New features in Pro


1) Combo Meal Group - Sell combo meal with choice.
2) Theme - Adjust app color.
3) Button Color - Configurable category/item button color.
4) Category Button - Display main category below menu item for quicker access.
5) Gift Card - Sell stored-value gift card.
6) Course - Assign each order with preset course, printing to kitchen in course sequence.
7) Recipe - Assign recipe to item and inventory will deduct accordingly.
8) Inventory - Perform stock/in out or stock adjustment.
9) Order by Seat - Assign each order with seat, print to kitchen with seat number.
10) Commission Module - Assign %/$ commission for different item & tier of account.
11) Pricing Level - Configure time, day and price for each product.
12) Member Price - Have a different set of pricing for members.
13) Stock Conversion - Unit of measurement with conversion for better stock in/out.
14) Custody - Store customer purchased item and redeem later on.
15) Bill Accessibility - Disable user from accessing each other's bill.
16) Login by Password/QR Code - Login using just user's password or scanning QR code. Account selection not required.
17) Barcode - Barcode scanning picks up weight & price.
18) KDS Bump Order - Bumped orders can be configured to notify expedite screen/POS.
19) Receipt - MobiPos footer under receipt removed.
20) Keypad Number - Ability to change default 10,20,50 keypad number to preferred value.
21) Table Layout - Table will turn orange if current bill is printed.
22) Print Current Bill - Print current bill from table layout.
23) Clock Out with Tips - Prompt waiter to key in tips amount when they clock out.
24) Generate Invoice - Email or print invoice to AirPrint support printer.
25) Disable Quick Checkout - Turn off quick checkout feature to prevent accidental quick checkout.
26) Price Checker - Swipe down or up away from menu item to check item price.
27) Product Variant - Create a different sizes/color product with the same settings.
28) Printer Override - Allow terminal to print to a different kitchen printer for the same order.
29) Denomination - Use denomination for easier till closing process.
30) To Go Order - Ability to select a particular order to become to go in a dine in bill.
31) Collate Orders - Collate orders during the time of bill print.


1) Stock In/Out - Stock movement report for each item.
2) Payment Details - A breakdown of each receipt received payments.
3) Commission - Calculate total commission to be received for each employee.
4) Top Selling - Generate list of top selling by category.
5) Action Log - Track suspicious activity done by employee.
6) Refund Report - Track suspicious activity done by employee.

Account Privilege

1) Disable Re-print Bill - Disable reprint bill for user.
2) Disable Resend Order - Disable resending orders for certain user.
3) Discount with Limit - Limit the maximum percentage of discount for user.
4) Language - Individual language interface for different user account.

Print Options

1) Inverse Void Order Printing - Reverse black/white printing for void orders.
2) Split Docket Printing - Split kitchen docket by orders, configured based on the printer.
3) Receipt Footer Logo - Print logo at the bottom of the receipt.
4) Kitchen Item & Kitchen Name Printing - Print both kitchen and item name in kitchen docket.


1) Modify Orders - Add quantity or change order's info from terminal.
2) Retrieve Split Bills - Close split bills using terminal.
3) Split Bills - Ability to split bills using iPad terminal.
4) Clock In/Out - Perform clock in/out using terminal.