App Version

Version 1.451 (Dec 12, 2018)
Added ability to choose between 2 or 3 digit in queue number printing.
iZettle SDK is updated to version 2.0, supports iZettle Reader 2.
Added date range to custody report.
Added unclaimed custody report.
Delivery bill can now be split and merged.
Splitting bill with customer transfers the customer over to the new bill as well.
Support transfer stock between branch using CloudSync.
Fix an issue where item price becomes 0 after split or transfer by item.
Fix system showing too many decimal for split or discount on bill.
Fix invoice showing payment type as the total instead of the value.
Fix a bug where application exits when closing a split bill with 10th payment and above.
Fix not able to add table to a new layout due to sequence.

Version 1.450.9 (Nov 27, 2018)
Enforce table entry can now be set individually for each terminal.
Barcode label printing will now remember the settings for each individual item.
Support modifying of clock in/out records in CloudSync.
CloudSync no longer turns off after long period of internet outage, will sync again when internet is available.
Fix price of modifier not changing to to go price.
Fix customer address is not printed when order is made from the terminal.
Fix reward point is still awarded during redemption, if custom reward option is not turned on under settings.

Version 1.450.8 (Nov 20, 2018)
Fix Dejavoo not able to adjust tips for TSYS.
Fix an issue where terminal unable to change quantity of item due to member pricing level.
Fix daylight saving causing incorrect date to be shown in report & previous receipt.
Fix alternate currency not showing the actual value due to region formatting.
Fix remarks in Khmer language not printing.

Version 1.450.7 (Nov 12, 2018)
Variant item will now show inventory for attribute type view as well.
Fix table unable to un-join when there's no bill.
Fix emailing customer summary report hangs the system.

Version 1.450.6 (Nov 08, 2018)
Extended GloriaFood synchronisation timeout, prevent it to fail prematurely.
Commission report now shows order and bill discount separately.
Fix an issue where keyboard not showing up for quick key and inventory in item settings.
Fix Bixolon SRP-R300 model printing not printing report.

Version 1.450.4 (Nov 02, 2018)
Total number of orders in bill will now show beside subtotal.
Fix adjusting quantity of orders in terminal clears off the new orders.
Fix GloriaFood not able to save delivery fee item.
Fix Dejavoo adjusting tips in previous receipt not completing.
Fix concurrent insert of new transaction merged into 1 bill.
Fix iPod/iPhone terminal not showing joined table correctly.
Fix iPod/iPhone terminal not showing customer tab name in the receipt.
Fix iPod/iPhone terminal not seeing inventory changes immediately after sending order.

Version 1.450 (Oct 30, 2018)
- Terminal will now display inventory level as well.
- Item can now be hidden. Hidden item can still be ordered through barcode scanning.
- Added delivery tax type.
- Added delivery fee. Prompt selection of delivery fee in delivery type bill.
- Added option to print extra receipt for certain payment type.
- Added time based menu, show different menu in different terminal or during different hour.
- Added customer tab, adding orders to customer tab table prompts for customer name before ordering.
- Added option to enforce clock in before ordering, clock out must not have opened table.
- Added option to print tax summary at the bottom of the receipt.
- Added option to print item notes in kitchen docket.
- Added option to join table before the start of the bill.
- Added 6 more privileges to account, controlling pay in/out, clock in/out, gift card, rewards/loyalty, cloud sync and GloriaFood delivery.
- Added non login account. Account can be used for commission or clock in/out purpose, but not logging in into the system.
- Added customer spending report.
- Added ability to print barcode label.
- Configurable end of day report printing. Choose report to be printed during end of day.
- Entered denomination figures in cash till will now be printed in Z reading report.
- Previous receipt can now be accessed from cash register screen.
- Added ability to check stock movement between the last stock in/out.

Version 1.448.4 (Oct 8, 2018)
Added the ability to hide inactive clock in/out users in report.
Added pay in/out in employee report.
Westpac can now support multiple terminal.
Fix rewards are still given when customer claim rewards.

Version 1.448.3 (Sep 27, 2018)
Added customer credits & rewards history report.
Fix rewards discount not showing up in X reading.
Fix 'Use Customer' retrieves only the first name but not last name in receipt.
Fix transaction number not showing correctly in enforce till error message.

Version 1.448 (Sep 17, 2018)
Modifier group will automatically go to the next selection if max selection is reached.
Added guide button to all settings page under guide mode.
* Changes to kitchen order list print upon checkout.
- Added unsent void in void report. Orders that are void before checkout will be shown as unsent void.
- If order is void before sending to kitchen, it will not be included in void sales.
- Previously if a bill is reopened and checkout again, the entire bill's order will be printed to kitchen again. Only additional orders are printed now.
Fix unpaid sales showing incorrectly when consolidated is turned on in x reading report.
Fix commission report showing voided bill sales.
Fix previous receipt not able to list receipt from different date in terminal.
Fix previous receipt not able to search for receipt in terminal.
Fix a bug where till can still be closed when there's unpaid bill.
Fix a bug where changing modifier order details remove To Go selection.
Fix To Go text alignment for modifier order.
Fix kiosk mode not showing new transaction button.
Fix a few bug which causes the app to exit.

Version 1.447 (Sep 3, 2018)
App will now send delivery date and delivery type to kitchen display.
Action log now record changing of pay in/out.
Fix transaction order report calculation error.
Fix misalignment in invoice.

Version 1.446 (Aug 28, 2018)
Category sales report to include modifier sales in it as well.
Prevent admin account from being deleted.
Table and transaction listing is longer right now.
User can search customer by card number in the search field.
Reduce app memory usage to prevent random crashes.

Version 1.445 (Aug 15, 2018)
Added category sales report, the old category sales report is now named as item sales report.
Added share button for reports and backup. Easily share files between iOS devices.
Fix minor bugs.

Version 1.442 (Jul 31, 2018)
Fix kitchen order list pricing alignment.

Version 1.441 (Jul 24, 2018)
Terminal synchronization now works automatically.
Added GloriaFood 1 for 1 promo integration and discount on cart.
Added sales to date for that month in X reading.
X reading report will be printed as Z if till and all bills are closed.
Z reading report will be printed automatically when till is closed.
Fix a bug where app hangs when terminal void order.
Fix keyboard blocking remarks in order details.

Version 1.440 (Jul 18, 2018)
Added categorisation in stock movement report.
Clock In/Out report now show hours in decimal instead of hour:minute
Added search bar in GloriaFood item mapping.
GloriaFood will now print out order that is not linked in the system.
Fix GloriaFood sending as to go in KDS instead of delivery.
Fix transaction list not showing delivery bill when retrieving from terminal.
Fix Customer Display not showing alternate currency in total.
Fix HoneyWell PC42 not printing long item names.

Version 1.439 (Jul 3, 2018)
Added support of iASPPOS iPad Stand printer.
Added transaction order report.
Fix incorrect course sequence.
Fix commission report not working for orders without tax.
Added back old method of Epson raster printing.

Version 1.438 (Jun 28, 2018)
Fix bugs in SmartPay
Fix report date selector showing null if there’s a shift
Added Assembly payments (Westpac)
Fix void order unable to use user with void order privilege as password.
Improve epson raster printing speed.

Version 1.437 (Jun 17, 2018)
Added scan barcode using camera at item page.
Report date will be saved, easier for switching in between reports.
Tyro payment will automatically checkout bill if amount is sufficient.
Fix item search missing the first row.
Fix incorrect calculation in commission report.
Fix custody receipt not printing remarks.
Fix delivery item matching with other food in GloriaFood delivery.

Version 1.436 (Jun 10, 2018)
Added scan barcode button in cash register.
Added support of 5000 & 2000 rounding.
Added print transaction report.
You can now choose to print category or item report.
Support negative price in price overwrite.
Fix printing alignment issues for bigger font customer details.

Version 1.434 (May 27, 2018)
Fix combo meal not able to add newly added item.
Fix rounding not working for the first payment type.

Version 1.433 (May 22, 2018)
Support BIR for Philippines.
Fix SumUp crash upon paying.
Fix manual split bill by percentage not working.
Fix X reading report not showing pay in/pay out amount.
Fix pay in/pay out removing old records when number overflows the page.
Fix cloud loyalty not working for customer rewards.
Removing all attribute from variant item will delete all items automatically.
Receipt information will display customer's reward points balance.

Version 1.432 (May 12, 2018)
Fix iPhone/iPod terminal returning to orders from another bill if order fails to send.
Fix bill closed with gift card + cash causing payment report to show extra cash payment.
Fix transaction payment report not showing payment type for bill that is split.
Fix recipe that is deleted in the iPad, not updating to CloudSync.
Fix timer button blocking print current bill button in table layout.
Stop barcode scanning when item is not found.
Prevent device from logging out during barcode scanning.

Version 1.430 (May 09, 2018)
New Features:
Support up to 20 payment types.
Allow changing of "transaction by" for table.
Added timer for table. A timer which counts down from the time of the transaction.
Added option to assign modifier's price to to print at parent item.
Added option to disable double discount. Order with discount will not be affected by bill discount again.
Added page upon login. Each user/server can define their own preferred page upon login for quicker access.
Added option to enforce till. Enforce staff to start shift before closing any transaction.
Added option to print transaction barcode in bill. Scans barcode to retrieve transaction immediately in the system.
Added option to enforce table entry. Ordering is disabled if table is not assigned to the bill.
Added tax before discount. Tax will be calculated based on the order total price before any discount.
Added support of Epson M30 bluetooth printer.
Added support of Honeywell PC42 label printer. Print label to paste it on product.
Added user privilege to disable certain staff from changing customer card number.
Added discount transaction report. Shows breakdown of each discount in each receipt.

Variant item can now be ordered using breakdown of each attribute type or through the list of all variant item.
Added replace count option in inventory stock in/out management.
iPad terminal can now access to inventory stock in/out management as well.
Closed bill's order can no longer be refunded again and again.
Barcode scanning accuracy and speed is now improved.
A pop up with barcode scanned will show if item is not found in the system.
Price level overwrite will be cleared not just upon hold, but upon checkout as well.
Queue number will now be printed not just upon hold, but 'Pay' and 'Quick Checkout' as well.

Bug Fixes:
Fix emailing gift card list not closing the mail composer after sending it.
Fix modifier that is disabled can still be ordered through the product image of it.
Kitchen order list will now print all wording instead of being fixed to 2 lines.
Fix character printing alignment in kitchen order list.
Fix iPod/iPhone terminal is opening cash drawer if receipt printout for that device is turned off.
Fix table change not working if print kitchen order list upon checkout is turned on.
Fix TSP-100IIIBI not opening drawer using the open drawer key.
Fix ordering variant item not getting custom tax configuration from category.

Version 1.429 (Mar 20, 2018)
Fix logout upon checkout is disrupting email receipt after bill.
Fix customer credit is affecting cash till amount.
Modifier group and combo meal group's item sequence can now be adjusted.

Version 1.428 (Mar 12, 2018)
Added delete archive feature.
Fix a bug where weight item causing inventory to deduct incorrectly.
Fix customer import with expiry date causing issue.
Fix weight item not coming up through scan.

Version 1.427 (Feb 26, 2018)
Added SmartPay Integration for New Zealand.
Allow member pricing level to have adjustable time as well.

Fix customer credits balance deducting twice for image generated receipt.
Fix terminal not retrieve customer balance correctly.
Made changes to barcode scanning product, it will prompt choices of item if both item has the same barcode.
Remove in GloriaFood receipt.
Fix GloriaFood not printing the correct customer details and receipt number.
Fix an issue where iPhone printing extra order to kitchen if user went into old orders and click on Confirm changes without making any change.

Version 1.426 (Feb 9, 2018)
Importing customer now comes with expiry date, reward points and credit balance.
Added delete all customer function.
Adding item into recipe will turn on inventory tracking automatically for each of them.
In terminal, it will now show all customer list instead of having to search it.

Fix gloria food docket chit showing ' '
Prevent clicking pay and checkout together too quickly causing error in report.
Fix a bug where Dejavoo adjust tips for split bill, not updating x reading report.
Fix a bug where there's a 1 cent difference in x reading when split bill has discount.
Fix variant item can be ordered by clicking on the right top add button instead of the variant item.
Fix forfeited voucher not showing up in x reading.
Disable KDS from saving own IP address as POS IP address.

Version 1.425 (Feb 2, 2018)
Added consolidated stock report.
Fix not able to add more than 10 terminals.
Fix printing 1 extra line if order comes with remarks.

Version 1.424 (Jan 31, 2018)
Fix GloriaFood not retrieving modifiers for item without size.
Disable combo from ordering if combo's item has been deleted.
Fix table layout not reflecting name immediately after changing.
Fix terminal keep showing not synced if main changed database.
Fix app exits receiving combo meal update from cloud.

Version 1.423 (Jan 29, 2018)
Added total for void report.
Speed improvement when entering table layout & cash register.
Added price overwrite/unit of measurement in order details for easier calculation.
Added To Go for order that is takeaway in dine in bill.
Emailing backup/archive will have outlet name attached to the subject.

Fix rewards loyalty not able to delete.
Fix terminal not able to retrieve previous transaction when hide transaction from other staff is turned on.
Fix line item pricing not showing correct price for weight item during price overwrite.
Fix customer font not getting bigger for kitchen customer header.
Fix terminal not printing orders due to empty printer overwrite.
Fix weight item not updating inventory when it is being changed after hold.
Fix changing to "To Go" in dine in bill does not change to to go pricing.
Fix cms via web, save item's modifier, printer, recipe and combo not working.
Fix gift card or customer top up, payment with alternate currency not charging correctly.

Version 1.422 (Jan 17, 2018)
Fix not being able to add new item.

Version 1.420 (Jan 16, 2018)
Added ability to adjust bigger font for customer name in bill and kitchen printout.
Added upon checkout proceed to 'New Transaction', 'Logout or 'Table Layout'.
Added ability to print pay In/out receipt.
Added ability to collate orders during bill printing, reducing the length of printout.
Added denomination for easier till closing process.
Added printer override. Allow terminal to print to a different kitchen printer for the same order.
Added product variant. Create a different sizes/color product with the same settings.
Added expiration date to member.
Added credit & gift card report.
Added refund report.
Added GloriaFood Delivery.
Customers & gift card can now be shared across all branches if you are using CloudSync.
Report can now be generated individually for each terminal.
You can now select a particular order in a dine in bill to be take away/to go.
Disable usage of customer credit if credit is insufficient.

Version 1.417 (Dec 13, 2017)
​Fix reprinting bill not printing tax summary correctly when its printed from secondary terminal.
Fix refund item with discount calculation error.
Fix tips/gratitude not printing correctly for TSP-100 printer.
Fix discount by price to not go higher than the item price.

Version 1.416 (Dec 03, 2017)
Fix set meal children item taking the original price during the switch of to go/eat in.
Fix set meal children item taking the original price when price overwrite is removed.
Fix bill discount, reward discount numbers cutting off for TSP printers.
Fix a bug where epson raster not printing correctly from previous receipt.

Version 1.414 (Nov 17, 2017)
Fix receipt total being cut off for graphic printer.

Version 1.412 (Nov 13, 2017)
Added unpaid sales to x reading.
Support up to 20 printers.
Support up to 100 pax for seat assignment, previously 12.
Terminal can now redeem rewards as well.
Added khmer printing language.

Fix pub hour shift report not working if operation hour is not pub hour.
Fix keyboard blocking text field in customer tab.
Fix theme and unit of measurement not having restriction.
Fix phone number not saving for customer if its a new bill.
Fix commission report showing extra quantity for multiple days report.
Fix image printing showing extra spaces between line.

Version 1.411 (Nov 13, 2017)
Receipt line item pricing will be printed if its sold by weight.
Charge customer credit amount will turn red if it's more than it's balance.
Fix combo meal not selecting automatically if modifier group selection is set to optional.
Fix app not working in pro version, if it crashes twice.

Version 1.410 (Oct 13, 2017)
Updated iZettle Library.
Terminal will print customer's credit balance as well.
Fix single character got cut away in Invoice.
Fix ordering not checking for sold out recipe.
Fix inventory not deducting if order comes from terminal by adjusting quantity.
Fix inventory not returning if an entire bill is void.
Fix manual cloud sync shows no data to be synced even though there is.
Allow system to sync with cloud again without having to reset & re-sync even after a long period of time without internet.

Version 1.409 (Oct 05, 2017)
Orders that are not hold will not be cleared during logout. Orders will be saved according to each user account.
Fix closing bill with open item from terminal, app exit.
Fix app exit generating invoice in previous receipt.
Fix set meal name showing incorrectly in invoice.

Version 1.408 (Oct 03, 2017)
Fix old archive database not generating report correctly.
Open item now support multiple printer.
Recipe can now be managed using cms via web.

Version 1.406 (Sep 24, 2017)
​Added Pay In/Pay Out Button, no longer require to put in negative amount for pay out.
Added option to automatically create new category/modifier group while importing csv.
Voucher payment type will no longer have change. X reading report will show 'Forfeited Voucher' amount.
Export & email gift card list.
Exact button will 'Cash In' automatically saving 1 click for checkout.
Modifier selector will click on 'Done' automatically if it's the last group with the maximum number of choice.