Unit of Measurement (UOM)

mobipos system unit of measurement

Setup unit of measurement in order to sell your product by weight, or perform stock in/out with the correct unit.
Click on the info button beside to setup conversion.

mobipos system unit of measurement

Each conversion that is configured will set the uom as an alternate to the base uom.

Performing Stock In/Out with Conversion

In this example, we will use canned drinks as the product.
Soft drinks are sold in cans normally, however stock in is done in number of cartons.
In order to achieve this, proceed to setup 2 new uom. 'Can' and 'Carton' with a conversion of 1 carton = 24 cans.

mobipos carton can uom conversion

Under the product page, set the base uom as 'can' and its alternate uom as 'carton'.

mobipos product base alternate uom

Under inventory management, now you will have the option to choose the uom before performing stock in/out.
Click on the uom button to switch between base and alternate uom.

mobipos stock in out conversion

In this example, performing a stock in of 20 cartons will give you 480 cans of Coke.