Kitchen Display System

Your chef will get notified of incoming orders, mark what’s cooked and ready to be served in the display. Improve your communication between the front and back of the house, step-up the efficiency of your kitchen and serve more happy customers.

We get your orders sent to the kitchen seamlessly.

MobiPOS send order icon

Send Order to KDS

Send orders up to 10 kitchen displays from any terminal. All connections are local and not dependent on the internet.

MobiPOS customizable icon

Customizable Display

Adjust the order display and font sizes to suit your kitchen conditions. Improve visibility and readability for the convenience of the kitchen staff.

MobiPOS expedite screen icon

Expedite Screen

Gather all ticket orders into one expedited screen to track orders' completion. Ensures quick order fulfillment and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

MobiPOS linked bump icon

Linked Bump

Initiate synchronization between kitchen display systems at all stations. Send notifications of bumped orders across all stations to avoid duplicate orders.

MobiPOS printing order bill icon

Printing Order/Bill

Print order chits after bumping an order. Printed order chits act as labels to help identify where orders should be delivered.

MobiPOS timer colour icon

Timer Color

Color code stages status of order preparation by a customized time. Ticket color changes according to different preparation stages until completion.

MobiPOS kds expedite screen on ipad

Expedite Screen

Gather all ticket orders into one expedite screen to track order completion. Use in conjunction with the kitchen display, take control of all orders going in and out of the kitchen.

MobiPOS kitchen display report

Not just a display, MobiPOS KDS provides you with analytics to improve your kitchen work-flow. The system shows breakdown like bill type, the average time to prepare for each order so you could identify the bottleneck in your kitchen.

MobiPOS order summary icon

Order Summary

Order summary groups together similar orders so kitchen staff can simultaneously prepare orders in bulk quantities.

MobiPOS reporting summary icon

Reporting Summary

Analyze real-time and historical information for better business decision-making through KDS.

MobiPOS sequence arrangement icon

Order Sequence Arrangement

Manually arrange the sequence of orders through KDS. Alternatively, the system automatically brings forward orders that are to be collected/delivered at a specific time.

MobiPOS split order icon

Split Order by Quantity or Order

Separate orders by quantity or specifications. Orders will appear as separate items on the bill to ease the delivery of completed orders.

MobiPOS messaging icon


Track real-time changes, customer requests and alerts from MobiPOS front-of-house system. Acts as an additional communication tool for better efficiency in order delivery

MobiPOS recipe viewer icon

Recipe Viewer

MobiPOS KDS allows you to view recipes of orders. This helps to manage quality control by ensuring consistent standards on all orders.

Unbelievable Pricing


per display, per month.

Display orders on screen, save paper & go green.

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Using an iPad with iOS 11 and above, download MobiPOS Kitchen Display app from Appstore.

download mobipos on appstore

download mobipos on appstore

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