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Payment Types


MobiPOS integrates up to 20 payment types.
If the payment type is deleted or modified, it will affect past report reading.

pos system payment type list



If the payment is set as cash, payment closed with this payment will affect the till balance.

Visa / Master

If payment is done using credit cards, the payment type can be set to either visa or master.
However, using either type will not affect the functions of payment as the categorisation is merely for reporting purposes.


Cheque functions are currently unavailable.


Voucher as a payment type must be set up according to the application of the voucher.
The configuration of two voucher payment types are stated as below:

Non-Refundable Voucher For a non-refundable voucher whereby the sum of a transaction is not repayable or returnable in any circumstances, user should configure "Payment Type" in settings to "Voucher".
Hence, any balance from the voucher used upon check-out will be forfeited.
Changing the setting is important as it will be reflected in daily reporting.
The amount will be stated under "Forfeited Voucher" in your daily sales report as portrayed below.

The image shows payment for a $2.50 item using a $5.00 voucher.
There is a supposed balance of $2.50 to be returned to the customer.
But due to the configuration of voucher as the payment type, the balance is automatically forfeited and no balance is returned to the customer.

pos system non refundable voucher

Refundable Voucher
A refundable voucher is used similarly to cash therefore, "Payment Type" should be set to "Cash" instead.
When customer applies voucher upon checkout, the supposed balance will be returned and daily report will reflect sales amount according to the transaction.

* For utilization and setup of MobiPOS integrated payment systems, navigate through the tabs above.


pos system payment settings

Payment settings can be modified for each payment type by tapping on the switch.
Be sure to tap on "Set" each time after toggling the settings switch.

The function of each payment setting is explained below.


Rounding can be switched on or off for each individual payment.
If rounding is switched on, it will follow the rounding setting under restaurant setting.


Drawer will pop depending on which payment type is used to close the bill.
Switch on to pop the drawer.

Credit Card Info

If credit card info is switched on, it will prompt you to enter credit card information before payment.
Information entered will be printed out on receipt.
This is solely for recording purpose as it does not process the information.

pos system signature required

Extra Surcharge

Payment selected will add an extra surcharge to bill if it's turned on.
Before turning it on, a tax with the type of payment surcharge has to be setup.
Please refer to Tax Settings -> Tax For section for more information.

Signature Required

Signature Required is an additional verification step.
When switched on, a window will appear for user to enter signature upon payment.
The payment process will be: Pay -> Select Payment Type -> Signature -> Enter Amount -> Cash In -> Checkout

pos system signature required

Print Extra Receipt

The system will automatically initiate printing of an additional receipt when this setting is switched on.
This function rids the hassle of manually printing a receipt twice.
Merchants can immediately obtain another copy of receipt if it is necessary for reporting purposes.

Auto Checkout

Auto Checkout is switched on to speed up the completion of payment.
It eliminates the extra step of tapping on "Checkout" after cashing in the amount to be paid.

Note that upon switching on this function, user will no longer be able to choose mode of receipt delivery to customers.
The system will automatically checkout after cash in hence, user can start a new transaction immediately.

The picture below shows the disabled functions when this setting is switched on.

pos system auto checkout disabled functions

iZettle by Paypal

Under Settings -> Payment Types -> Type, tap on iZettle to set it as a payment type.

pos system izettle payment type

Once iZettle by Paypal is set as a payment type, the function will be available upon checkout/payment.
Tapping on iZettle will prompt a window for users to enter log in details.

pos system izettle login

Tyro Payments

Under Settings -> Payment Types -> Type, tap on Tyro Payments to set it as a payment type.

pos system tyro payment type

For a successful transaction using Tyro Payments, performing the proper set-up is necessary.
Refer to the guide below for Tyro Setup.

Tyro Setup

pos system tyro terminal setup

To link the connection of your Tyro terminal with MobiPOS, it requires Merchant ID and Terminal ID.
This information can be found on the terminal device itself or you could contact Tyro to seek help.

Tap on "Help" to begin configuration.
Choose your device type that is displayed at the bottom, follow the instructions to authorize the link.

pos system tyro choose terminal device

Upon setting up the link, create a new payment with Tyro Paymentsas the payment type.
Closing bill with this payment will initiate the terminal to process credit card.

Integrated Receipt

If integrated receipt is turned on, receipt from Tyro will be printed in MobiPOS instead of Tyro terminal device.

PayPal Here

Under Settings -> Payment Types -> Type, tap on PayPal Here to set it as a payment type.

pos system paypal here payment type

To use PayPal Here, login is needed under a registered account.
Refer to the guide below for PayPal Here Setup.

PayPal Here Setup

pos system paypal here login

Login to authorize MobiPOS to process payments on your behalf.
This may take a few steps. If the authorization process is successful, you will be directed back to MobiPOS.

pos system paypal here mobipos

Open up MobiPOS and you'll see the message below.

pos system paypal here login success

Create a new payment with Paypal Here as the payment type and you should be up and running.

During the authorization, if you did not see the pop up asking to open up MobiPOS, it means you do not have a valid Paypal Here account.


Under Settings -> Payment Types -> Type, tap on Zapper to set it as a payment type.

pos system zapper payment type

Zapper provides a convenient method of payment via mobile phones.

pos system paypal here login success

Download the pdf files below to guide you through the Zapper setup.

Zapper Setup Guide

Zapper Staff Training Guide


Under Settings -> Payment Types -> Type, tap on Dejavoo to set it as a payment type.

pos system dejavoo payment type

Dejavoo can be used after set up of this payment type within the MobiPOS app.

To begin setup, user must enter IP Address, Register ID and Auth Key.
Please contact MobiPOS reseller to obtain these credentials.

pos system dejavoo credentials

Pairing is not needed for Dejavoo setup.

After entering credentials, set Payment Type as Dejavoo then proceed to make payment.
The terminal will be triggered to authenticate payment by "sending" a signal.

pos system dejavoo payment verification

Once verified, payment will be accepted and user may proceed to checkout.

pos system dejavoo payment accepted

Tips Adjustment

On the cash register page go to Transaction -> More -> Select Transaction -> Edit -> Tips Adjustment.

pos system dejavoo tips adjustment main page

pos system dejavoo tips adjust

A keypad will appear for you to key in amount of tips by percentage or price.
Tap on Adjust after entering confirmed amount to be adjusted.

pos system dejavoo tips adjustment keypad amount

A notification will appear once adjustments are made successfully.

pos system dejavoo tips adjustment successful

Void Bill

Voiding a bill will automatically refund customers' payment through Dejavoo.
To Void Bill via Dejavoo, go to Transaction -> More -> Select Transaction -> Edit -> Void Bill on the cash register page.

pos system dejavoo void bill

Wait for the page to load after selecting transaction to void.

pos system dejavoo void bill loading

A message will appear to notify you when the receipt has been voided.

pos system dejavoo receipt voided

Refund Payment

If payment cannot be returned to customers through voiding a bill, perform manual refund.
To perform Refund Payment via Dejavoo, go to Payment Types -> Settings -> Dejavoo -> Manual Refund -> Refund.

Key in reference ID which is the reference number for individual transactions found under Transaction.

pos system dejavoo refund reference

Refund is successful when a message pops up as in image below.

pos system dejavoo refund success


Westpac is another method that offers fast and secure payment processing.
MobiPOS integrates with Westpac to include functions of both Westpac and Westpac MOTO.

Westpac MOTO is a payment method for "card not present" transactions.
It is utilized for Mail Order / Telephone Order or manual entry transactions.
It can only be processed on credit and charge cards, when the cardholder is not present during the time of payment.

The guide below shows the set up process which is identical for both Westpac and Westpac MOTO.

Under Settings -> Payment Type -> Westpac will lead you to a page to fill up the necessary credentials.

pos system westpac credentials

To begin integrating the systems, first connect the EFTPOS terminal to the same Wi-Fi used by the POS system.
(For this example, we are using Verifone 355 EFTPOS terminal device)

Press "O" and "1" at the same time on the EFTPOS terminal to configure Wi-Fi settings.
After EFTPOS is successfully connected to Wi-Fi, the IP Address will be displayed.
The IP Address shown is keyed in as a credential on the MobiPOS App.
Note that it is mandatory to enter POS ID and IP Address.

On the EFTPOS device, press "#" to enter pairing mode.
Ensure that your EFTPOS Terminal has been unpaired with any existing pairings.
Proceed to pair your EFTPOS terminal device with MobiPOS.

Press "Pair" on both MobiPOS app and the EFTPOS terminal.
A pop up will prompt code confirmation for both the EFTPOS Terminal and MobiPOS App.

pos system westpac pairing process

Tap "Yes" to confirm and complete pairing process.

pos system westpac pairing successful

After setup is completed, Westpac can now be added as a "Payment Type" in your system.

Under Settings -> Payment Types -> Type, tap on Westpac to set it as a payment type.

pos system westpac payment type

Alternatively, Westpac MOTO can also be added as a "Payment Type" in your system..

Under Settings -> Payment Types -> Type, tap on Westpac MOTO to set it as a payment type.

pos system westpac MOTO payment type

During payment, selecting Westpac as payment type will initiate payment confirmation on the terminal.

pos system westpac initiate payment confirmation

Verification on the terminal will complete a successful transaction.

pos system westpac purchase transaction successful

You can now proceed to checkout.

* Westpac and Westpac MOTO can only be configured as payment types in your system after set up is completed.


Under Settings -> Payment Types -> Type, tap on SmartPay Payments to set it as a payment type.

pos system smartpay payment type

Before using SmartPay payments, the iPad has to be paired with the eftpos terminal.
Please refer to the guide below.

pos system smartpay payment type

Under payment types, Click on General and select SmartPay as highlighted on the screenshot above.

pos system smartpay payment type

Under Pair Terminal, Click on Pair as shown.

pos system smartpay payment type

Do contact SmartPay to obtain the SmartPay pairing code.
Insert Pairing Code and click "OK" to pair the terminal to the system.

Upon successful pairing, closing bill with this payment type will initiate the terminal to process credit card.