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Redeem Rewards

This guide will show you the steps on how to apply and redeem reward.
Do ensure rewards have been setup. For more info about setting up rewards, refer to this article.

In order to redeem or apply reward to a bill, first you have to assign a customer to the bill.
Click in the info button located on the right top of the receipt as shown below.

pos system cash register interface

Proceed to add or search for an existing customer.
Then click Apply located on the right top.

pos system customer profile listing

Proceed to click on the Pay button, and you will be presented with options on the right of the number pad.

pos system rewards function apply

These options will only show up if rewards are setup and customer is assigned to the bill.
Do note that only one redemption or reward can be given to a bill at one time, the system does not allow award and redeem reward in the same bill.

Custom Reward

Click on Custom Reward to award custom reward to customer.
As there are many conditions to rewarding a customer, the system does not check for their eligibility.
Cashier has to check for their eligibility and award them manually.

pos system custom reward given to customer

Select the reward to be given and click Apply.
As you can see this bill does not exceed $20 but reward can still be given.

pos system custom reward bill receipt

Upon applying the reward, you can see that 10 points will be awarded to this customer upon checkout.
Now proceed to Cash In and Checkout and 10 points will be added to customer's account.

Redeem Reward

To redeem reward, click on the Redeem Reward button.
You can see the customer's reward point balance (100) on the top.

pos system redeem reward points required

Selecting this reward will apply a $2 discount on the bill and deduct 10 points from their account rewards balance.

pos system reward bill receipt

Upon clicking on Apply, take note of the bottom section of the bill.
Reward being the discount amount applied to the bill and Reward Pts indicating the points to be deducted from their account.
Again, proceed to checkout to finalize the bill.

Cashback Reward

In cashback reward, every single point represents a dollar in your currency.
If they have 20 points, they will be able to take $20 dollars off from the bill.

Click on Cashback Reward, you will be presented with their balance and you will need to enter the amount of reward they would like to redeem.

pos system cash back reward to be redeemed

In this example, we will redeem the full amount of the bill ($14.80).
Proceed to click on Apply

pos system cashback reward receipt

As shown at the bottom of the receipt.
Reward will be the discount amount given to the bill.
Reward Pts will be the reward amount to be deducted from customer's account.

Proceed to checkout to finalize the bill.