The highest type of efficiency is to utilize existing material to its best advantage.

MobiPOS pair terminals icon

Pair terminals via the same network

MobiPOS unlimited terminals icon

Pair up unlimited terminals

MobiPOS database sharing icon

Initiate database sharing when the terminal is synced with the main POS

MobiPOS ipad as main server icon

Use an iPad as your main server instead of the traditional back-office PC


All terminals that are connected share the same database so you don't need to insert the menu twice. At the same time, it is customizable according to the station's purpose. Personalize button layouts, set individual default modes on each terminal to specify their utilization. This will make terminals more identifiable for their distinct purposes.

All terminals will function inter-connected regardless of varying settings

Printer Override

A flexible and convenient feature of MobiPOS is the ability to print receipts from multiple locations. The basis of IP address sharing among all terminals extends to printers as well. Configure any terminal of yours to be printed from whichever station closest to it, select the nearest printer and the connection will be initiated automatically.

Do away with static connections to achieve versatility and improve efficiency

Device Based Reporting

Run multiple tills and close bills from any terminal, all transactions are recorded respectively to the terminal. Generate individual reports by terminal or consolidated reports to analyze sales information.

Make better-informed business decisions through understanding the overall performance of your business

Stock Management

Stock inventory management is simplified by utilizing POS terminals. Apart from taking orders and closing bills, your terminals can also perform stock take. Bring a mobile terminal into your warehouse, scan product barcodes and perform inventory count directly.

Take advantage of the terminals to monitor inventory without depending on the main POS

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