Key Features

Multi Language

We all love to feel acknowledged and appreciated. The multi-languaged website helps to improve the overall brand reputations and credibility among target audiences.

Table QR Scan Ordering

Display the QR codes that are linked to your online checkout system. Payments will show up on your POS system, enabling your staff members to match payments to tables.

Centralized Inventory

Record all sales information and ditch the trouble to manually track your inventory from various platforms. Receive real-time stock updates and handle your businesses efficiently.


Combine the power of various marketing channels and increase your sales cost-effectively. With more sales data and insights, you can optimize your marketing message for the right audience.

Online Payments

Gain the trust of the customers by accepting reliable payment modes. Increase customer satisfaction when you save their time to transact.

Mobile Responsive

One-size-fits-all. MobiPOS Online Ordering supports various screen sizes and resolutions which cater to your needs. Push the boundaries and expand your target market.


Generate sales even when your store is closed when you enable pre-order on your platform. Get your staff ready beforehand and keep the orders coming in.

Custom Domain with SSL

Save time and cost to build your own website. Easily create a new domain with SSL through our platform.

MobiPOS table qr scan ordering with iphone

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