Manage & Sell Thousands of SKUs

MobiPOS for retails

Key Features

All features are designed to streamline your operations.

Product Lookup

Quickly search for your product using various methods.


Using a bluetooth barcode scanner or search using a keyboard to ring an item.

Bulk Import/Edit

Import or change the price of all your product in one go, using CSV file.

Loyalty Program

Tag customer to their bill, identify their spending habits and make informed decisions.

Stock Take

Count the inventory of each stock item, compare it with system's count and make the necessary adjustment.

Purchase Order

System identifies stock that is lower than the lower limit and sends out a low stock notification. Upon confirmation, a purchase order is generated to replenish stock to the upper limit.

Variant & Composites

Easily create variants of product. 3 sizes and 6 different colors, all under one product item.


Provide your customer with flexible options to return product items, enhancing the trust a customer has towards your business.

MobiPOS with content management system

Having a content management system for your store enables you to update, change or delete any content. It allows you to keep your store organized and up to date.

Edit categories, items and modifier
All transaction and receipt details online
Manage customer/gift card

Designed to speed up operations, a special combination key can be used to ring up the product items. Otherwise, for any barcode that is not readable by the scanner, key in the number into the system to manually retrieve it.

MobiPOS with order details

Pair up with any iOS supported Bluetooth scanner, ring up products from the system in blazing speed. Alternatively, use iPad's built-in camera to scan barcodes.

System automatically detects orders that are identical and collate them together. While orders that are put into the cart at a different time are separated in the POS, printing the receipt will be collated. Simplifying the process of checking orders.

MobiPOS manage inventory icon

Manage Inventory

MobiPOS customer management icon

Customer Management

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