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Table Management

In Settings -> Table Management, you can customize table statuses beyond the default options.

table management settings

table management settings 2

Adding new table status

To create a new table status, click the + icon in the top left corner.

add table status

Input the table status name, set the duration in minutes, and select your preferred color indicator. Finally, click Save to finalize the setup.

add table status 2

Changing table status

When an order is placed at a table, that table’s status would automatically be set to occupied. To change the occupied table’s status, long press on that table and a pop up would be shown.

table status occupied

Then, click on Table Management.

table status occupied 2

Afterward, select the desired table status to switch to.

table status occupied 3

The colour of the table will be changed accordingly to the status assigned to it.

table status occupied 4

For tables which are not in occupied status, simply click on the table to change status.

table status available

Then click on Manage Table Status.

table status available 2

Afterward, select the desired table status to switch to.

table status available 3

table status available 4

If the chosen table status has a set duration, the table will automatically return to its original state after the specified time has elapsed.
As only the Cleaning table status has a configured duration, only tables set to Cleaning will revert to their original state once the specified duration has passed.

reverted table status