

pos online ordering interface

Category/Sub category will be shown on the left and your product item will be shown on the right.


pos online ordering interface

Upload a banner which will be displayed on top of the menu. Personalize the theme of the site to fit your store.


pos online ordering interface

All categories and sub category will be displayed on the left. Click on any of them and it will lead you to the menu under the category.


pos online ordering interface

Product Picture
Product image can be uploaded from either the iPad Point of Sale or from CloudSync.
Look for Menu's Image in Online Ordering settings if you wish to not show product image.
However having image would encourage customer's spending.

Product Name
The product name is in bold, it is coming from the product's Item Name that you have created.

Product Description
Give the product a short description, it can be changed at Settings -> Item, look for the product item's Item Notes right below the product's icon.
It can also be done from CloudSync, in Stocks -> Item -> Item Notes located at the bottom.

Product Price
Display based on the current order type or pricing level that is configured.
If you wish to have a different pricing in online store as compared to in store, configure Pricing Level in Online Ordering settings.
Pricing Level has be configured in the iPad application before it could be chosen.
Look for Settings -> Pricing Level in the iPad application.

Product Details

pos online order product details

Clicking on the product's photo will give you an enlarged photo with the description and price at the bottom.
Image uploaded is encouraged to have a dimension of 1080px x 1080px to cater for all devices screen type.

Modifier Group/Variant

pos online ordering order modifier group

For product with modifier group or variant, a pop up will be shown with the choices.
Optional or Required will be shown on the right top of each group.
User can also change the quantity of each modifier upon selecting if its allowed.
Configure Max Choice to be 1 or turn on Unique Selection if only 1 option each is allowed.

Ordering Method

pos online order ordering method

Click on the button located at the right top to change ordering method, it can be either collection or delivery.
With delivery, address has to be filled in.
It will be autofilled if user did allow location access when they are first prompted by the browser.
Click on Check Address and drag the pin accurately to the location if it is incorrect.
Having the pin dropped accurately will help rider to reach them, as they could scan the QR code printed at the bottom of the receipt and bring up Google Map.
Delivery distance and fee will be calculated based on the input of customer.
Click Save to proceed ordering.

General Info

pos online ordering outlet info

The address displayed on top is the address that was keyed in Outlet Address in Online Ordering settings.
During the setup, drag the pin accurately to your store so your customer could locate your store easier.

General Information
Look for General Info in Online Ordering settings to change this section of text.
An introduction to your store will be great.

Ordering Options
Automatically generated by the system based on the setup that is done.
Delivery fee, range and ordering method that is available will be displayed.

Operation Hours
Generated automatically by the system based on the setup keyed in at Operating Hours.

Payment Method
Generated automatically by the system based on the supported payment method setup.


pos system cart details

On the right top, the cart gives a summary of all orders with it's tax and grand total.
Grand total might change later on if ordering/payment method is changed later on.
Click on Next to proceed.

Ordering Method

pos system online order details

Ordering method can still be changed here if they did not specify which mode they preferred in the beginning.
Different ordering method will update the cart's product pricing and delivery fees.

Customer Details

pos system customer details

Customer contact's information. Email and phone number will be the most important as that will be used to contact the customer if there's any error.
Any change of events to the order, an email will be sent to them.


pos system online check address

Customer's address to be filled if delivery ordering method is chosen.
User has to click on "Check Address" and make sure the the dropped PIN location is accurate.

Payment Method

pos system online check address

Choose the preferred payment method.

Order Summary

pos system online order summary

The summary of all orders including their details.
Clicking on "Checkout" will either proceed to online payment or send order to the POS immediately if cash is selected.

Order Pending

pos system order pending system

If POS receives the order, an order pending message will show and it will wait for store's response for 3 minutes.
Someone in the store should response to the order by either accepting or rejecting it.
If the order is accepted, confirmation with Order Number will be shown on screen.
Separately this information will be sent to store and their email.

pos online ordering order accepted

If order is rejected, system display the error message that is returned by the store.

pos online ordering order failed

If the POS is offline or not reachable, system will display the necessary error message.
An email specifying the reasons will be sent to store but not the customer and respresentative from store should rectify it as soon as possible.