The Perfect Bar POS System

MobiPOS for bars

Key Features

All best features to run your bar.

Custom Tax

With duty imposed on alcohol, apply the different tax rate to different categories of the menu.

Printer Override

Order list printing will be based on the terminal used. Orders are taken at bar 2 will be printed to bar 2 instead of bar 1.


Track orders taken by each individual employee, reward them using percentage/amount based on the commission.

Check Splitting

Split check by percentage, custom amount or even a portion of the food.

Discount Limit

Limit your staff to only give discount up to a certain percentage.


Keeps a running tab for your customer, just make sure they pay before they leave. :)

Tips Suggestion

Help your bartenders by putting suggested tips on the bill, increasing the tips they get.

Composite Inventory

Keep track of all your cocktails' ingredient, deducting them based on the recipe configured.

MobiPOS tiered commissions

Tiered Commissions

In a space constraint environment, you want to reduce the footprint of your hardware as much as possible.

Using MobiPOS kitchen display, you could hang the iPad on the wall and run everything wirelessly. Say goodbye to messy cables or a clunky traditional system.

MobiPOS pricing level

Pricing Level

System changes happy hour to the normal price automatically based on the configured day & time.

MobiPOS recipe viewer icon

Recipe Viewer

MobiPOS printer override icon

Printer Override

MobiPOS commissions icon


MobiPOS recipe viewer icon

Pricing Level

MobiPOS tabs icon


MobiPOS automated discounts icon

Automated Discounts

MobiPOS variant icon


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