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iPad Booking Interface

Proceed to Table View, you will see Table Booking button on top.

mobipos tableview table booking button

Booking Interface

In table booking page, you will see the timeline and all the bookings for today.
We will go through the information displayed here.

mobipos booking reservation timeline interface

Date - Change the date to see booking for other days.
Today's Summary - Shows the number of reservation and total pax for the day or selected time.
Hours - Shows the booking hours time span for selected date, if you have shift selected, the hours will be changed accordingly.
Time Now - Indicating the time now to have a good reference of what's upcoming.
Section/Seating Area - Based on what was created in online booking settings, tables are grouped by their respective section. Click on it to hide/show the section.
Sorting - Choose to show by Table Layout, Table Type or arrange the sequence within the section by number of Pax or Table Name.