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Signing Up

This guide explains the sign-up process for first time users.
First of all, users will need to download our app 'MobiPOS' from the Appstore.
To start a trial without limitation, users need to register an account.

Signing Up An Account

To sign up for an account, go to MobiPOS CloudSync.
Then, click on Sign Up as shown in the image shown below.

pos system sign up homepage settings

Upon clicking on sign up, users will be redirected to the page as shown below.
At this page, users will need to enter all the relevant information.
Reseller Code is only applicable for users purchasing the system from our reseller.
It is optional, and you can leave it as blank.

Then, click on Sign Up when all details are entered.

pos system sign up register details settings

Upon the completion of registration, the page will be redirected as shown below.
This indicates that the account registration is successful.

pos system sign up register settings

An activation email will be sent to the registered email as shown below.
To activate the account, click on Verify your email address.

pos system activation email settings

Upon clicking the link, an email of setup instructions will be sent to the registered email as shown below.

pos system setup instruction email settings

Do note that the email might be in your junk folder.
If none of the emails is received upon setting up the account, please kindly contact us.

App Activation

To use MobiPOS, the user has to download our app from App Store.
Users can try out the app as long as they want, however it is limited to a maximum of 30 items and 5 transactions per day.
To activate the 14-day trial without limitation, go to Settings -> App Activation -> Activation/Restore.
Then, tap on Login as shown below.

pos system activation login settings

Upon tapping on Login, users will be presented with a login form as shown below.
Insert your Username, Password, and the Branch Code that you registered previously.
If this is your first time logging in, your branch code is 'outlet1'.

pos system app activation login settings

Upon logging in, the trial period starts.
During the trial period, users can connect as many terminal or kitchen displays as desired.

pos system trial activation details settings

In order to extend the license expiry, tap on Manage License as shown in the image above.
Click on Extend License Expiry, you will be redirected to the MobiPOS Cloud website to perform the login.
To know more about extending the license expiry, please kindly refer to Purchasing the App article.

Cloud Sync Activation

CloudSync is an optional module that allows you to view live sales report remotely.
To set up, go to Settings -> Cloud Sync.
To know more about CloudSync, please kindly refer to our CloudSync guide.