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Online Booking Settings

To use table booking, you will need licenses as below:
- MobiPos Application
- MobiPos CloudSync
- MobiPos Online Booking

Trial will be activated upon configuring Table Booking settings.

To begin setup, login to CloudSync, click on your username located at the right top and look for Table Booking.

online booking settings dropdown navigation

CloudSync has to be configured before Table Booking can be used, if CloudSync is not configured, please refer to this article.

In table booking settings, go through all settings that are marked with *, as they have to be setup before saving.

online booking general info setup

Store Name

Enter your store name that will be displayed on the top of the site and header of email that will be sent to customer.

Booking URL

Configure the URL that your customer will be used to make booking online.
In the screenshot above, we key in "coffeehouse" as our url and you will be able to access the booking site at upon saving.
If you already have a website of your own, you can embed this to your own website by using iframe.

Outlet Information

Phone No, email and outlet address will be displayed on site.

Booking Hours

Configure the hours that are available for booking.
This can be different from your store operating hour.

Booking Configuration

online booking configuration settings

Requires Confirmation

If requires confirmation is turned on, all booking received will be in pending status.
You have to accept the booking in the POS before customer receives a confirmation email on their booking.
If the booking is rejected,

Min & Max Party Size

Configure the minimum and the maximum pax/cover size that is allowed to be booked through the site.

Pax Difference

This is important to determine the availability of each table.
As size of each table is configured, this determines the efficiency and which booking is best fitted to each table.

If pax difference is set to 0, which means all booking has to fit perfectly to the table party/cover size.
If the outlet only has table with 6 pax, a party of 5 looking to book a table will not be able to book any.
Setting pax difference to 1 will allow party of 5 to book and setting pax difference to 2, will allow party of 4 to be seated on the table of 6.

Booking Interval

If 30 mins is set, the booking slot will be split to 2:00pm, 2:30pm, 3:00pm and so on.
If 15 mins is set, the booking slot will be split to 2:00pm, 2:15pm, 2:30pm and so on.

Booking Duration

Booking duration is the time the system reserves for the customer of their booking.
For example if they made a booking at 2:00pm, and the duration is set to 1 hour. No other booking can be made on the same table until 3:00pm.

Minimum Time Before Booking

To allow more preparation time for each booking, you can set a minimum time buffer before the actual booking time.

Seating Area/Section

setup booking seating area or section

Create seating area or section that is available in your restaurant.
Customer will have the option to choose their preferred seating area during the booking.

Table Availability

online booking table availability settings

All tables must be created from POS before it can be booked online or show up here in table availability.
Each table must be assigned to a seating area/section.

It is compulsory to setup both seating area and table availability before online booking will work. Both configuration will only be enabled upon the first saving.
If the button is disabled, proceed to Save before configuration.

Completing the Setup

Upon saving, trial for MobiPos Online Booking will be activated if this is the first setup.
You now proceed to try booking through the URL created.

Setup in the iPad

To start using table booking in the app, ensure CloudSync is setup and Online Booking license shows up in Settings -> Activation/Restore.

mobipos license online booking needed