These are the questions we often receive from users.


How much does it costs? 

MobiPOS is a software only company, which means we do not sell hardware or provide installation support. The pricing of our software is listed here.
The cost of hardware depends on the model you choose and which region you are in.


Does MobiPOS provide on-site installation? 

MobiPOS encourage you perform the entire setup on your own. However if you still prefer to have someone set it up for you, you may contact listed reseller.
Our reseller and MobiPOS is a separate entity, they may charge you for their service provided.


Would it work without a cash drawer? 

Yes, you do not need a cash drawer for MobiPOS to work.


How do I backup my files? 

To backup, you will have to plug your iPad into iTunes. 
In iTunes, select your device and go under iPad's App. 
Scroll down till you see File Sharing & look for MobiPOS. 
Look for MobiPOS.db & Images Folder, copy them to your preferred location. 
To restore, replace MobiPOS.db and copy all the Images to the root folder. 
Images will automatically be copied into the Images folder upon the application start.

Please refer to this image.

There are easier ways of doing backup, please refer to Guide->Backup/Restore.


How do I synchronize my iPad's data with another? (Multiple Terminal) 

You will need to have 2 iPads, both installed with MobiPOS.
For the iPad that is connected to the cashier printer, under terminal settings set it as Main POS.
For second iPad (ordering terminal), configure it as terminal and enter the IP address of Main POS.
Pair them before you can start using. You can pair up to 10 devices.