MobiPOS CloudSync

MobiPOS works totally offline, however you can have cloud reporting as an optional module.
MobiPos CloudSync gives you the ability to access all detailed report online.

mobi pos cloudsync cloud report dashboard

Online Dashboard

Get access to real-time reports remotely via web or mobile.
Have a quick glance of all your stores performance, keep track of business activity and make effective business decisions.


Forget about keeping hard copies, all your receipts are stored digitally in Cloud.
Search and retrieve past receipts with its details. Email to your customers if required.

mobipos cloudsync cloud report


All reports available in the app are now accessible online.
On top of that, multiple branch report allows you to combine different outlet sales figure for comparison.
Forget about emailing reports, download it online anytime you want.


Export the list of customers you have and send them newsletter about your latest offer.

QuickBooks Integration

From our cloud portal, integration includes sending journal entry & sales receipt to QuickBooks.
To get started, simply login to our cloud portal, click on your username on the right top, choose QuickBooks Account and complete the sign on process.

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