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Voucher with Serial Number

This guide explains how to create an individual voucher with a unique serial number. This is to prevent the voucher from being used more than once and you are able to track this in the payment report.

To begin, go to Settings in the main page then select Voucher. Click on the + to create a new voucher.

mobipos settings voucher

Enter the serial number and the voucher amount. Note that the serial number has to be unique and it cannot be duplicated. In this example photo, 20% is entered as the percentage amount for the voucher. $8 is entered as Capped, it means this is the maximum voucher amount applicable regardless of how big the bill is in proportion to the percentage.

For example, 20% voucher is being applied to a $40 bill. The bill will be $32 after an $8 discount. But if the Capped amount is $8, that means even if a bill is more than $40, the maximum discount is still $8 only.

mobipos create voucher

You can also select Price as the voucher type but there cannot be a capped amount for this since the amount itself is considered as Capped.

mobipos voucher price

You can set an expiry date for the voucher if you wish to, otherwise the voucher will be valid indefinitely. Click anywhere on the screen to continue.

mobipos select expiry date voucher

After you are done creating the voucher, click Save on the top right corner. We will show how you how to create a payment type for the voucher in the next step.

mobipos save voucher

Select Payment Types in Settings. Click on the + button to create a new payment type.

mobipos payment type.

Enter Voucher as the payment name then click on Payment Type.

mobipos voucher payment name

Select Voucher (Serial Number) as the payment type.

mobipos voucher serial number

Click Save on the top right corner to finalise payment type. Now we will show you how to apply a voucher during payment.

mobipos save payment name

Select the bill in cash register then click Pay when the customer is ready to make the payment.

=mobipos pay cash register

Click on Voucher as the payment type and a tab will pop up under Functions. You can scan the voucher using the camera or enter the serial number manually. Click on Manual Entry if you wish to do so.

mobipos scan voucher

A keypad will pop up. Enter the serial number for the voucher then click on OK after.

mobipos voucher keypad serial number

Now it shows that your voucher is applied. Click OK to continue.

=mobipos voucher applied

It shows the voucher amount in the bill. The customer can choose to pay with their preferred payment type for the remaining amount. Select the payment type. In this case, the customer has decided to pay with Cash.

mobipos pay cash after voucher

After receiving cash from the customer, click on Checkout to finalise the payment.
You can look at the payment report to track the voucher. To do this, go to the main menu page and select Report.

mobipos checkout bill

Select Payment Report.

mobipos payment report

Click on Generate Report and the payment report will show up on the right. It shows the transaction number and the voucher amount. Scroll to the right to check the serial number.

mobipos generate payment report

The serial number will show up under Info. You can also see the remaining amount paid with cash by the customer. We will show you how to bulk create vouchers with different serial numbers in the next step.

mobipos payment report voucher info

First, select Settings in the the main menu page then select CMS via Web.
Toggle right to turn on CMS via Web and this will give you a URL link below. Copy and paste the URL link into the browser using a secondary device. It is recommended to do this with a computer.

mobipos settings cms via web

The URL link will bring you to the main menu. Select Add via CSV.

mobipos web add via csv

Click to download Voucher Sample CSV.

mobipos voucher sample csv

Open the file and enter all voucher details in this template. Note all serial numbers have to be unique and they cannot be duplicated. You can utilise a random number generator online to generate different serial numbers for your own convenience instead of coming up with your own ones.

mobipos sample voucher template

After you are done editing the template, go back to the browser and click on Choose file to upload the template.

=mobipos choose file csv

Click on the file to upload the template.

=mobipos select csv file

Click Upload CSV to finalise the upload.

=mobipos upload csv file

A tab will pop up to inform you that the template has been uploaded successfully on the MobiPOS app. Click OK to proceed.

mobipos csv file uploaded

Go back to MobiPOS app and select Settings. Click on CSV Import and select Voucher. Click on Select CSV File to import the vouchers.

mobipos cvs import

Click on Select CSV File then select the template file you want to import.

mobipos select file csv import

Click Yes to confirm.

=mobipos confirm import vouchers

Your voucher has been uploaded successfully. Click OK to continue. To check if the new vouchers are present, select Voucher in Settings.

mobipos import voucher sucess

Now it shows all the new vouchers that have been uploaded.

mobipos voucher uploaded