Key Features


Online gift card stores provide a convenient way for customers to purchase gifts from the comfort of their homes or on-the-go, eliminating the need to visit physical stores.

24/7 Accessibility

Unlike traditional brick-and-mortar stores with set operating hours, online gift card stores are accessible at any time.

Instant Delivery

Digital gift cards purchased from online stores can be delivered instantly to the recipient via email or through other digital channels.


Upload different gift card design allowing customers to personalize their gift cards with custom messages. Adding personal touch to the gift makes it more meaningful.

Redeem Anywhere

Purchase a gift card online and enjoy the flexibility to redeem it at any of your connected stores.

Reduced Risk of Loss

Unlike physical gift cards that can be lost or misplaced, digital gift cards purchased from online stores are stored electronically. This reduces the risk of loss or theft and ensures that the gift card value is protected.


Setup surcharge on top of the gift card value to transfer the cost to your customer.

Wallet Integration

Store their gift cards digitally within their preferred mobile wallet apps, such as Apple Wallet or Google Pay. Remove the hassle of saving QR code and enjoy automatic balance updates after each transaction.

MobiPOS online gift card redemption


Browse and Purchase

Start off with choosing from a variety of card designs that suit the occasion or reflect the recipient's preferences. Preselect amount to simplify their decision making process while the custom amount allows them to tailor the gift to their budget. Finally, add a special message or note to accompany the gift card to express their sentiments.

MobiPOS online gift card redemption



Upon receiving the gift card via email, recipient can add the digital gift card into Apple or Google wallet so that they do not forget about it. Online gift card offers the freedom to customer to use their gift card in any store of your by presenting the physical card at the point of sale. Alternatively they could make purchase through online ordering as well.

MobiPOS inventory management screenshot


Balance Check and Usage

Recipients can check the remaining balance on the platform. If the balance runs low, they can top up balance using credit/debit card.

Sell Online Gift Card


per gift card, capped at $0.50.

Eliminates the need for physical cards.

Frequently Asked Question

  • What do I need?

    To use online gift card, you would need Standalone POS System and CloudSync license.
    If you are a multi store setup, Branch Linking license is required to activate cloud loyalty.

  • Is there any hidden cost?

    You only pay as you sell, 2% capped at $0.50 on top of online payment platform fees for each gift card sold.

  • Do I need to build my own website from scratch?

    System generates the website with your preferred subdomain name. Get rid of the burdensome process of building your own website.

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