iZettle by Paypal

Go through transactions faster with MobiPOS by using iZettle by Paypal. Simply ring up the sale, click pay and the amount payable is instantly sent to your iZettle reader.

MobiPOS x iZettle by Paypal Integration

Fast, simple and secure payment process with iZettle by Paypal, integrated with MobiPOS

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Pin and credit card payments

Flexible options so your customers can choose a payment method that suits them.

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Save Time

Integrates easily with accounting packages or sales reporting tools to save you time.

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Reduced admin and more insights so you can make better decisions faster

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Auto reconcile

After you close the register, the shift report will include breakdown of total receipts in cash and EFT payments.

Where do I start?

MobiPOS iZettle terminal




Create Account

Set Payment Type


Setup MobiPOS and iZettle Account In MobiPOS, set iZettle as a payment type Upon checkout, login to your iZettle account to process the transaction

iZettle by Paypal Integration

MobiPOS integration with iZettle by Paypal makes it easier to take quick payments and grow your business.

MobiPOS iZettle terminal

Serve More Customers With a Seamless Transaction Process

With iZettle's contactless reader, take payments faster and easier for you and your customers. iZettle by Paypal currently works in the UK, Mexico, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Brazil, The Netherlands, and France.

iZettle’s Contactless Chip & PIN reader accepts all major credit cards and debit cards. You can even accept NFC transactions like Apple Pay.

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Certified Transaction Protection

iZettle by Paypal is EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) approved and complies with "Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard" (PCI DSS) for handling card data.

Keep your store safe and your customers happy with MobiPOS and iZettle by Paypal having all data traffic fully encrypted.

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