Key Features

All in One Application

MobiPOS Table Booking system is built right into our pos application, you do not need a separate app for booking management. Access booking from any terminal, assign customers to tables and start ordering for them.

Real-time Availability

Booking can be made from your website or by entering it through the POS application. Regardless of which channel it is coming from, rest assured all bookings are synced across.


Forget about paper and pen, keep track of all your walk-in customers in the system. Give them an estimation of the waiting time and know when your customer overwaited.

Section/Seating Area Selection

Divide your floor plan into area or section, keeping guests informed of which area they will be seated at. According to the availability, guests could choose their own preferred seating area as well.

Easy Setup

All existing table information created in MobiPOS is brought over to the booking system. You just have to configure booking specific settings and voilĂ ! You can start taking online reservations.

Intelligent Scheduling System

System automatically allocates booking to each table using the best efficiency algorithm. Allowing you to make the most out of your booking.


Guests receive confirmation email when they first make the booking and when their booking is confirmed by the host. On the booking day itself, they would also receive a reminder for their booking.

Guest List Management

With a fully integrated system, save the hassle of keeping track of your customer database from different systems. Using CRM features that are readily available, understand your customer better and give them a more personalized customer service.

Accept Online Reservations

Increase patronage, let your guest do their own booking online.
MobiPos Table Booking takes care of it.

MobiPOS online booking reservation customer interface
MobiPOS table booking listing view iPad
MobiPOS booking integration with Google
MobiPOS x Google

MobiPOS works with Google

Experience a rapid enhancement in your restaurant's booking efficiency through MobiPOS's seamless integration with Google. This sophisticated integration not only elevates your online presence but also streamlines booking management, establishing itself as an essential component for digital success. By optimizing visibility on Google search, it significantly boosts bookings and drives revenue growth.

MobiPOS table booking layout view

Floor Plan View

By looking at the floor plan view, it provides your waitstaff with all the upcoming booking info assigned to each table. With different color codes representing different booking status, take necessary action to maximize table turnover.

MobiPOS online reservation timeline viewing

Frequently Asked Question

  • What do I need?

    To use online ordering, you would need Standalone POS System, CloudSync and Online Booking license.

  • Is there any hidden cost?

    As the system does not take online deposit, there's no charges for each reservations made.
    The license fee is all you need to pay.

  • Do I need to build my own website from scratch?

    System generates the website with your preferred subdomain name.
    If you have your own website, you can iFrame or embed it into yours.

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