Inventory Management

We understand the impact of proper inventory management on the profitability and growth of your business. Let us assist you by providing you with effective instruments to properly manage your inventory.

Control the inventory, control the profits.

MobiPOS bulk import icon

Bulk Product Imports

CSV Import paves the way to an array of simplifications. Edit or add new items into your existing inventory. Eliminate the inconvenience of manually entering data and information.

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Variants and Composites

Create multiple variants of an item with a set of predefined attributes. Be creative in how you sell your products, recipe module takes care of the deduction of inventory regardless of how you sell it.

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Duplicate Products

Conveniently create product duplicates with just a tap away and make minor adjustments before saving it as a new product. This speeds up the process of entering a new similar product into the system.

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Barcode and Label

The first step to alleviate the hassle of inventory is to have an organization. Assign a unique identity to each stock using the barcode label printing feature. Scan product's barcode for sale or perform stock in/out.

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Inventory Count

Live inventory count is displayed on the menu, which allows staff to know what product is about to go out of stock. Suggest the customers the alternatives to keep slow-moving product moving.

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Low Stock Notification

Stay one step ahead of your inventory with low stock notifications. Customize a threshold quantity for your inventory, receive notifications whenever stocks are depleting below the set threshold to keep inventory in check.

Multiple Stores

Managing inventory and avoiding out-of-stock situations is critical to the success of your business.

multiple outlets with MobiPOS

Multiple Outlet Synchronization

Record all sales information into one centralized program. This is practical when dealing with multiple outlets in various locations. Receive the latest information and real-time stock updates to handle your businesses efficiently.

Stock Transfer between Outlets

Stock transfer is common for businesses with interconnected outlets. Transfer stocks from one outlet to another at your convenience. The system will make necessary adjustments to ensure inventories are available at all outlets.

MobiPOS  automated purchase order screenshot

Purchase Order

Purchase orders are transaction records used between buyers and suppliers. MobiPOS CloudSync allows you to automate the creation of purchase orders to suppliers. Once orders are delivered by the supplier, inventory will be updated accordingly based on the purchase orders created.

MobiPOS  inventory management screenshot

Stock In/Out

Adjust inventory from both the cloud or in-store. With detailed reporting, all stock usage can be traced to coordinate missing inventory. Allows better inventory decision-making.

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