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This guide will show the steps on how to create promotions and apply them during checkout.

Setting up a Promotion

To set up a promotion, go into Settings located at the main page of the MobiPOS application.

mobipos settings button

Then, click on Promotion at the left column.

mobipos settings promotion

To create a new promotion, click on the + symbol beside the edit button.

Proceed to enter the promotion name of the promotion that you would like to add.

mobipos settings promotion name

To edit the settings of the promotion, click on the i icon beside the Promotion Name. It will display a list of configurations that you can apply on the selected promotion.

mobipos more settings button

For this example, we willl set up a simple promotion.

Enter the discount amount that you would like to apply on the promotion and save.

mobipos discount amount setting

Applying a Promotion

To apply the promotion we have just created, in cash register, click on the Pay button.

mobipos cash register pay button

Then, click on Promotion.

mobipos promotion button

It will then show you the list of promotions that you have set up.

mobipos promotion button

Scan QR will allow you to scan QR code from Online Rewards/Loyalty.

Auto Promo will apply to all promotions that are valid. Auto promo will not apply promotions that require a promo code.

The promotion that we have just created can be selected.

mobipos select promotion

To apply a promotion, simply click on a promotion that is listed. If it is not applicable, an error message will be displayed.

mobipos promotion applied

To easily look into the requirements/details of all the promotions that you have set up, click on the Info button.

mobipos promotion info button

It will then display a list of the requirements/details of each promotion

mobipos promotion info list

Promotion Settings

We will now futher discuss on the details of promotion settings.

Promo Code

If a promo code is created for this promotion, keying in promo code will bring up the promotion straight away. For example, the promo code Burger10 is created for a promotion of 10% off burgers.

mobipos promo code settings

Applying a Promo Code

To apply a promo code, enter the code in the promo code section and click Apply. In this example, the promo code Burger10 is being applied.

mobipos applying promo code

The promo code is then applied and the 10% discount will be given.

If the promo code cannot be applied on any of the selected items or bill, an error will appear indicating no matching product item is found for the promotion.

mobipos no matching product for promotion error

Order Mode

By default, the order mode will be set to all which means all types of orders will allow this promotion to be applied to. You can also select only certain order modes by clicking into the order mode option. Select the order mode you would like and click on Set.

mobipos promotion order mode settings

If you are trying to apply a promotion that does not comply with the order mode of the order, an error message will pop out to tell you the promotion cannot be applied on this order mode. As seen below, the promotion for delivery is attempted to be applied on a To Go order.

mobipos order mode error

Promotion Start/End Date, Promotion Days, Promotion Start/ End Time

Sets the dates, days, and time of when the promotion can be applied on.

In the example below, the promotion Delivery 5% off is created with the promotion date starting from 9th January 2024 to 15 January 2024.

mobipos promotion date days time settings

If the order does not fall within the ranges set, an error will appear to indicate the promotion is not being applied within the date range as seen below when trying to apply the Delivery 5% off promotion.

mobipos promotion not within date range error


To support setting up a specific discount, a discount must be created beforehand.

This can be done in Settings -> Discount.

To learn how to set up a Discount, please refer to Discount.

After a discount has been created, click on the discount button and the discounts set up will appear as seen below. By default, it will be set to Open Discount which will allow you to set a custom discount.

mobipos pro discounts settings

Discount type can be set by percentage or by price. If it is set up by percentage, you can specify the discount capped amount. In the example below, the 20% off promotion has a capped discount amount of 5.

mobipos promotion discount settings

When the 20% off promotion is applied, the discount can be seen to be capped.

mobipos capped discount

Apply on Bill or Item

Discount can be applied on both bills or specific items.

To select specific items the discount will be applied on, click on Assign Item.

mobipos promotion assign item

Select the items that you would like to be applicable for discount.

mobipos promotion assign item list

Maximum Number of Item Application

The maximum amount of times a promotion can be applied on a bill can be set if you do not want to apply it on every item applicable for the discount. In this example, 10% off burgers is set to only allow it to be applied to a maximum of 2 items.

mobipos promotion limit settings

When applying the promotion, because the maximum number of item application is set to 2, the promotion will only apply to 2 burgers instead of all of them.

mobipos applying promotion with limit

Bill Amount Required

You can set the minimum amount needed to be spent in order for the promotion to be applicable. Setting it to 0 means that it will be applied to a bill with any amount.

If you try to apply a promotion on a bill that does not meet the amount required, an error will show up that states the required amount needed.

mobipos bill amount error

Requires Customer Account

Disabling this option will mean that customers without a customer account can be entitled for this promotion.

Requires Customer Group

You can specify which customer group will be eligible for this discount. The customer group can be configured in Settings -> Customer Group.

Please refer to Customer Group to learn how to create a Customer Group.

Once you have created a customer group, you can select it as seen as below.

mobipos customer group list

When the promotion is applied on a bill where the customer is not a part of the applicable customer group, an error will show up telling you it is not applicable. In the example below, a promotion for VIPs only is applied on a customer that is not a VIP.

mobipos customer group error

Usage Count

Sets a limit on the number of times the promotion can be applied in a day, week, month, or year.

It can be checked based on:
Day: Per day
Week: Every Monday to Sunday
Month: Every first to last day of the month
Year: Per year

A promotion usage over limit error will appear if the limit is met.

In the example below, we will create a birthday discount which can only be used once a year per customer. To do that, set the Usage Count to 1 and Usage Count Check By to Year.

mobipos usage count settings

Attempting to claim the birthday promotion again will result in an error message indicating it has already been used this year.

mobipos usage limit error

Concurrent Promotion

Enables promotions to be applied concurrently. The example below shows two promotions being applied concurrently where a discount of 10% is given to all burgers and a discount of 20% is given to the total bill.

mobipos concurrent promotion

Promotions cannot be stacked if two or more promotions on the same items are chosen. For example, applying the 10% discount on burgers will only apply to the first 2 cheapest burger items and the second promotion applied for 5% discount on all burgers will be applied to the rest of the burgers who do not already have a discount applied on.

mobipos applying promotion

If concurrent promotion is disabled, only one promotion can be applied at a time on a bill.

mobipos error concurrent promotion