Reporting and Insights

Reports will provide important detail that can be used to help develop future forecasts, marketing plans, guide budget planning and improve decision-making.

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MobiPOS multiple reports

Report Selection

Set reports that matters to you, generate all of them in one click.

Generate Reports from Any Date

Generate custom reports from any date range that you specify.

Our business reports provide useful insights for management.

MobiPOS real time data icon

Real-time Data

MobiPOS CloudSync gives you up-to-minute information. Data and information are presented instantly upon request.

MobiPOS export and print reports icon

Export and Print Reports

Obtain comprehensive reports from the cloud to review your business activities in depth. Simply export reports to CSV format for easier manipulation.

MobiPOS multiple outlets management icon

Multiple Outlets Report

Combine and compare performance across multiple outlets of your business. Seamless synchronization allows you to centrally manage your business in scattered locations.

MobiPOS dashboard overview screenshot

Dashboard Overview

Have a quick glance at your business performance with the dashboard overview. All relevant data and information are pooled and summarized into an easily understandable manner.

MobiPOS graphical reports

Graphical Report

Graphical report gives you the visual needed to compare each day's performance. Predict & plan your business for the week, optimize your operation and increase the profit margin.

All the convenience included, especially the things you care about.

MobiPOS go green icon

Go Green

Ditch printed reports, opt for electronic statements. Cloud stores receipts digitally, search function helps you to retrieve past records easily.

MobiPOS customization icon


Identify data and information you need and select the targeted variable. This will refine the report to show only what you want.

MobiPOS restore or backup icon


With cloud reporting, steer clear from the worry of losing valuable data and information of your business.

MobiPOS https enabled icon

HTTPS Enabled

With HTTPS enabled, expect a secure and private online experience. It means that nobody can eavesdrop on your "conversation" while generating reports on the cloud.

Report Types

MobiPOS item sales icon

Item Sales Report

Shows how much money you are making from the sale of each item. Also shows the total amount earned from a category.

MobiPOS top selling icon

Top Selling Report

Generates a list of your business’s top-selling items specified by quantity. Identify the best-selling traits to implement in the business where applicable.

MobiPOS table sales icon

Table Sales Report

Portrays the distribution of sales across all tables in the outlet. Helps to make informed decisions regarding the layout of outlets.

MobiPOS discount icon

Discount Report

Discount report lets you view total discount amounts by item and bill. Identify the utilization and efficacy of discounts in your business.

MobiPOS void icon

Void Report

Helps to understand why a void occurred in a transaction. The report also details when and who performed the void inclusive of reasoning.

MobiPOS refund icon

Refund Report

View detailed information about refunded items such as date, refunded item, parties involved in taking the order and making the refund.

MobiPOS action log icon

Action Log Report

This noteworthy feature of MobiPOS ensures all activities performed in the system are recorded. It is an additional safety feature that also captures activities totally offline.

MobiPOS bill of material icon

Bill of Material Report

Details on the list of raw materials used to create the end product. Identify the cost of raw materials to determine the pricing of products and margin.

MobiPOS custody icon

Custody Report

Summarises all items that are held in custody on behalf of customers. Also reports the quantity of each item and the particulars of custody when items are claimed.

MobiPOS customer spending icon

Customer Spending Report

Observe the spending behavior of your customers. Understand their average spending and identify your most valuable customers

MobiPOS employee icon

Employee Report

Track employee movement, performance, commission, and sales. Stay alert on what your employees are doing to show appreciation or take action where necessary.

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