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Purchasing a Gift Card

To purchase a gift card, customers will need to go to the Online Gift Card Store URL configured and fill up the details of the purchase before proceeding with payment.

mobipos purchase giftcard

mobipos purchase giftcard part 2

Then, the customer will be redirected to the Stripe payment page.

mobipos giftcard purchase payment

After the customer has successfully paid for the gift card, they will be brought back to the online gift card store and a payment receipt will be shown.

mobipos giftcard payment receipt

mobipos giftcard payment receipt part 2

Upon the purchase of a gift card, the customer will receive a payment received email affirming the success of their transaction and verifying the receipt of their payment. Simultaneously, the same email will also be sent to the business' email. The designated gift card recipient will also receive a gift card email.

1. Payment received email

mobipos giftcard payment received email

mobipos giftcard payment received email part 2

2. Gift card email

To use the gift card, the recipient simply needs to scan the attached QR code in the email.

mobipos giftcard recipient email

mobipos giftcard recipient email part 2