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Edit Booking

If customer change their mind or there's changes to be made to the booking.
Modify the booking by simply selecting the block on the timeline or select it from booking list.

select booking transaction to edit

Booking details will be presented upon clicking on the booking block.

selected booking block details

If you only wish to move the time or the assigned table, choose Move Booking and select the new time and table you wish to move to in the timeline view.

move booking time details

Upon clicking on Move Booking, you will see that the booking that you are about to move is highlighted in white, the title on top is changed to Move Booking as well.

highlighted booking above to move

Proceed to choose the new time that you wish to move the booking to.

booking moved to new time

Booking is now moved to the new desired time.

Again by selecting the booking, click on the details located on top to edit.

click booking details on top to edit

You will be presented with all the booking information.
Proceed to make necessary changes and click on Update.

modify edit booking date time pax

Customer that is already in the database will be disabled from editing by default.
To make changes to customer profile, click on the Edit Customer button located on the top.

customer edit booking profile information

Editing will be allowed for customer that is not saved in database.
Modify their details accordingly in the textfield and proceed to update.