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App Version Log

Version 1.530.8 (Jun 7, 2024)
Table and table layout can now be set and retrieved from CloudSync.
Added Disregard Surcharge for SmartPay payment type.

Fix app exit when printing modifier items to kitchen.
Fix issue with top up using Paymentsense payment type.

Version 1.530.7 (Jun 6, 2024)
Added privilege for changing order weight.
Added an option to print queue number based on dining mode.
Added an option to remove modifier item indentation in kitchen order list to align with item.
Added an option to adjust kitchen order list footer line feed count.
Web customer display will now show bill's change in alternating USD/KHR breakdown. (If currency type is set up)
ABA KHQR will now do currency conversion on the amount requested for print current bill QR.‌
Kiosk to always print bill on Kiosk printer even payment is not made.

Fix app exit when using camera such as scan staff card, QR scan and etc.
Fix app exit when editing date and time in clock in/out settings.
Fix app exit when trying to close online ordering temporarily.
Fix app exit when iPhone terminal trying to split/change bill.
Fix table status is not being updated on joined tables.
Fix access to price overwrite privilege is not being applied to weighted orders.
Fix work mode through cloud not switching correctly if iPad logged in user changed.
Fix table list not updating to reflect the latest bill changes allowing double checkout to happen.
Fix web customer display camera issue.
Fix web customer display after checkout, not clearing customer/table name.
Fix when ABA KHQR receives payment while POS is not viewing bill, transaction details not being printed.

Version 1.530.6 (May 28, 2024)
Payment type settings can now be set and retrieved from CloudSync.
Added cash to points conversion for rewards/loyalty.
Generating voucher will now be recorded in action log report.
Terminal iPad can now generate vouchers.
Takeaway table will now print queue number.
Added support for M4 iPad Pro screen dimension.
Improvements have been made to enhance the overall usage of GPSecure.
Web customer display to align receipt in the middle if there’s no slideshow.
Entertainment limit can now be configured in account type settings to spend monthly. Entertainment limit will be revert back to initial amount on the first day of every month.

Fix table layout, add table not using the same step increment and maximum width and height values as edit table.
Fix showing wrong error message when entering payment page and there are no payment types in settings.
Fix voucher template serial number still being random even when switch is off.
Fix an issue where terminal override printer is not working after terminal name is changed.
Fix table print current bill not updating table status color.
Fix printer name in kitchen order list exceeding column count.
Fix insufficient credits/rewards due to 1 cent difference issue.

Kitchen Display Version 1.530.6 (May 28, 2024)
Order summary split screen - option to dock the order summary on right side of the screen.

Fix order remarks overlapping with order preparation time.

Version 1.530.5 (May 14, 2024)
Updated list of enforce new transaction type selection to show according to selected application mode in general settings.

Fix app exit when selecting item right after cancelling a pop up.
Fix an issue where reward points is applied before sending request to MobiSecure.
Fix an issue where takeaway table bill will change its price to 0.
Fix unable to generate specific dates reports.
Fix not checking change table permission properly after printing current bill.
Fix enforce new transaction type, not clearing stored orders properly.
Fix some issues with ABA KHQR alternate currency during checkout and printing bill.
Fix order list is not printing upon hold for Star printers.

Version 1.530.4 (May 8, 2024)
Added IT BizFlow eftpos payment support.
Added access to claim expired custody, edit custody and reprint custody privilege.

Fix app exit issue when printing language is set to French and some printers try to print text with emoji.
Fix an issue where order is not updated to takeaway price when takeaway table is assigned.
Fix PM Advisors not able to top up credit.
Fix Clover configuration page not updating status when connecting/disconnecting from Clover terminal.
Fix ABA KHQR currency conversion not showing the correct converted amount.
Fix ABA KHQR currency conversion not properly detecting KHR alternate currency.

Version 1.530.3 (May 8, 2024)
Table will now show similar colour as the old settings.
Allowance report will now show customer name.
Customer report will now show allowance balance.
ABA KHQR now supports linking multiple bank accounts.
ABA KHQR can charge in both USD and KHR regardless of POS currency symbol.
ABA KHQR will now generate and print QR code when printing current bill.

Fix an issue where cloud loyalty is unable to find customer after making a transaction using allowance.
Fix an issue where rounding is not working in refunding bill.
Fix table not showing the correct shape and size when turning edit on to off.
Fix the account setting unable to modify the account sequence.
Fix an issue where cash register not returning to the main category page after placing an order and selecting a new table.
Fix account settings page not showing the correct number of blocked payment type.
Fix unable to pay with ABA KHQR again for a transaction that was previously refunded.
Fix an issue where account is able to claim custody even though access to claim custody is turned off.
Fix stock take cost displaying zero value in stock take view and report.

Version 1.530.2 (Apr 30, 2024)
Added previous and next booking buttons when viewing booking details page.
Voucher assign customer pop up will now show customer name in red if customer has been deleted.
CMS via web adding customers via csv now supports customer notes.
Added ability to show expired or non expired item in custody report.

Fix app exit when the terminal has a table printed current bill when the booking setting is turned on.
Fix voiding first order in bill not working.
Fix bill amount not being adjusted when clover eftpos receives tip.
Fix table shape and status color not displaying correctly.
Fix employee sales report printing extra payment type that is not used.
Fix an issue where split bill by item will calculate weighted item price incorrectly.
Fix voucher payment type showing retrieve MobiSecure transaction.

Version 1.530.1 (Apr 22, 2024 )
Added ability to enter hex code in color picker pop up.
Added random serial number switch for voucher template settings.
Added access to add, claim and view custody privilege.
Added access to add, claim and assign customer voucher privilege.
Terminal iPad can now also use Edit Order function in cash register to select multiple orders to perform actions such as void, reprint, discount, etc.
Stock in/out from cash register can now be sorted by inventory count.
Table management settings now will have a default option to reset colour.
Added smartpay payment type support for Kiosk.
‌Added support to print Vietnam’s VNPT QR code for invoicing.

Fix app exit issue when rejecting booking that has deposit paid.
Fix app exit issue when resend KDS in print job history.
Fix app exit when closing a bill after the app is turned on.
Fix app exit due to customer with one to four-digit phone number during current bill printing.
Fix edit order Toggle To Go not updating order's price.
Fix an issue with edit order causing unselected orders to be voided.
Fix booking Show in Timeline function not working.
Fix kitchen collating orders that have different remarks.
Fix replace word settings page search bar function issue when there is unsaved row.
Fix time based menu causing categories to be hidden even in lite mode.
Fix custom void reason not being printed.
Fix an issue where account access is not being shown correctly when creating a new account.
Fix Dejavoo settings not able to save.
Fix translated menu language not working for variant and attribute when added from cloud.
Fix kiosk print confirmation is printed at kiosk’s printer instead of cashier’s.
Fix kiosk to always print receipt upon checkout.

Kitchen Display Version 1.530.1 (Apr 22, 2024 )
Fix app exit when the main POS is transferring items and notifying the kitchen.
Fix app exit when trying to send feedback or bug report.
Fix an issue where report printing function is missing and not working.

Version 1.530 (Apr 9, 2024)
Table Management - Ability to change table status according to colors and automatically revert back to original status after assigned duration.
Customer Allowance - To allow customer to have certain amount to spend monthly. Allowance will be revert back to initial amount on the first day of every month.
Voucher Template - Create voucher template and generate multiple vouchers in 1 go.
Assign Voucher to Customer - Select voucher template and key in the number of vouchers to be generated for the customer.
Printer check Status before Printing - Works only for Epson printer only, system will check if printer is in a ready state before sending actual print job to prevent missing of orders.
Custody Label - With label printer assigned, label will be printed for each custody item deposited into the system.
Custody SMS - Added ability to send out sms to customer when custody item is deposited into the system or claimed.
Added Disregard Surcharge for Tyro payment type.
Rewards to be able to claim and redeem points in the same bill.
Cloud restore can now be used by different iPad to take over outlet's Cloud Sync.
Terminal now support pairing with different Linkly pinpad.
Terminal now support pairing with different Paymentsense/Dojo terminal.

Fix app exit when POS request sync to KDS.
Fix app exit when selecting an order in cash register.
Fix app exit when adding a new payment type.
Fix app exit when voiding a previous receipt with deleted table.
Fix app exit when using camera such as clock in out images, QR scan and etc.
Fix app exit when iPhone terminal trying to add new item after changing an order details.
Fix an issue where entertainment payment are able to pay with cash in a refund transaction causing miscalculation of tax.
Fix an issue where customer credit balance is printing incorrect balance amount.
Fix terminal not showing the correct account when partially voiding orders.
Fix kiosk not printing receipt after sending order.

Kitchen Display Version 1.524 (Mar 20, 2024)
Fix an issue where old reprint orders will reappear in docket when display chit by transaction is selected.

Version 1.524 (Mar 20, 2024)
If enforce till is turned on, and terminal tries to checkout but is blocked, checkout information will be stored temporarily to allow another checkout attempt after till is started.
MobiSecure - safer and secured to approve transactions for customer credit and reward point, using verification from MobiReward.
Added ability to ignore Tyro surcharge on request basis.
Added better pairing process for web kiosk.

Fix an issue with terminal performing refund.
Fix payment page showing wrong pop up window when no customer is assigned and customer reward points payment type is selected.
Fix x reading report showing wrong amount when bill is partially paid and has customer credits.
Fix payment processors performing partial payment unable to partially close the bill.
Fix app exit issue when selecting report in lite version.
Fix an error that occurs when orders are received online and item details are changed simultaneously.
Fix not sending queue to queue display if Pay/Checkout is clicked instead of hold bill.
Fix order is still able to be keyed in after clicking on Pay.
Fix reward settings not retrieving again if the device is initially in offline state.

Version 1.523.9 (Mar 5, 2024)
Promotion to have search bar and display reason for promotion that is not available.
Added access to redeem cashback reward in account settings.

Fix drawer not opening when open till.
Fix transaction to use the original customer if extra orders is made without a customer being assigned.
Fix an issue where reprint receipt from previous receipt will print an empty bill.
Fix an issue where accepting an online order from previous receipt view will remove orders from cash register.
Fix app exit when changing an item details in cash register due to rounding.
Fix app exit when editting date and time in clock in/out settings.
Fix negative subtotal will cause some miscalculation.
Fix app exit issue when sending split takeaway order to KDS.

Version 1.523.7 (Feb 21, 2024)
Added order by course for easier course assignment when ordering.
Added Paymentsense integration.
Added ability to show inclusive tax in bill of material report.
Added total cost in add/view stock take.
Added stock take report.
Added item discount, bill discount, bill discount name in customer spending report.

Fix charge customer balance checking off by 1 cent.
Fix work mode through cloud not able to retrieve gift card through QR scanning.
Fix background terminal syncing not getting the correct image path.
Fix an issue where scheduled payment surcharge tax is not being applied correctly.
Fix app exit issue when sending split takeaway order to KDS.

Version 1.523.5 (Feb 7, 2024)
Added Promotion Transaction Report.

Fix app exit issue upon item selection while editing attributes in item order details.
Fix app exit when new PM Advisors users perform settlement.
Fix app exit when importing csv file.
Fix app exit when main POS request sync to a terminal that enabled work mode through cloud.
Fix app exit when editting customer information and save from cash register.
Fix receipt item printing in big font, causing spacing between orders to be incorrect.
Fix an issue where print options is not saving multiple order list printer.
Fix void report showing incorrect total price value.
Fix customer history page jumping back to customer details page when switching between customers.
Fix item details sometimes showing reprint button when kitchen print upon checkout is switched on.
Fix ZPL printer graphic printing character off alignment.
Fix Kiosk not able to send in order after main pos goes into sleep.

Version 1.523.4 (Jan 30, 2024)
Added an option to print name initials and last 4 digit of phone number on bill itself unless it is a delivery or collection order.
Added edit attribute in item order details.
Added ability to view receipt remarks in previous receipt.
Added discount in refund report.
Added ability to print modifier line by line for kitchen label.
Kitchen label now prints modifier remarks.
Added ability to set label height and width in zebra printer settings.
Previous receipt now shows “Refunded” or “Voided” for refunded/voided bill.
Zebra printer to support graphic printing to print non english character.
Purchase order stock in out will show the actual user who created it instead of current logged account.

Fix app exit when saving an item twice in a row.
Fix app exit when splitting bill by transfer item and splitting table.
Fix app exit when retrieving pre-order online transaction.
Fix an issue where user is unable to save tax after removing the tax name.
Fix kitchen voided orders is not printing strikethrough.
Fix unit of measurement conversion in recipe causing some variance calculations.
Fix access to split a bill that has been printed without permission to make changes after printing bill.
Fix label printer printing receipt remarks at incorrect line.
Fix online ordering to prevent from receiving double order for pre order.

Version 1.523.3 (Jan 17, 2024)
Added ability to disable printing category name for bill, order list and kitchen categorized printing in print option settings.

Fix recipe item unit of measurement is not being calculating correctly due to the base uom settings.
Fix kitchen send duplicate order when upon hold and option to disable pay button to send order are turned on.
Fix inventory not deducting correctly when upon pay and hold bill is clicked.
Fix promotion capped amount not applying when set to open discount.
Fix void order from terminal from older version causing main app to exit.
Fix app exit when fail to send paid status to KDS.
Fix app exit when confirm button is clicked multiple times in order item details.
Fix offline promotion deleted still showing up.

Version 1.523.1 (Jan 11, 2024)
Added print job history in printer list settings.
Added account access to database settings, terminal settings, customer display settings, queue display settings and booking settings.
Added ability to disable printing receipt remarks in kitchen order list in kitchen print options.

Fix an issue where inventory count is not being deducted.
Fix 2 steps quick checkout printing customer credits balance on current bill incorrectly.
Fix an issue where modifier item not being selected correctly when max option is 1 or multiple modifier group is assigned.
Fix inventory not deducting correctly when upon checkout is used and hold bill is not clicked.

Version 1.523 (Jan 8, 2024)
Added ability to print takeaway order in a separate kitchen order list for dine bill that has takeaway order.

Fix app exit when saving stock take and there is item mismatch.
Fix app exit where saving an existing category while searching by category name return an empty list.
Fix app exit when clicking on edit on combo meal group's item.
Fix app exit when closing bill with Linkly.
Fix table layout only showing next booking button for the main table even when booking has multiple table selected.
Fix updating booking from manage booking pop removing the table that was assigned.
Fix iPhone terminal doing edit order, not reloading the order list properly if drag an order to empty row below.
Fix terminal not able to update booking waitlist from manage booking pop.
Fix item details not able to save when save button is clicked.

Version 1.522.9 (Jan 2, 2024)
Added support of adding gift card from cloud.
Pay in/out report will now show total amount.

Fix app exit when variant item's attribute is not being selected by sequence.
Fix app exit when the search bar for category is not being updating after saving category.
Fix an issue where terminal close bill will cause the order bill discount is not being calculated correctly.
Fix assigning customer from customer showing “No bill for payment”.
Fix Tyro printing merchant and customer receipt at the footer of receipt.
Fix activation/restore settings page not showing required password privilege.
Fix kiosk mode having floating remarks button when grand total is hidden.

Version 1.522.8 (Dec 28, 2023)
Receipt prefix now supports up to 5 characters.

Fix app exit when voiding receipt on iPhone terminal.
Fix app exit when dismissing manage order on iPhone terminal.
Fix tax before discount calculate incorrectly when bill has discount applied.
Fix Rongta RP410 not using label width when printing label.

Version 1.522.7 (Dec 27, 2023)
Better checking if both iPad is saving on the same customer causing mismatch in balance.
Stripe EFTPOS will re-query for transaction status before starting a new one.
Scanning promo QR will automatically assign customer as well, reducing extra step.
Faster order sending from terminal.
Added ability to print void reason in kitchen's order list.
‌Added ability to adjust font size of void reason in kitchen's order list.
Added item recipe are able to set recipe item based on unit of measurement if assigned.
Added an option to show item recipe with detailed description in product details.

Fix order in takeaway table not collating.
Fix an issue where tax shown in report is incorrect when bill discount is applied.
Fix assigning customer from cash register scan not applying customer discount.
Fix issue with booking timeline when there is more than 1 booking pending confirmation for the selected day.
Fix New Booking selection sometimes not disabling timeslot that is blocked.
Fix changing terminal name will not be reflected immediately in Main POS's display.
Fix customer's transaction history date button is not showing the correct date.

Version 1.522.6 (Dec 14, 2023)
Order promo discount on item will apply based on cheaper item first.

Fix iPay88 unable to connect issue.
Fix delay printing is sent a minute earlier than the time set.

Version 1.522.5 (Dec 13, 2023)
Fix “Combo” printing on the kitchen order list, order list and current bill incorrectly.
Fix current bill and order list printing category or course name when kitchen order list split 1 item per receipt is turned on.

Version 1.522.4 (Dec 12, 2023)
Improve connectivity between POS and server when server is trying to send booking to POS.
Improve loading time when checking booking availability for pax amount that requires join tables.
Added access to stock availability to account privilege.
Changed report list file name to be sorted by date.
Change delivery block time back to 5 minutes if online ordering block is not turned on.

Fix app exit issue when trying to send email, but attachment is not found.
Fix app exit issue when trying to export voucher.
Fix app exit issue when no booking operating hours is found and "All Day" shift is selected.
Fix kitchen order list not printing combo header.
Fix "created from info" not being shown for booking made from POS.
Fix voucher payment is not claiming voucher correctly when customer is assigned.
Fix payment with zero amount displaying in incorrect sequence.
Fix online rewards not retrieving settings correctly.
Fix selection pop up not showing up on Macbook.
Fix printer option search bar display in dark mode.
Fix iPhone bottom bar showing incorrect color in dark mode.
Fix Deliverect zero price item causing bill mismatch and not closing bill automatically.

Kitchen Display Version 1.522.3 (Dec 7, 2023)
KDS now supports up to 12 dockets depending on iPad screen size.

Fix an issue where closed orders are not able to reopen.
Fix order remarks font size is not being updated when font size in settings is adjusted.

Version 1.522.3 (Dec 6, 2023)
Added an option to have no spacing between orders in kitchen order list.

Fix database out of sync error if the app goes into cms via web and exit.
Fix double tapping payment type button causing payment flow issue for payment processors.
Fix delivery time not working in dark mode.
Fix eftpos terminal not working in version v1.522.2.

Version 1.522.2 (Dec 5, 2023)
Scanning promotion or rewards QR from online rewards will pull up customer information as well.
Added better checking on terminal IP address to ensure the it is under the same subnet.
Added option to print payment report to receipt printer.
Added an option for bill and order list to split combo items to print by category or course assigned.
Entertainment amount in the x reading report will no longer be included in the net sales amount.
Label printers will now print receipt remarks on the bottom of each order's label if there is space.

To fix database unable to open issue since iOS16.
Fix app exit when trying to mail report while in multiple reports generation main tab.
Fix app exit issue when viewing archive/backup page.
Fix double tapping payment type button causing payment flow issue for payment processors.
Fix promotion info not displaying capped discount correctly.
Fix camera scanning lagging on start.
Fix app exit if online ordering print to a printer with not valid settings.
Fix x reading report not printing the entertainment amount.
Fix categorized printing for bill and order list not printing combo meal items correctly.

Version 1.522.1 (Nov 28, 2023)
Deleting category with assigned discount will now show the list of discount assigned to the category.

Fix some issues with cloud image sync.
Fix booking timeline showing pending confirmation booking on the wrong day.
Fix inventory not checking accurately when there's 2 order using the same recipe item.

Version 1.521.9 (Nov 24, 2023)
Table layout table booking button will now blink if there are any bookings pending confirmation any date into the future.

Fix terminal showing error not paired when it is actually paired.
Fix app exit when clicking on confirm at custody expiry date.
Fix entertainment amount not saving correctly.
Fix app exit causing new users unable to start the app on the first load.
Fix app exit when user make changes to conversion unit from cloud.
Fix app exit if cloud image sync button is pressed but cloud has no image.
Fix kitchen order list printing modifier item under the wrong parent item.
Fix an issue with iPad's date setting causing devices running iOS17 to not show dates correctly and unable to interact with date selectors.

Version 1.521.8 (Nov 21, 2023)
Added linking of online and pos delivery order, preventing customer from ordering more than the number of preset orders per block.
Added support of restoring from a .db file directly instead of .zip file.
Updated SumUp SDK to support SumUp Solo reader.
Added unpaid voided sales in x reading report.

Fix Apple share with app function not working causing backup restoring process to fail.
Fix date selector for devices running iOS17 and above causing app to crash.
Fix terminal not updating settings upon request syncing from main POS.
Fix an issue where quick checkout on terminal is not sending order to printer when print kitchen order list upon checkout is turned on.
Fix unit of measurement not saving the value of conversion correctly.
Fix item not saving the quantity of the recipe correctly after adding the recipe.
Fix zebra label printer extra settings pop up height issue.
Fix unable to input any text in promotion details page.

Version 1.521.7 (Nov 9, 2023)
Added disabled option to time based menu.
Added print last receipt option.
Added support for ABA KHQR

Fix main pos exit when terminal tries to sync.
Fix an issue causing delivery time popup's time selection going missing.

Version 1.521.6 (Nov 8, 2023)
Added drawer code for printer 'PTP-II/PTP-III v2'.

Fix app exit when selecting image from photo album for cash register image clock in/out.
Fix the kitchen order list by not printing the spacing between items correctly.
Fix an issue where an unpaid online order is not printing tax details for the order list.
Fix extra empty order list being printed upon bill checkout.
Fix main POS request sync to the terminal during login view, causing login details to go missing.
Fix request sync is not working when work mode through cloud is turned on.
Fix main pos not preventing double order when terminal send twice due to network instability.
Fix CloudSync freezing the app when it has large amount of image.
Fix terminal not updating settings upon syncing.
Fix Tyro payment not closing itself if the site is not loading due to network instability.
Fix enforce transaction type if dine in is selected, first item showing takeaway price.
Changed maximum number of rows and columns in cash register menu configuration.

Version 1.521.5 (Nov 4, 2023)
Added an option to disable send order list to kitchen upon pay.
Label printers will now print receipt remarks on new label.
Updated iZettle SDK to 3.15.1 for bug fixes and performance improvements.

Fix app exit when creating a new variant item on CMS via Web.
Fix an issue causing Simple Payments Integration, Stripe, and Saltpay payment processors to be unable to set up.
Fix time based menu not working for terminal after changing terminal name.
Fix terminal name not displaying correctly after changing terminal name.
Fix double entry from cloud CMS update if the iPad fails to reply upon receiving.

Version 1.521.4 (Oct 31, 2023)
Added ability to show category and reporting category in transaction order report.
Added support of cloud reward.
Manage till popup for terminal will now show terminal ID in the title.

Fix app exit issue when loading promotions settings page and cloud loyalty is turned on.
Fix transaction order report total tax should not include voided transaction.
Fix promotion discount is not applied on the first item that is elligible.
Fix an issue where cloudsync requires reset & resync if cloud is still setting up.
Fix voiding multiple orders not being printed properly.
Fix an issue with partial payment causing x report to show previously paid sales amount for bills that have change.
Fix promotion discount capped amount not being shown after reloading promotion details.
Fix printout for customer credit and gift card top up receipt number always 0 issue.
Fix top up tier adding wrong amount when top up is done from terminal.
Fix pay in/out page terminal button selection not showing the correct data.

Version 1.521.3 (Oct 24, 2023)
Added ability to configure number of rows, columns and font size for cash register menu so that different iPad can have the same menu arrangement.
Added ability to turn on/off inventory count in cash register menu.
Added ability for terminal to pair/synchronize db from cash register.
Manage till on terminal will now show terminal ID.

Fix app exit when iOS 12 users proceed to table layout upon hold.
Fix Star printer model printing line feed in kitchen order list incorrectly.
Fix an issue of clocking in/out the wrong account when it's done from cash register with clock in/out image enforced.
Fix issue of web customer display displaying long numbers when quantity is in decimal.
Fix IP address textfields sometimes not being able to type halfway through.
Fix when bill only has 1 old and 1 new order, voiding new order causes whole bill to be voided.
Fix unable to print online order transaction confirmation within 15 minutes of receiving it.
Fix table layout pax selection pop up showing from the wrong location for device running iOS 17.
Fix missing OO ID when terminal print online order transaction confirmation.
Fix missing gift card info when viewing closed split transaction.
Fix after closing split transaction, selection pop up to go to the next split transaction missing receipt's prefix.
Fix top up tier adding wrong amount when customer or gift card top up is done from terminal.

Version 1.521.2 (Oct 17, 2023)
Phased out PayPal payment type.
CloudSync will automatically upload data even when app enter background.
Added ability to change terminal name in terminal settings.
Improve speed for online order transaction listing page.

Fix iOS 12 users app exit when entering print option settings.
Fix app exit when dismissing open item and manage order popup simultaneously from cash register.
Fix terminal printing order that has not been sent to kitchen when bill is voided.
Reduced frequency of main POS calling terminal to refresh table layout refresh.
Fix kitchen print orders by course in incorrect sequence.
Fix conversion amount not printing correctly on bill when amount exceeded 1,000 and above.
Fix issue clocking in and out the wrong account when performing clock in and out from cash register.

Version 1.521.1 (Oct 11, 2023)
Added ability to select multiple orders and perform actions when editing orders on main pos.

Fix issue causing app exit when print receipt barcode is switched on.
Fix category not able to save automated discount.
Fix schedule tax not being applied when settings is in pub hour setting.
Fix combo item not printing correctly when categorized prining by course is selected.
Fix when bill only has 1 old and 1 new order, voiding new order causes whole bill to be voided.
Fix terminal not printing order list for additional order.
Fix online ordering not printing service request.
Fix queue display not sending to the right order mode if certain mode is turned off.

Version 1.521 (Oct 2, 2023)
Added claimed voucher report.
Added stock variance report.
Added ability to print signature column on x reading report.
Added search function for print options settings page.
Added ability for currency to print larger font size on bill.
Added ability to translate menu language for variant and attribute.

Manage Tax can now turn off surcharge.
Paid status will now print in kitchen order list when kitchen order list print upon checkout is enabled.
Customer credit and gift card top up printout will now show top up receipt no.

Fix app exit when there is printer issue and online order is received on POS.
Fix stock in/out from cash register sometimes being unable to dismiss.
Fix when bill has only 1 existing order and 1 new order, voiding the existing order causing bill to become empty bill.
Fix order promo settings page taking too long to timeout when there is connection issue.
Fix empty space in tab bar when user generates multiple report and has no access to one of the selected report.
Fix issue when using voucher with serial number as payment for split transaction.
Fix scanner not closing after scanning a voucher and error alert is shown.
Fix app keep uploading images again when region is set to thai.
Fix after merging table not able to print current bill until reselecting transaction.
Fix promotion not able to save categorized discount.
Fix print kitchen order list before checkout not updating the Hold Bill button when cash register is in category view.
Fix kitchen order list not printing item remarks when collate combo item is turned on.
Fix reporting category showing incorrectly in category sales report and transaction report.
Fix voided and refund transaction cannot be queried in previous receipt filter.
Fix Deliverect not printing certain channel.
Fix online order printing payment name incorrectly.

Kitchen Display Version 1.520.9 (Sep 16, 2023)
Fix new orders is not showing on docket when display chit by transaction is selected.

Version 1.520.9 (Sept 15, 2023)
Changed sorting sequence of table listing to use numeric comparison.

Fix app exit when report dismiss sales type popup without any selection.
Fix cms via web causing app exit if edit via csv submit button is pressed with no file selected.
Fix rounding issue causing online orders to show bill mismatch.
Fix receipt remarks on bill clashes with line feed.
Fix an issue with Clover eftpos where a declined card transaction on eftpos is still being detected as paid.

Version 1.520.8 (Sept 13, 2023)
Added image sync button to CloudSync settings page. Performing image sync will allow POS to trigger image download request from cloud.
Added option to send kitchen order list before checkout when kitchen order list print upon checkout is enabled.
Alternate currency on receipt will now print in big font.
Open cash drawer after checkout transaction will now not be recorded in action log report.
Added error message if local network permission is not enabled.

Fix takeaway table changing table causing miscalculation of weight item.
Fix combo item’s modifier in to go bill is not applying takeaway price.
Fix member pricing level not applying to combo item’s modifier.
Fix an issue where user not able to select account’s access to payment type.
Fix an issue where terminal void weight item will cause miscalculation in inventory.
Fix booking issue where pax increase but join table combination is not being auto selected properly.
Fix booking issue where pax difference selection causes join table booking to become unavailable for booking.
Fix online order not showing the correct trans by.
Fix unable to delete promotion.
Fix not able to retrieve split bill with customer from terminal.

Kitchen Display Version 1.520.8 (Sept 11, 2023)
Fix an issue where orders go missing after applying order type filter.
Fix bump all orders in settings not working.
Fix docket order not showing voided or reprint bill.

Version 1.520.7 (Aug 31, 2023)
Added show selling item switch to stock movement report to trace stock usage when item is sold.
GloriaFood payment type can now be replaced using Replace word.
Payment report now shows customer credit and gift card top up receipt no.

Fix entertainment report showing gift card and credit top up transactions.
Fix app exit when no sales type selected for x reading report.

Kitchen Display Version 1.520.7 (Aug 31, 2023)
Added dining mode settings to configure the docket header color based on dining mode.
Timer warning color will now reflect on the timer itself instead of the docket header.
KDS docket will now show the last 100 jobs if any. Users are able to view the older jobs by scrolling towards the older jobs and a popout will show to view hidden jobs.

Fix order type filter filtering the orders upon start of the app incorrectly.

Version 1.520.6 (Aug 29, 2023)
Added eftpos NZ support.
Added option to enforce bill closing for till and clock in/out, closing till and clocking out now will not require to have all bills closed.
Added quick access to next split transaction upon closing a split transaction.
Added hourly wage to account settings for wages calculation in clock in/out report.
Terminal will now be able to use the same Linkly pinpad from main POS.
Report listing is now revamped with search bar for easier searching.

Fix app exit issue for devices below iOS 16 after pressing Select button while splitting bill.
Fix an issue with entertainment payment on split transaction.
Fix an issue causing save item to not work in cms via web.
Fix item pricing level not saving when creating new item in cms via web.
Fix bluetooth printer not printing for orders coming from terminal if there's duplicated bluetooth printers in setting.
Fix iPhone not checking bill accessibility for table bills.
Fix pay in/out reading for x reading report when selecting multiple sales type.
Fix printing for x reading report when selecting multiple sales type.
Auto daily backup to be done upon login instead of start of app, preventing app taking a long time to start.
Fix takeaway table transferring item and merging table incorrectly.

Version 1.520.5 (Aug 21, 2023)
Added support of Stripe terminal direct charge.
Added scan QR function for promo code.
Added ability to filter previous receipt listing.
Added multiple sales type selection for x reading report.
When categorized printing is by category, category header name will now use menu language naming.

Fix xreading report showing for sales type count for sales type that are not selected.
Fix account that has blocked report or payment type still being shown as admin account.
Fix enforce transaction type adding double the selected item when table has already been selected.
Fix printing cutting randomly if main cashier printer is different model from kitchen with categorized printing turned on.
Fix category and item sales showing 0 sales.
Fix closing bill from terminal from older version causing main app to exit.
Fix app exit when categorised printing is turned on for receipt and order list.
Fix online order transaction not showing online payment amount correctly whenever there is rounding applied.
Fix online order receipt not showing rounding correctly.
Fix online order not applying credit rounding correctly.
Fix an issue where the tickbox is not printing on order list.
Fix collection bill showing as delivery.
Fix block booking by section blocking tables under different sections.

Version 1.520.4 (Aug 16, 2023)
Transaction list report will now show Jofotora sent status.
Reset resync to cloud will now show the progress.

Fix an issue where the bill total is not printed when receipt is printing by category or course.
Fix an issue showing bill mismatch when receiving online order while viewing take away table.
Fix negative tax on refund bill is not being calculated correctly.
Fix employee item sales report not showing accurate data.
Fix x reading report showing blank page when missing certain data.
Fix order not being added on terminal after selecting transaction type.
Fix enforce clock in/out checking when performing clock in/out from cash register.

Version 1.520.3 (Aug 9, 2023)
Fix terminal not able to clock in due to lite version.
Fix gift card and credit top up using the wrong account logging.

Version 1.520.2 (Aug 4, 2023)
Added option to automatically generate and assign a random 12-digit customer card number upon customer creation.
Added ability to change font, width, and height to zebra label printer.
Added ability to manage promotions from cloud.
Order list and receipt can now sort according to category/course if the option is turned on.

Fix app exit when POS trying to restore full backup.
Fix rounding issue causing online orders to show bill misatch.
Fix enforce clock in/out causing online orders not able to be received. If full admin account is assigned as transaction by, it does not need to be logged in even enforce clock in/out is on.
Fix date selector for previous receipts, closed tills, and clock in/out settings page not remembering the last selected date.
Fix ordering variant item by attribute sometimes not adding order to bill.
Fix full admin account still required to clock in when receiving online orders.
Fix combo items not showing the correct price when changing or merging table.
Fix kitchen order list printing item remarks font size incorrectly.
Fix category unable to assign automated discount.
Fix minor bugs in promotion.

Version 1.520.1 (July 25, 2023)
Added customer name alongside with table name in cash register if customer is assigned.
Added support up to 4 decimals in denomination setup.
Added item price in inventory report.
Added delete customer privilege to account.
Terminal will receive update and alert when new online orders are received if terminal stays viewing online ordering transaction list.
Add select button to allow changing multiple row quantities at the same time when doing transfer item or split bill by item.

Improve speed on retrieving online orders for terminal.
Improve speed on updating orders when sending order to KDS.

Fix app exit when changing pricing level time.
Fix zebra printer top and left margin option not showing on screen.
Fix order by account selection popping multiple times for customer repeat order.
Fix terminal showing white screen when going into table layout page.
Fix app exit when main POS sending connection to customer display for order promotion.
Fix app exit when csv import an older version of csv file.
Fix entertainment payment keep showing alert message after proceeding to table layout is cancelled during checkout.
Fix order remarks not printing in large font size in kitchen order list printing.
Fix kitchen order list printing incorrect subtotal count.
Fix an issue where merging takeaway table from terminal is replacing the price overwrite with its own pricing.
Fix removing certain privilege from account but account still remain as super admin.
Fix online orders transaction's search bar not working.
Fix Jofotara encoding issue.
No longer able to select non clocked in user for order by if enforce clock in/out is turned on.
Item will no longer be available for customer repeat order if it has been changed from non-variant item to variant item.

Version 1.520 (July 21, 2023)
Added order promotion, configure certain discount to work on particular item or bill with the requirements of bill amount, date range, customer group, order mode with usage count limit.
Discount can now be applied to certain categories only. Orders and modifier under the category will be applied.
Added ability to create takeaway tables. Takeaway table will act as to go bill except that the transaction is linked to a table.
Added stock in/out in cash register for easier inventory management.
Added entertainment payment type. Entertainment payment can be used as a form of credit payment by staff without paying actual cash.
Added customer reward points payment type. Use reward points as payment towards bill total instead of as discount on subtotal.

Added search bar to modifier group and combo meal group.
Added search function for account details.
Added multiple privileges to account which includes:
1) Restrict account access to individual payment type.
2) Restrict account access to perform quick checkout.

Added ability to set rounding to always round up or round down.
Added option to set customer credit and gift card to support rounding as well.
Added enforce scan customer card to prompt scanning customer's card in order to use customer credit.
Added date filter to customer's transaction history.

Added ability to apply tax/surcharge by price.
Added tax ID to identify tax by its ID, ID will be shown in cash register and report instead of just "Tax 1".

Added ability for kitchen to print larger font size remarks.
Added ability to print order list to multiple printers.
Added voucher header and footer configuration in print option.
Printer override now supports printing order list based on dining mode and table layout for the selected bill.
Added font selection for Zebra ZD410 label printer. Column can now also be used to determine label width.
Added option to print outlet name on label for label printer.

Added clear action log function to database settings page.
Added valid date to voucher. Issue vouchers that can only be used after the selected date.

Added booking block tables by section.

Online ordering printing of table service will follow order list settings instead of cashier printer.
Date format of previous receipt listing will follow print option settings.
Fix online orders printing takeaway price in order list.
Fix unable to make changes to bill after printing current bill is still sending order to KDS.
Fix online order “(null) - item is disabled” issue.
Fix arabic kitchen order list alignment.

Kitchen Display Version 1.520 (July 18, 2023)
Transaction number can now configure to 2 or 3 digit number and font size will follow main POS print option settings.

Fix docket not showing delivery header when it is a delivery order.
Fix KDS order display name not being updated after saving in settings.
Fix order summary item name not showing selected order display name.

Version 1.512.9 (July 13, 2023)
If user has no access to settings page, data will be hidden until they key in valid password. Affected pages are previous receipt, pay in/out, custody, closed tills, clock in/out, gift card. and voucher.
Sending order to KDS will auto resend before displaying failed to send.
Printing the current bill now will pop up an alert if there is nothing to print.

Fix KDS app exit when resending paid status to KDS.
Fix main app exit when KDS bump order that will send to queue display.
Fix terminal not able to search for customer and remove the requirement of 3 characters.
Fix payment type selection not reappearing if redeem rewards is adjusted to be less and bill can no longer be closed.
Fix Linkly not able to pair automatically.
Fix cms via web downloading csv file causing connection issues for terminal.
Fix terminal able to add new payment types, causing missing payment types on terminal after resync to main POS.
Fix scanning customer card for not applying automated member discount.
Fix transaction report table sometimes broken when transaction has online order ID.
Fix old transaction payments causing previously paid sales issue in x reading report.

Version 1.512.7 (Jun 27, 2023)
Added total amount column to x reading report when generating report for 2 or more days/months.
Cash register will now hide tax if the amount is 0.00.

Fix app exit upon start of the app.
Fix saving Linkly settings twice on the first setup will pop a database error alert.
Fix rounding issue for voucher.

Version 1.512.6 (Jun 28, 2023)
Translated menu now supports description for category, modifier, modifier group, and combo meal group as well.
Scanning online ordering printed table QR now no longer need print receipt barcode to be turned on.
Kitchen order list will now print customer name in the header even when there is delivery information.
CMS via Web services no longer needed to be in "CMS via Web" setting in order to manage stock file or download csv file.
CMS via Web now supports add commission and pricing level for item and modifier.
Deleting pay in/out and clock in/out will now be recorded in action log report.

Fix when enforce new transaction dine in type is selected, order is not added automatically after selecting table.
Fix pricing level for member for online ordering.
Fix Tyro not closing the bill correctly when using dynamic currency conversion.
Fix an issue where CMS via Web unable to add/edit combo meal item.
Fix kitchen order list not printing item kitchen name when kitchen order list printing upon checkout was enabled.
Fix account privilege text not readable in dark mode.
Fix issue where multiple quantities of the same order being added to bill after selecting new transaction type.
Fix main POS sending paid status to KDS causing KDS app exit.

Version 1.512.5 (Jun 15, 2023)
Fix closing bill from terminal causing main app to exit.
Fix payment failed issue when Simple Payments Integration payment button is tapped multiple times while requesting payment from EFTPOS terminal.
Fix an issue with tax for partially paid bill.
Fix terminal delay when going into gift card settings page.

Version 1.512.4 (Jun 14, 2023)
Item code can now be assigned to items, modifier items and also supported in CMS via Web.
Waitlist can now be assigned with status.
Waitlist table can now assigned directly from the manage booking list.
Added "top up" to payment report to show payment made for customer credit or gift card top up.
New customer will now be created if no customer is assigned to booking, and booking is updated to have customer notes.
A better terminal synchronization progress display.
Added the ability to send sms to notify customers in waitlist.
GloriaFood now works with surcharge as well.
To support sending invoice and printing QR of Jofotara.

Fix app exit issue when terminal checkout bill.
Fix conversion amount not being recorded properly when paying with alternate currency.
Fix stock movement report not showing subcategory items properly.
Fix Linkly unable to refund bill when surcharge is applied to payment.
Fix the timer in table layout blocking table name when table size is too small.
Fix payment report showing deleted payment instead of payment's name.
Fix assigning table to delivery bill comes both a delivery and table bill.
Fix keyboard blocking license login.

Version 1.512.3 (May 31, 2023)
Added smaller table size options in table layout for better layout arrangement.
Receipt will now print takeaway header.
Customer address search will now return addresses that are more localized to your region.

Fix an issue when a payment type has surcharge, payment amount more than grand total will cause miscalculation of tax.
Fix previous receipts not showing negative surcharges.
Fix current bill printing the total and amount due incorrectly due to printer column count.
Fix Star printer model printing line feed in order list incorrectly.
Fix archive removing unpaid transaction's order.
Fix terminal not sending action log to main when changing customer's information.

Version 1.512.2 (May 18, 2023)
Added Linkly EFTPOS integration to CBA, NAB, Suncorp, Fiserv.
Added support printing of questionnaire from online ordering.
Added ability to cancel SmartPay & Dejavoo payments while processing.
Added cost, reward points and quick key to item csv import.

Fix order list tick box printing exceeded right alignment.
Fix credit history not printing outlet name.
Fix top up tier not showing in credit history.
Fix arabic text alignment in tax summary.
Fix unable to scan apple wallet for customer without card number.

Version 1.512.1 (May 3, 2023)
Added barcode column in inventory report.
Changes from cloud to reflect immediately without going into settings.

Fix app exit when deleting combo meal group item.
Fix cash register subtotal area not scrollable even when there are more details.
Fix tax before discount not calculating correctly.
Fix recipe in product info showing in black even in dark mode.
Fixed currency code for Square in Japan.

Version 1.512 (Apr 19, 2023)
Added support of Apple Wallet.
Added a function to move table to another layout.
Added support of top up in negative value in order to refund the balance.
Added ability to change margin, width and height of Zebra label printing.
Tax can now enter value higher than 2 digit.

Fix online order always prints as new order instead of additional order for the same table.
Fix refund bill's tax always fixed to 100%.
Fix app slow in starting up if performing upgrade from old version.
Fix scanning customer card not assigning the customer to the bill if customer has additional address.
Fix bill with booking deposit calculating amount due incorrectly.
Fix queue order display first queue number displays in a small font.
Fix Stripe, PM Advisors and Clover not able to top up gift card.
Fix Stripe not able to discover reader due to locationID.
Fix Clover unable to checkout bill due to rounding.
Fix PM Advisors not able to accept credit card payment due to Oracle is turned on in eft terminal settings.
Fix main POS request sync to terminal, terminal will work as the main terminal when it is not in "Terminal" settings page.
Fix an issue where reprinting bill will print as current bill when the printer is turned off in settings.

Version 1.511.9 (Apr 6, 2023)
Fix stripe not able to discover bluetooth reader.
Fix app exit issue when adding customer repeat order from iPad terminal.
Fix app exit issue if iPad exits reports page while generating report.
Fix app exit issue on main when iPad terminal switch quick serve mode.
Fix report selector for account permission to individual reports empty for new installation.
Fix cash register order list white space when keyboard is dismissed after typing quick key.

Version 1.511.8 (Apr 4, 2023)
Courses will now be underlined when printing to kitchen.

Fix app exit when restoring db from CMS via Web.
Fix 1 cent mismatch issue when tax surcharged is applied.
Fix item's pricing level pricing not updating correctly if it's done from cloud.
Fix receipt not showing "Change" but "Amt Due" when current bill is printed before checkout.
Fix Stripe EFTPOS causing app to exit after making a payment.
Fix Stripe showing others reader.
Fix monthly report still being accessible when the individual report has been blocked.
Fix item search list not showing price properly when category has Accessible By set.
Fix not being able to add variant item when enforce transaction type is turned on.
Fix refund with tax surcharge is showing the subtotal amount incorrectly.
Fix an issue where printing "Change" on receipt bill incorrectly after checkout.

Version 1.511.7 (Mar 22, 2023)
Confirmation printout will now be printed when booking is canceled and print booking is switched on.

Fix transaction report counting table pax for split bill multiple times.
Fix transaction report counting voided bill pax into total count.
Fix partial payment issue for credit processors when tip is entered on eft terminal.
Fix cloud loyalty customer's pricing level not applying to bill.
Fix an issue when join table booking is made while main pos is offline.

Version 1.511.6 (Mar 17, 2023)
Remarks preview will now be shown below order list in cash register.
User will now be alerted if item's price has alphabetic characters when doing add/edit via csv.

Fix voided modifier group showing up when assigning to category and item.
Fix calculation issue when tips is set from payment terminal and payment type is credit processor with payment surcharge.
Fix open cash drawer not being logged.
Fix deleted item name not showing in order report and customer item sales report.
Fix cloud loyalty customer's pricing level not applying to bill.
Fix not being able to claim and update custody details at the same time.
Fix an issue with currency conversion payment type.

Version 1.511.5 (Mar 13, 2023)
Added ability to reprint individual items to kitchen by tapping reprint button in order details, or by click and holding the Hold Bill button in cash register.
Added support for negative surcharge.
Import via CSV for items will now automatically find and assign the category that exactly matches the name provided.

Fix app exit when merging 2 bills that have been partially paid.
Fix x reading report showing wrong previously paid sales amount when split transaction uses gift card during checkout.
Fix scanning voucher with serial number not entering the voucher's amount during payment.
Fix printer override not able to differentiate between devices due to iOS 16 privacy's policy.
Fix changing seat after split order causing modifier to be separated from it's parent.
Fix closed split bill not showing the tax on bill.
Fix "delivery info changed" message popping up for table bill.
Fix terminal settings not saving when terminal sync to main POS.
Fix kitchen printer printing item count incorrectly.
Fix issue with updating pax number after booking is made.
Fix booking still being linked to transaction after clearing transaction data.
Fix booking deposit issue for split transaction.
Fix iPhone terminal order and transaction page bottom bar UI issue.

Version 1.511.4 (Mar 1, 2023)
Scanning table QR transaction will now show an alert with the last opened transaction if the original transaction is not found.

Fix unable to generate report for days with partial payment/previously paid sales.
Fix split transaction's issue for terminal.
Fix 0.01 bill difference when using currency conversion as payment.

Version 1.511.3 (Feb 25, 2023)
Changed payment report date to show according to when the payment was made.
Pay in/out will now kick the drawer even if pay in/out is not printed.

Fix first selected table not shown as selected when selecting join table for booking.
Fix PM Advisors not proceeding to check out after payment.
Fix payment type surcharge tax showing additional/reverse tax even when it is set to no.
Fix customer repeat order causing app exit.
Fix report's Airprint not working.
Fix online ordering bill mismatch issue in v1.511.2.

Version 1.511.2 (Feb 23, 2023)
Print current bill will now print amount due in large font size if partial payment is made.
Current bill will now show linked booking deposit amount.

Fix deliverect not inserting orders with takeaway price correctly.
Fix not able to delete custody for cloud custody.
Fix app exit when duplicating account without selecting an account.
Fix an issue where POS will not proceed to selected payment after selecting no tip.
Fix not getting booking information when viewing split bill from booking page.
Fix booking deposit being reassigned to the repeated transaction after clearing transaction data.
Fix booking deposit issue when amount is same as bill grand total.

Kitchen Display Version 1.511.2 (Feb 21, 2023)
Added an option to show the order display name in a different menu language if any.

Fix app exit when main POS split transaction by seat.
Fix an issue where the docket shows voided or reprinted orders as extra orders when order preparation time mode is turned on.

Version 1.511.1 (Feb 13, 2023)
Improves application speed for large database.
Added support of edit via csv through cloud for item pricing level and item commission.
Added search bar to account list.
Top selling report can now be filter by category and modifier group based on one or more selection.

Fix work mode through cloud not able to work for large databases.
Fix terminal not able to access split bill with bill accessibility turned on.
Fix terminal showing lite version until app restarts.
Fix issue with receiving online ordering concurrently for the same table but different payment.
Fix an issue where iPhone terminal syncing with main pos is showing wrong account logged in.
Fix tax on/off selection being reset when tapping the row while editing tax in cash register.
Fix app exit issue when trying to block booking for a day that has no operating hours.
Fix booking's duration being reset when updating from customer page.
Fix booking list sometimes being unable to update booking's table or status.
Fix bypass blocked booking not working when block by time instead of table.

Customer Display Version 1.511 (Feb 9, 2023)
Added an option of no tip selection to prompt tips.

Fix an issue where tax is not being calculated correctly.

Version 1.510.9 (Jan 31, 2023)
Added ability to bypass blocked booking timeslot when moving booking and adjust duration.
Added ability to search booking by customer's phone number.
Pressing "Search" in booking list will now show all bookings that match the search phrase, instead of only bookings for the selected date.
GloriaFood product linking will further check before removing the link when changing parent item.

Fix Star TSP-100 LAN printer issue for iOS 16 devices.
Fix split table bill with to go item not using to go price correctly.
Fix duration not showing in customer details page when making new booking.
Fix adjust booking duration for join table booking.
Fix item's price level not being updated correctly due to pricing level changes.
Fix GloriaFood not able to search for certain items.
Fix inventory is still showing cost history despite not having the permission.

Version 1.510.8 (Jan 26, 2023)
Added ability to adjust booking duration on pos.
Added an option of no tip selection to prompt tips.

Fix an issue where item is being added to order twice when modifier's selection setting is turned on.
Fix terminal logged account's permissions not being updated immediately after syncing to main pos.
Fix app exit when terminal send order to kitchen display with print order by quantity.
Fix app exit when making voucher payment with web customer display turned on.

Version 1.510.7 (Jan 19, 2023)
Added ability to select and print multiple voucher.
Order splitting will show the ordered time for easier grouping of orders.
Booking can now be assigned to open unpaid bill instead of always only starting new bill.
Added button to unlink bill from booking by going to booking details and selecting the function dropdown menu.
Added button in booking details to jump to booking in timeline.

Action log report will now also be filtered by accounts own report privilege.
Booking details page will now show booking's duration.
Booking menu selection pop ups will now show menu's duration.
After retrieving booking jump to the booking that was just retrieved.

Fix app exit when inserting cloud loyalty customer with image.
Fix print booking causing POS to become unresponsive.
Fix asking for permission when trying to make changes to unsent order after printing current bill.
Fix long item name overlapping with price in product info popup.
Fix image not being saved when account or customer image when uploading for the first time from CloudSync.
Fix not being able to create booking waitlist when enforce booking menu is turned on.
Fix an issue where a variant item that has modifier items is not added to order when enforce transaction setting is turned on.
Fix an issue where optional modifier items are not added to order automatically when modifier's selection setting is disabled.
Fix editing item's modifier will remove modifier remarks that were previously assigned.
Fix app crashes when GloriaFood receive additional order for table ordering.

Customer Display Version 1.510.7 (Jan 18, 2023)
Fix an issue where customer display will proceed to payment after selecting tips.

Kitchen Display Version 1.510.6 (Jan 13, 2023)
Order summary will now update orders to be ready when bump order in order summary is enabled in the settings page.

Fix bill still syncing with another KDS even when disabled bill synchronise is turned on.
Fix an issue where reprint order timer is not ticking.
Fix an issue where KDS timer started without showing on the docket when it failed to connect to another KDS.
Fix an issue where KDS bump order to another KDS, timer is showing an error.

Version 1.510.6 (Jan 12, 2023)
Booking details page will now show the booking duration.
Booking menu button and selection pop will now show menu duration if it is set.
When selecting timeslot that cannot fit default booking duration, a menu with shorter duration will be pre-selected if available.
Booking printout will now print duration and more booking deposit info.
Booking section max pax will now be shown when selecting table for booking.

Fix quick checkout not printing orders that are not hold.
Fix iOS 12 users app exit when entering item search.
Fix stock take not inserting correct count to selected items.
Fix category sales report not printing open item sales category in printout.
Fix app exit when generating monthly report due to out of memory for older iPads.
Fix deleting receipt logo from iPad is not deleting the cloud.
Fix sequence arrangement of combo meal group causes deletion of its item.

Version 1.510.5 (Jan 5, 2023)
Fix app exit when selecting "Email Voucher".
Fix app exit when add clock in/out from cloud.
Fix an issue where rewards points balance printed incorrectly.
Fix booking timeline always showing 5 conflicted bookings.
Fix not able to delete attribute after clearing stock file in database.
Fix online orders not using the base price if POS has pricing level.
Fix Dejavoo not prompting tips selection.

Version 1.510.4 (Dec 30, 2022)
Bookings that cannot be assigned to any tables will now be flagged as conflicted bookings for user to take appropriate action.
Changing bill from takeaway to dine in and vice versa will no longer clear the bill for easier access.

Fix customer balance becoming 0 when saving if customer balance was in negative.
Fix main pos app exit issue when booking is sent from terminal.
Fix bill grand total not updating accordingly when order pricing level is changed from terminal.
Fix when cashier printer is off, current bill still being printed when selecting "No" on the confirmation message.
Fix when cashier printer is off, table color not changing to orange after printing current bill.
Fix purchase order is not being updated as received if it was missed for the first time.

Version 1.510.3 (Dec 28, 2022)
Clock in/out with image will now remember user's last camera setup.
To support updating print option from CloudSync.
Bill amount will now be shown with grand total instead of subtotal.

Fix app exit while adding new customer from cash register.
Fix voucher printing issue.
Fix extra cash payment type issue when paying with voucher (serial number).
Fix prompt quantity not working on item with modifier and combo.
Fix terminal printing 0.00 amount for customer unpaid bill.

Version 1.510.2 (Dec 20, 2022)
Bill of material report will now be able to show by category and modifier group.
Required privilege will be shown when account password is required to perform action.

Fix app exit when closing scanner pop in voucher settings page.
Fix app exit when dismissing the scan customer card popup from customer display.
Fix app exit when printing order list without assigning order list printer.
Fix terminal app exit when retrieving booking.
Fix bill that has voucher payment not calculating change correctly.
Fix scanning customer card clears customer list if customer is not found.
Fix discount not able to apply to item with lower value than discount value.
Fix barcode scanning not able to scan items when print receipt barcode option is turned on.
Fix terminal not saving settings that is different from main POS.
Fix permission checking when changing red table details in table layout page.
Fix an issue with creating vouchers.
Fix GloriaFood not printing remarks.

Version 1.510.1 (Dec 16, 2022)
Added option to scan table QR to retrieve transaction directly from cash register.
Added option to change online ordering alert sound type.
Added option to change skip acceptance time to ready from POS.

Fix app crash when entering table layout.
Fix receipt not printing alternate currency correctly.
Fix an issue where permission is required when proceeding to pay after printing current bill.
Fix table in previous receipts showing null after table is deleted.
Fix purchase order overwriting item's cost to become 0.

Version 1.510 (Dec 13, 2022)
Added voucher, create redeemable voucher with serial number. Vouchers can be as a discount or as a form of payment.
Added tags, assign tags to product items. Tags will be displayed in the product info page and item search will now support search by tags.
Added schedule tax to allow specific date, days or time for the tax to be in effect.
Added profile image to customer and account.
Added gender selection to customers.
Added option to require staff to take a selfie before clocking in or out.
Added reject function to missed online ordering so it refunds online payment immediately.
Added duplicate printer function.
Added support to accept booking deposits, it can be a flat fee or deposit by pax.
Added option to print booking confirmation receipt upon receiving booking on pos.
Added remarks to booking block operating hours.
Added manual retrieving booking function.
Support flexible booking menu duration, create different menus with different booking duration instead of fixing to a specific duration.
Barcode label will now save the item's information, easier for future printing.
Better action log tracing up to specific customers or transactions.
Booking customers will be created if the last name or email field is filled in.
SaltPay to support payment from multiple terminals.

Added multiple privileges to account which includes:
1) Disable making changes to bill after printing current bill.
2) Privilege to access only inventory but not stock file settings.
3) Privilege to view the current till amount.
4) Access to top up customer credit and gift cards.
5) Access to delete customer and gift card top up history.
6) Configure an account to view their own account's report only in clock in/out, commission, employee's report.
7) Individual selection of which report they can access to view.
8) Disable access to edit receipt before today.

Kitchen order lists can now include a tick box beside each order.
Kitchen order list can now print the full receipt amount instead of subtotal.
The kitchen and receipt's pax number can now be enlarged.
Table online ordering QR header and footer configuration.
Reopen bill will now auto select the bill in the cash register.
Deleting used attributes will now show specific items that are still assigned to the selected attribute, so users can delete the items accordingly.
CloudSync will turn back on automatically when license is renewed if it was turned off previously due to expiry.

Fix category, item, modifier group, modifier, combo meal deselecting search function while searching.
Fix closed till not reloading after updating till in settings.
Fix barcode scanning not able to scan after checkout.
Fix an issue where variant items can be created as a combo.
Fix an issue where the kitchen printer is printing null.
Fix an issue selecting item crashes the app.

Version 1.502.8 (Nov 30, 2022)
Fix EFT terminal having 1 cent difference during checkout.
Fix an issue where reports generate incorrectly when selecting modifier group.
Fix order list printing issue causing modifier item name being separated from its line.
Fix downloading image message not showing when main POS request syncing with terminal.
Fix an issue when deleting pay in pay out on terminal.
Fix discount by price calculating wrong nett price for refund orders.
Fix discount by price calculation when price is less than discount.
Fix combo item not merging with alacarte item in kitchen order list even collate combo item is turned on.
Fix terminal issue when terminal ID contains '.

Version 1.502.6 (Nov 22, 2022)
Added louder notification for online ordering, contact support to enable this option.
Export customer is now limited to full admin account only.
Spending customer credits will require scanning of card for authorisation if customer's card number is set.
Deliverect transaction list and receipt view both now show the channel.

Fix SmartPay having 1 cent difference during checkout.
Fix an issue where terminal printing credit balance incorrectly when cloud loyalty is turned on.
Fix saving parent variant item causing children's recipe to be deleted.
Fix queue display expiry minutes not showing after save.
Fix new booking sometimes not assigning join tables automatically.
Fix missing rejected reason if booking is rejected before POS receives it.

Version 1.502.5 (Nov 15, 2022)
Transaction unpaid list search will search previous transaction that is not displayed on screen as well.
Customer cloud credit will be shown with "CC" prefix in customer summary report.

Fix Tyro refund adding into tips.
Fix app exit when uploading csv file on cms via web.
Fix long table name being cut off when printing table QR printout.
Fix KDS unable to bump order to queue display.
Fix payment of 0.00 is being counted in x reading payment count.
Fix prompt quantity changing the quantity of the item incorrectly.
Fix barcode scan not able to add item.
Fix booking operating hours sometimes showing wrongly.
Fix login page not reloading when main pos resync with terminal.
Fix creating customer on terminal not showing up on its customer list.
Fix iPhone still showing synchronising when the device is not paired.
Fix issues causing app to exit on iOS 16.

Version 1.502.4 (Nov 1, 2022)
POS will now automatically send queue number to display.
Tyro tips will now be added to tips automatically upon checkout.
Added option to hide voided sales on x reading.
Added option to have notification sound even online order is set to skip acceptance.
Added option to print tax summary in total including tax, instead of exclusive.

Fix gift card qr code printing incorrectly.
Fix an issue where cloud custody switch causes app crash if cloud loyalty switch is not on.
Fix Tyro not printing merchant and customer copy correctly when there's tips.
Fix item commission not inserting if it is created from cloud.
Fix online order bill mismatch issue due to payment surcharge.
Fix edit raw data via csv not working for TransactionList.
Fix alert showing (null) printer name when Star printer fails to connect.
Fix displaying wrong selection for duplicate account dropdown list.
Fix barcode label printing issue when printing long sentences.
Fix date and time selector positioning issue in clock in/out settings page.
Fix an issue when trying to print customer unpaid bill.
Fix order list not printing.
Fix bluetooth printer not printing from terminal when main and terminal is using the same bluetooth printer model.

Kitchen Display Version 1.502.4 (Nov 1, 2022)
Bump docket will now update order on queue display to be ready when notifying queue display is enabled in settings page.
Order summary can now summarised orders based on certain amount of transaction on settings page.

Fix app crash when receiving job upon start of the app.

Version 1.502.2 (Oct 19, 2022)
Added order notification to whatsapp/sms customer when food is ready. Do contact us to assist in setting up.
Added custom date archive option.
Tax summary with inclusive tax type will show total in nett price.
Transaction report will now show Deliverect transaction and online order transaction information if any.

Fix app crash when printing order list.
Fix app crashes during editing order's details quantity after entering 0 on quantity selector.
Fix an issue when resyncing terminal causing app hang at login page.
Fix an issue where invoice printing preview showing blank sheet and incorrect page layout margin.
Fix custody in/out Report showing incorrect amount of custody in.
Fix customer custody partial claim using the wrong date.
Fix customer custody inserted from terminal might cause main to exit in rare occassion.
Fix an issue with deleting item's commission.
Fix tax summary calculation issue.
Fix split transaction by item calculating using takeaway price instead of dine in.
Fix terminal still able to send order when main is viewing the same bill without reflecting the new orders.
Fix booking transaction table selection pop up showing error messages even when tables are available.
Fix when new transaction not being linked to booking when pressing pay to hold bill.
Fix booking view bill not showing split bill selection when all split bills have been paid.

Version 1.502.1 (Oct 5, 2022)
Added support of cloud custody, to be able to redeem stock from multiple outlets.
Added support of terminal printing to main POS's bluetooth printer and vice versa.
Added search function in general settings.
Added ability for main POS to directly resync terminal from settings.
Added search function for account list if there is more than certain number of accounts.
Added support to add and update customer secondary address from cloud.
After splitting bill, the first split bill will be automatically selected to reduce key stroke.
Reprinting customer balance is now available from customer's account info.
Invoice will now print receipt no barcode.

Fix app exit after making payment through Clover.
Fix app exit when trying to view table availability by pax in table layout.
Fix xreading report showing incorrect previously paid amount when terminal close bill with gift card or customer credit.
Fix invoice showing currency payment incorrectly.
Fix some issues for PM Advisors on Easy Payment Plan payment.
Fix an issue where void report shows sum of pax incorrectly.
Fix some issues when adding, updating, and deleting customer secondary address.
Fix an issue with booking join table.
Fix GloriaFood item mapping not being updated when removed from cloud.
Fix web customer display order's remarks word spacing.
Fix cash in amount using non conversion rate when alternate currency is selected.
Fix stripe payment not dismissing the "remove card" message.
Fix dejavoo tips adjustment for split transaction incorrect calculation.

Version 1.502 (Sep 21, 2022)
Added queue order display feature, display queue order on screen, notify customers to collect their order.
To support linking of cloud and pos account, performing stock in/out from cloud will reflect the respective pos account name.
Online order with skip acceptance will not ring anymore.
Added ability to sync KDS directly from main POS.
Account list will now extend to fit more account.
Customer trasanction history can now generate invoice from past transactions.
Customer spending report and customer report will now show current credit balance and reward points balance.
Transaction order report and void report will now show table name if any.

Fix rejecting online order from terminal is still sending orders in.
Fix reopen bill from terminal not returning credits for non cloud loyalty users.
Fix stock take exit app.
Fix transaction order report void switch not saving.
Fix an issue where printer override is not printing to assigned printer.
Fix online order remarks and address overlapping each other.

Kitchen Display Version 1.502 (Sep 21, 2022)
Added ability to sync KDS directly from main POS.

Fix an issue where font size becoming zero.

Version 1.501.8 (Sep 7, 2022)
X reading report will now show previously paid sales for payment made on an earlier date than the bill's checkout date.
Product info pop in cash register will now show item's recipe below the description.

User will now be alerted if item's barcode no has special characters when doing add/edit via csv.
Fix PTP-II printer allowing saving of item while inventory update is in progress, causing inventory count to be incorrect.
Fix not able to transact Stripe eftpos terminal payment from terminal.
Fix to prevent quick checkout when system receives online order for the same table.
Fix to show an error instead of being accepted when accepting an online order that the order has been disabled.
Fix category selection list not being updated after adding subcategory.
Fix refund not calculating tips in negative value.
Fix updating expiry date in custody not updating custody list.
Fix clear button not functioning when selecting printer to divert.

Kitchen Display Version 1.501.8 (Sep 7, 2022)
Hold an order item on docket will now show product info which include item description, recipe and price.

Fix an issue where bump docket will not tick order on another KDS.

Version 1.501.7 (Aug 25, 2022)
Added "Add" button for modifier and combo selection.
Remove 200 character limit for customer notes.

Fix terminal app exit when syncing before sending order through manage order function.
Fix creating combo meal items from cloud go missing after syncing.
Fix item created from cloud not deducting its inventory.
Fix app crash if online order receives a combo meal item that has been deleted.

Kitchen Display Version 1.501.5 (Aug 22, 2022)
Bump docket will now tick all orders when bill synchronise bump is disabled and order synchronise bump is enabled in settings page.

Fix KDS printer configuration in settings causing app to crash.

Version 1.501.5 (Aug 16, 2022)
Added password prompt for custody and booking settings page. User's general settings permission will apply.
Changed modify past booking block to apply after the booking ends, instead of while booking is ongoing.
Combo meal to auto add when it's the last combo meal group selection.

Fix a data input error when importing raw csv file.
Fix user accounts with no access to stock file settings being able to change menu button's color from cash register.
Fix re-prompting password when returning from detailed view in some settings pages. (Attribute or gift card for example)
Added character limit restrictions to some text inputs.
Fix app exit when selecting an item that has been deleted in GloriaFood product mapping.

Version 1.501.4 (Aug 9th, 2022)
Added support of GloriaFood management from cloud.
Automatically adds the combo order if modifier selection completes the combo meal, saving 1 click.
Added profit margin to bill of material report.
Stock in out record for void will now be shown in red.
Item and modifier description can now be added and edited via CSV file.

Fix xreading report showing incorrect voided sales amount when sales type filter is applied.
Fix archive causing duplicate records in cloud report.
Fix archive listing not showing in date sequence.
Fix ala carte item is being collated to combo meal group if their price is the same.
Fix ala carte item pricing is being changed if combo is being collated.
Fix void order confirmation alert popping twice.
Fix an issue when swapping bookings with different durations.
Fix end booking button sometimes ending the booking at the wrong timing.

Kitchen Display Version 1.501.1 (Aug 9th, 2022)
New user interface on KDS.
Order summary can now collate items to ease preparation.
Disable synchronized bump can now be enable by order or receipt independently.
KDS will now show buzzer number if any.

Fix paid status blocking customer name.

Version 1.501.3 (Jul 26, 2022)
Booking timeline will now be drawn more accurately to the operation start time.
Fix x reading report showing incorrect partially paid sales figure.
Fix total number of items shown incorrectly on cash register.
Fix custody in/out report for showing extra row on custody claims.

Version 1.501.2 (Jul 22, 2022)
Added pagination for print and email invoice.
Added support of printing buzzer number from online ordering.

Fix inventory count and cost not updating. (Issue from v1.501 and v1.501.1)
Fix closed till settings page not showing customer's name and gift card number when cloud loyalty is turned on.
Fix closed till settings page not showing pay out count.
Fix open drawer not saving the action log "by" correctly when drawer is opened using another account's password.

Version 1.501.1 (Jul 20, 2022)
Fix x reading report showing incorrect payment amount.
Fix inventory report total to show 2 decimal.
Fix an issue with end booking button.

Version 1.501 (Jul 19, 2022)
Added Web Customer Display, use any tablet or device with browser to run customer display.
Table booking can now be ended before the booking duration is up.
Terminal devices can now edit clock in/out.

X reading report will now show unpaid and partially paid sales for split transactions as well.
Prevent printer and KDS using the same IP address.
Prevent auto logout from working during the stock take process.
Table booking's table selection popup changed to show all tables and unavailability reason if table is not available.
Status of rejected table booking may now be updated.

Fix currency height selection in payment type.
Fix certain figures not showing in the correct region format.
Fix navigation bar title not displaying the correct color.
Fix subtotal on receipt showing incorrectly.
Fix remarks not properly shown in inventory.
Fix GloriaFood zero discount value when any discount is applied.
Fix kitchen message not printing properly in kitchen printer.
Fix receipt number printing online ordering ID twice on the same receipt.
Fix invoice not printing payment info for credit processor payment types.
Fix interaction between join table booking and pending bookings.
Fix rejected booking pax being counted when making new booking.

Version 1.500.9 (Jun 30, 2022)
GloriaFood to support Dine In mode with table number.

Fix mPop barcode scanner not working in Add Item's barcode field.
Fix terminal not receiving transaction's full details in receipt reprint.
Fix order list print zero price item not able to switch on.
Fix item discount not calculating for 0,00 format figures.

Version 1.500.7 (Jun 24, 2022)
Added support for SaltPay EFT POS Terminal.
Kitchen order list will now print Deliverect platform channel ID.

Fix weight item deducting inventory twice when editing order's details.
Fix reward points calculation issue when discount is applied.
Fix terminal not printing 2 or 3 digit receipt number when settings is set to it.
Fix void after printing current bill is not voiding based on user account password keyed in.
Fix void order buttons in dark mode.

Version 1.500.5 (Jun 14, 2022)
Previous receipt search will now search for archived transaction as well.

Fix number of pax not printing if the pax is input from online ordering.
Fix transaction report payment type not showing correctly.
Fix iPhone function's cancel button not working.
Fix terminal still able to retrieve bill when cloud loyalty is not able to connect.
Fix refund order's discount with percentage not calculating nett price correctly.
Fix app exit when doing repeat order with UOM for customer.
Fix online ordering timer not retrieving from cloud.

Kitchen Display Version 1.501 (Jun 14, 2022)
Order Preparation Time Mode - orders preparation time can now be tracked.
KDS will now support multiple expedite screens.
Receipt number will now include Deliverect or online order transaction's number to reduce confusion.
Added ability to describe error encountered in feedback log.

Version 1.500.4 (Jun 8, 2022)
Online order countdown wait time can now be configured, no longer fixed to 3 minutes.

Fix app exit when returning to main category and subcategory has no printer selected.
Fix manage till not working for terminal version below 1.500.
Fix unable to generate report for split transaction.
Fix item sequence for item sales report with reporting category.
Fix payment report showing extra columns for payment types without name.
Fix order list not printing price for newly updated users.
Fix combo meal group causing crashes when description is empty.
Fix online orders showing incorrect time format.
Fix iPhone terminal removing tips amount when user insert tips amount before payment is made.
Fix iPhone terminal dark mode issue.
UI has been further optimised for dark mode.

Version 1.500.3 (Jun 2, 2022)
Fix printer override in settings causing app to crash.
Fix an issue when editing modifier showing minimum choice reached when modifier is selected automatically when conditions are met.

Version 1.500.2 (May 28, 2022)
Added unpaid sales to employee performance report.
Added menu filter to table booking.

Fix PTP-2 printers allowing double checkout cause payment report mismatch.
Fix printer options for not saving properly.
Fix terminal not retrieving item inventory.
Fix image resizing issue after uploading on CMS via web.

Version 1.500.1 (May 26, 2022)
Added support for Clover credit card processor integration.
Added support for PM Advisors integration.
Table booking now supports configuring automated joining of tables to allow larger group bookings.
Table booking now supports assigning menu to the booking. (Secret Menu, Christmas Special Menu, etc)
Payment types to support more than 20 payments.
Assigned kitchen printer will now be able to support more than 5 printers.
Printer override now supports dining mode and table layout options, printing to kitchen will be based on dining mode and table layout selected for the bill.
Prompt Quantity - Pop quantity selector before ordering of an item.

Added an option to input remarks for credit top up.
Added ability to collate combo items with ala carte items in kitchen printing.
Added description to Category, Modifier Group and Combo.
Added ability to print larger remarks font size.
Stock movement report will now show the cost of each stock.
Item sales report printing will now show the total count of items by category.
Cashback rewards will now be able to be assigned by the customer group.
Order list and receipt printing are now able to print zero priced items independently.

Fix rewards points from online ordering for not showing calculation accurately.
Fix customers not being applied if it is created after the transaction is hold.
Fix some terminal syncing issues for work mode through cloud.
Fix image resizing issue when uploading from CloudSync and CMS via web.

Version 1.493.0 (May 12, 2022)
Added edit & split/split order, allows you to split multiple quantity order to put on remarks or change modifier.
Added a function to recover corrupted database if app is not able start.
Added support to add and update customer from cloud.

Fix a bug where combo meal group item is not being removed in edit combo order.
Fix an issue where combo arrangement is changing order's sequence even when there's no combo formed automatically.
Fix Arabic alignment printing on receipt.
Fix iPhone showing add button for variant item, causing orders to come in without variant selection.
Fix previous receipt list not showing receipt date when different date is selected.

Customer Display Version 1.493.0 (May 12, 2022)
Updated app icon.

Version 1.492.7 (Apr 26, 2022)
Improvement to terminal work mode through cloud, better error messaging, faster connection speed and support larger set of data.
Clear transaction will now delete archive as well.
Bill item count will now reflect the correct count when print zero price item is switched off.

Fix table printing alignment for receipt.
Fix bugs for online ordering retail mode.
Fix app exit when cancel barcode scanning on item page.
Fix Variant not updating when it is updated from CloudSync.
Fix bugs for Stripe in person payment.
Fix app exit when generating invoice for transaction with open item and product picture is switched on.
Fix iPad terminal not showing top up tier’s added amount.
Fix generate invoice alignment when product picture is switched on.
Fix an issue where non cloud loyalty customer's credit balance is printed wrongly on receipt.
Fix custody inventory report not showing all items.

Version 1.492.4 (Apr 13, 2022)
Added cutlery request for takeaway, delivery and collection.
Added ability to swap time slot with another booking by selecting the target booking, during move table booking.
Changed table booking error messages to be more descriptive.
Subcategory's printer selection will now be the same as parent category's selection by default.
Orders from table online ordering will create a new transaction if it is using a different printed table QR code even if it's the same table.
Limit past transaction to retrieve only last 500 transactions to prevent app from taking too long to process.
Fulfillment date will be shown in online order transaction list for retail mode.
A better checking of table locking, if it is a different transaction but the same table, table will not be locked.

Fix POS not receiving online orders if accept/reject order is done at the same time.
Fix an issue for deleting conversion unit.
Fix being able to save conversion unit without selecting a UOM to convert to.
Fix online ordering not showing gift card number in receipt.
Fix online ordering button not showing up in terminal.
Fix receipt number not showing Deliverect order ID in terminal.
Fix table number exceeding column count on receipt printing.
Fix an issue where button names become null after clicking restore default in button layout settings.
Fix dark mode not showing date selector nicely for online order retail mode.
Fix GloriaFood discount not calculating accurately.

Customer Display Version 1.492.4 (Apr 12, 2022)
Added ability to describe error encountered in feedback log.
Added a description to recommend image resolution for full screen image.

Version 1.492.3 (Apr 1, 2022)
Added support for in-person payments with Stripe terminal.
Added Custody view for easier searching, reprint and claim custody.
Added support to turn on cloud loyalty remotely.
Added support to manage unit of measurement, conversion, pricing level, combo arrangement, replace word, currency type, top up tier, customer group, denomination, account type and timer from cloud.
Added custody in/out report.
Online ordering will now take into consideration of pending orders inventory count, preventing users from further ordering until the order is rejected/missed.
Custody printout will now include customer phone number.
Item cost are included in sales details when generating report.
Combo meal group orders will now be collated as well.

CloudSync will automatically be turned off when database is restored to older backup.
Fix printing not working after exiting payment page without checking out.
Fix split bill by payment amount not splitting by the supposed payment amount.
Fix enforce transaction type not being updated when changed from CloudSync.
Fix item sales report for not showing deleted modifier group items.
Fix replace word sequence not being saved.
Fix iPhone terminal not able to send feedback log.
Fix online ordering showing license expired when it is not expired.
Fix online ordering quantity check not replying error correctly.
Fix changing remarks of modifier showing maximum choice reached when there's 2 similar modifier group in that item.
Removed transaction control bar in iPhone terminal when assigning table.
Custody will now be removed as well when Clear Transaction is used.

Version 1.492.1 (Mar 17, 2022)
Update app to work with GloriaFood's latest security changes.
Printer order list upon hold will now work with "Pay" button as well.

Fix top up customer credit or gift card not showing as a count in x reading's payment report.
Fix x reading report not showing payment done in older app version.
Fix terminal x reading report not showing sales type breakdown correctly.

Version 1.492 (Mar 16, 2022)
Bill will now show the customer's credit balance on checkout.

Partially paid bill will no longer give customer rewards points.
Fix an issue where modifier and its parent item cannot be edited when modifier group is optional.
Fix 1 cent difference for subtotal in transaction report.
Fix SPP-R300 not opening cash drawer.
Fix iPhone terminal not adjusting customer reward points when cloud loyalty is turned on.

Version 1.491.9 (Mar 8, 2022)
Fix showing deleted menu category after generating report.
Fix incorrect combo meal group sequence when it's added from CMS via web.
Fix booking incorrect checking of maximum pax causing it to show no time slot available.
Fix split bill discount calculated incorrectly.
Fix tips from eft terminal causing bill not closed if payment surcharge is used.

Version 1.491.8 (Mar 2, 2022)
Claimed custody report now based on claimed date instead of start date.
Added printing item name and price for barcode label.

Fix refund issues on report showing incorrect calculation.
Fix auto costing showing wrong amount when item is added to it's own recipe.
Fix category report and item sales report for not showing deleted category items.
Fix x reading report showing bill amount instead of payment amount for partially paid bill.
Fix iPod terminal pop up exceeding the screen size.

Version 1.491.7 (Feb 17, 2022)
Bar Mode - Support taking orders without printing to kitchen.
Move Category - Selected category can be assigned as a main or sub category.
Added print option for custody inventory report.
Added customer deposit function (Top up bonus will not be applied).
Added reprint kitchen order function for previous receipt.

System will now remember user's last viewed table layout.
An alert will now be shown when new user account password existed.
Enforce customer will not apply if all orders are set to "Do Not Print".
Bill will now be selected automatically when transferring from takeaway to dine in.
Table number will now be shown if staff has open bills upon clocking out.

Fix tax summary showing wrong amount when collate orders is turned on.
Fix printer overwrite still printing after removing selected printer.
Fix pricing level not returning to default after holding bill.
Fix Zebra ZD410 label printer not printing receipt remarks.
Fix an issue where staff can transfer transaction to a non clocked in staff.

Version 1.491.6 (Feb 1, 2022)
Merged table will now be able to accept online order as well.

Fix an issue showing license expired for online ordering.
Fix discrepancy in x reading for payment with surcharge.
Fix KDS bumping order causing main pos to crash, for modifier orders without parent.
Fix report filter by category not selecting all.

Kitchen Display Version 1.491.6 (Feb 1, 2022)
Timer text size to be adjusted automatically.
Fix transferring takeaway to dine in bill not changing order mode label correctly.
Fix dark mode not showing kds message and collection time.

Version 1.491.4 (Jan 26, 2022)
CMS via Web now supports add pricing level for item and combo.

Fix original bill's discount type changing from discount by price to percentage after splitting bill by item.
Fix preset discount not being assigned to new bill when splitting bill by item.
Fix iPhone terminal not showing function buttons for some users.

Version 1.491.3 (Jan 21, 2022)
Bumped order notification to display customer name.

Fix table turnover time being is fixed to 60 minutes.
Fix bill mismatch issue for online orders when there's surcharge.

Version 1.491.1 (Jan 18, 2022)
Added pay in/pay out report.
Added ability for iPhone terminal to customise button layout.
Gift card history will now show outlet’s name when cloud loyalty is turned on.
Gift card top up will now print its QR code.
Online order printout will only print barcode when transaction has been created.

Fix an issue causing cancelled Tyro payments to be accepted.
Fix closing bill from terminal causing report tax calculation to be incorrect.
Fix bill rounding issue causing bill mismatched for online orders.
Fix SM-L200 printer will no longer send drawer code.
Fix some printer models not printing footer logo properly.
Fix some issues for booking check pax by type.
Fix booking being shown on the wrong date when store and booking operation time are different.

Version 1.490.9 (Dec 29, 2021)
Added threshold mode when selecting logo for bill.
iPhone terminal now supports merge/change/split bill and table functions.
iPhone terminal now supports login by password and QR Code.
iPhone terminal now supports staff clock in/out.

Fix some reports showing item's weight incorrectly.
Fix terminal unable to accept/reject booking.
Fix iPhone terminal not updating logged username when switching account.

Version 1.490.8 (Dec 23, 2021)
Added option to scan customer and gift card directly from cash register.
Void orders will be printed in red for dot matrix printer if inverse printing is turned on.

Fix refund issue.
Fix item sell by weight rounding.

Version 1.490.7 (Dec 16, 2021)
Long discount name will now be printed on multiple lines.
Nicer suggested tips selection pop up.

Fix app exit when creating new custody.

Version 1.490.6 (Dec 10, 2021)
Added support of 5 digit pricing reading for EAN13 barcode.

Fix saudi language printing alignment.
Fix saudi name QR encoding issue.
Fix app exit when clicking on customer's custody.
Fix 1 cent mismatch issue when tax surcharged is applied.
Fix an issue with modifier group auto selection.
Fix delay printing not working for KDS.
Fix menu language item search bar not returning the correct items.
Fix iPhone is able to add item without selecting modifier.

Version 1.490.4 (Dec 3, 2021)
Added ability to hide zero sales at item sales report.
Stock file listing will show its price and grey out if it is disabled.

Fix an issue with split payments tips from credit processor.
Fix QR code printing for Saudi Zakat.

Version 1.490.3 (Dec 2, 2021)
Zebra ZD410 label printer will now print receipt remarks.
iPad terminal is now able to view list of gift card.

Modifiers will automatically be selected when number of modifiers in the group is the same as min/max choice, and choices must be unique.
Fix app exit when printing order list for online order.
Fix app exit when doing search via Deliverect.
Fix a refund issue caused by formatting.
Fix bill printing extra line between items for graphic printers.
Fix an issue blocking new custody from being added.
Fix UI issues in iOS 15.

Kitchen Display Version 1.490.1 (Nov 25, 2021)
Fix order list not printing paid status.

Version 1.490.2 (Nov 25, 2021)
Software is updated to compile with iOS 15.
Added support iPad mini (6th generation).
Order’s assigned seat number will now be printed on bill.
Invoice will now show item’s UOM.
Booking can now be moved to different dates.

Fix app exit when making partial payment for transaction that has 2 cash payments.
Fix app exit when making partial payment from terminal.
Fix split transaction payments not showing up in x reading report.
Fix unable to make changes to modifier when no modifier group min/max choice is set.
Fix 12.9-inch iPad customer page not showing scan customer card button.
Fix kiosk mode menu language selection being repeated multiple times.
Fix kiosk mode order list scrolling issue.
Fix sending incorrect paid status to KDS.

Version 1.490.1 (Nov 19, 2021)
Added QR code at the bottom of receipt, scan to view receipt online. Available in Saudi Arabia only.

Fix order not being arranged according to course sequence.
Further optimize booking timeline arrangement when there are bookings with no tables assigned.

Version 1.490 (Nov 17, 2021)
Added feature to have different surcharge on different payment type.
Added min choice to modifier group.
Added capped discount amount to fixed discount.
Added auto costing, cost of product will be calculated based on recipe's cost.
Added print paid/unpaid to kitchen for online orders.
Added custom void reason, type in the reason instead of choosing from existing list.
Added a function to disable rewards if discount on item is given.
Added pricing level to GloriaFood, you can now have separate pricing.
Added left and right button on dates for easier date selection.
Added ability to start new transaction from booking details page.

Added Order History to kiosk mode, customer can see what they have ordered previously.
Added a feature to remove total price display in kiosk bill.
Added menu language to be paired with app's language for kiosk. Switching app's language will change menu's language as well.

Fix being able to exceed modifier group max choice if changing modifier quantity in cash register.
Open item sales will not be displayed if filter by category is selected in category report.
Fix split transaction not showing up in report with sales type filtered.
Retail mode to have sales type filter in report.
Fix cash till showing wrong amount if there's partial payment.
Fix closed till showing wrong cash figure.
Fix sending extra payment to Square for JPY currency.
Fix square payment not working for top up.
Fix PTP-II printer model printing extra line feed.
Fix raster style printer not printing online ordering errors.
Fix Star mPop (Raster) model printing extra lines and drawer not opening.
Fix previous receipt setting page title overlapping date button.
Fix terminal not retrieving gift card information if cloud loyalty is turned on.
Further optimize image cloud uploading speed.
Further optimize booking timeline arrangement when there are bookings with no tables assigned.

Kitchen Display Version 1.490 (Nov 13, 2021)
Full item name will now be shown in docket instead of it being cut off.
Added paid status to be shown on docket when POS checkout.

Version 1.484.8 (Oct 30, 2021)
-Added left and right arrows to easier navigate date selection in previous transaction.
-Item search when adding recipe item in CMS via web now includes search by category.

-Fixed app exit when USD/KHR amount contains ",".

Version 1.484.7 (Oct 28, 2021)
-You can now click and hold on item in cart to edit it's modifier.
-To go and delivery bill will be counted as 1 in average per pax calculation.
-Enforce table pop up will lead to table layout immediately after clicking OK.
-Collection bill will no longer be under delivery section, but to go section in the transaction listing.
-Booking entries on the booking timeline can now be selected when it overlaps with blocked hours.

-Fixed "To Go" label not printed on modifier if modifier is printed without it's parent.
-Fixed some issues with mPop (Raster) printer.
-Fixed iPhone terminal amount showing at title not updating when alternate currency payment type is selected.

Version 1.484.6 (Oct 21, 2021)
-Table booking button in table layout now flashes when there are pending bookings.
-Receiving a booking now plays a ringtone.
-Main transaction will now be automatically selected after undoing split.

-Fixed app exit when mPop (Raster) tries to print receipt copy.
-Fixed Deliverect not being able to close bill because of rounding.
-Fixed issue with hiding booking when showing by table layout.
-Fixed contents of receipt logo pop up not being centered.
-Fixed printing issue when cashier printer and order list printer are different printers.

Version 1.484.5 (Oct 12, 2021)
- Added support for mPop (Raster) and Star mC-Print2 printers.
- Added a delay to help prevent double acceptance for online pre-order.
- Added searching by category when adding items to recipe.
- Added ability to reverse sort unpaid and last 10 transactions.
- Added an online order segment to transactions pop up in cash register.
- Deliverect now shows the order from which channel (Uber for example).
- Alert will now be auto dismissed quicker after making changes to stock file.
- Action log will be added when credits history for customer or gift card is deleted.

- Fixed an issue with payment surcharge calculation.
- Fixed an issue with item pricing level for cloud loyalty customer when order is sent from terminal.
- Fixed deleting credit history with top up tier not reversing the bonus amount.
- Fixed split transaction showing wrong amount when partial payment is made.
- Fixed x reading report doubling split transaction voucher amount when partial payment is made.
- Fixed Deliverect not receiving price overwrite of 0.00.
- Fixed iPhone terminal not showing customer’s name for customer tab tables.
- Fixed iPhone terminal order page order remarks UI.

Version 1.484.4 (Sep 28, 2021)
- Deliverect to support auto closing of bill.
- To support takeaway option for table online ordering.
- CMS via Web now supports add image and change button color for category, item, and modifier.
- iPhone terminal can now scan customer’s card.
- Bill of Material will now be shown according to category’s sequence.

- Fixed an issue with combo’s modifier item pricing.
- Fixed an issue with restore from cloud when performing restore for the first time.
- Fixed an issue with item inventory when voiding from terminal.
- Fixed terminal's translated menu not saving properly.
- For cloud loyalty, searching for customer card number will now show all customers if there are more than 1.

Version 1.484.3 (Sep 21, 2021)
-Added modifier filter to item sales report.
-Terminal can now retrieve missed online orders.

-Bill will no longer be closed twice if checkout button is clicked twice quickly on slow iPad.
-Fixed item sales report showing wrong total for modifier and uncategorized item sales.
-Fixed block booking issue when setting the end time to 12AM.
-Fixed keyboard popping up after adding booking or waitlist.

Version 1.484.2 (Sep 15, 2021)
- Added search by barcode in item search section.
- Added disable printing of receipt for online orders. Setup to be done from online ordering settings.
- Added function to accept online orders from terminal, however notification will only be received on main pos only.
- Added sales details and gross profit to category report as well.
- Added iZettle logout function in Settings -> Payment Type.
- Added ability to manage table booking from terminal.
- Faster table booking connection speed to server.
- Reduced storage requirement for database backups.
- Cash till amount will now include split transaction amount even when not all splits are paid.

- Fixed unable to charge customer account due to small rounding.
- To allow Send Order button in Kiosk to be on the most right bottom position.

Version 1.484.1 (Aug 28, 2021)
-Added retrieve missed order function for Deliverect.
-Support receiving online orders with gift card.

-Fixed app exit issue when printing long modifier names containing emojis.
-Fixed GloriaFood item pricing issue when customer has pricing level.
-Fixed online order combo category discount issue.
-Fixed typing issue when editing printer's IP address.
-Fixed rounding issue for credits and rewards discount.
-Fixed booking list showing 12AM booking in the wrong sequence.
-Fixed terminal previous receipts list not showing receipt prefix.
-Fixed kiosk mode delete button overlapping the discount amount.

Version 1.484 (Aug 18, 2021)
- Changed online ordering notification to be louder.
- Sales details and gross profit can now be shown for transaction order and similar reports as well.

- Fixed z reading report end till not printing in full, if sales type is selected in report.
- Fixed online ordering closing bill with customer credits issue.
- Fixed item description display.

Version 1.483.9 (Aug 12, 2021)
- Added add/edit raw data via CSV file feature.
- Support HTML description for item's description.
- Improve report generation speed for system with 5000 items and above.

- Fixed TSP-600 printer model cutting docket multiple times.
- Fixed pricing level not being reflected if delivery transaction with customer is selected through enforce transaction type bill.
- Fixed being unable to add customer with pricing level to refund bill.
- Fixed menu not reflecting latest inventory count after performing stock take.

Version 1.483.7 (Aug 6, 2021)
- iZettle is now named as Zettle.
- Table is now hidden instead of disabled in retail mode.

- Fixed terminal not assigning customer correctly if cloud loyalty is used.
- Fixed transaction order price not showing correctly for inclusive tax scenario.
- Fixed remarks go missing if customer with pricing level is assigned.
- Fixed app exit issue when trying to add new booking for a day that has no booking operation hours configured.
- Fixed table layout showing cancelled booking.
- Fixed an issue causing new booking to be added when changing table for booking.

Version 1.483.6 (Aug 3, 2021)
- Added ability to reprint online orders.
- Added ability to set more than 24 favourite items based on iPad and menu size.

- Fixed an issue with Deliverect set meal pricing.
- Fixed an issue with Gloriafood address.

Version 1.483.5 (Jul 28, 2021)
- Added customer item sales report.
- Added show nett price toggle to transaction order report
- Online orders will now print confirmation with corresponding message if there's an error.
- Online order confirmation printout will now include payment amount.
- Updated iZettle SDK to 3.2.0 for bug fixes and performance improvements.

- Fixed transaction order report not showing weight in from of sell by weight item.
- Fixed an issue with customer spending report.
- Fixed unable to scroll to receipt remarks when keyboard is showing in receipt info.
- Fixed an issue causing discount list to not show correctly.
- Fixed an issue with modifier merging incorrectly
- Fixed printing issue when customer address and delivery details font size is large.
- Fixed online preorder not printing confirmation slip if there's payment and skip acceptance is turned on.
- Fixed new booking able to overlap existing booking when making booking from timeline.
- Fixed an issue with consecutive bookings causing vacant table to become unavailable.
- Fixed delivery time buttons in dark mode.
- Fixed customer remarks text not readable in dark mode.
- Fixed terminal flashing white screen when entering table layout

Version 1.483.3 (Jul 20, 2021)
- Added price overwrite report.
- Added quick keys to change delivery time.
- Added ability for customers to edit booking details online.
- Allow online transaction to be reopened even after being rejected.
- GloriaFood item linking page search bar to search menu's item name as well, instead of just GloriaFood item.
- Further improve GloriaFood's orders address checking to prevent duplication.
- Improvements and adjustments to table booking.

- Fixed app exit when terminal creates stock take.
- Fixed app exit for device running iOS13 and earlier when viewing booking timeline.
- Fixed an issue allowing bookings to overlap when moving booking.
- Fixed booking timeline showing incorrect operating hours.
- Fixed not being able to reject booking.
- Fixed blocked booking time slots not being hidden when hiding a seating area/section.
- Fixed customer's email not appending to email receipt's to recipient if cloud loyalty is turned on.
- Fixed showing customer view causing app to hang if the customer's address database is huge.
- Fixed cloud images sync causing app to slow down for users with 1000 images and above.
- Fixed kitchen order list print without header when 2 orders being received concurrently.
- Fixed iPhone/iPod terminal not able to save it's own unique printer settings.

Version 1.483.2 (Jul 7, 2021)
- Added temporarily closure function for online ordering.
- Added date format that shows only the time instead of both date and time.
- Added sales type filter for x reading report.
- Allow gift card to be deleted even if there's balance.
- GloriaFood integration to support promotional item.

- Deliverect order to be sort according to course/category if the option is turned on.
- Fix Deliverect order printing wrong queue number.
- Fix Deliverect order printing the wrong price in confirmation receipt.

Kitchen Display Version 1.483.1 (Jul 5, 2021)
- Fixed an issue causing KDS app exit when order is received from POS.

Version 1.483.1 (Jul 1, 2021)
- Fixed an issue causing table booking to become unavailable.
- Fixed multiple window popping up when selecting delivery from table layout and order by account is turned on.
- Fixed an issue with Chinese character for PTP-II printer.

Version 1.483 (Jun 29, 2021)
- Table Booking - Support in app and online table booking.
- Added pre-order to online ordering retail mode.
- Added search bar for category, modifier group, and set meal group page.
- Added sales type filter to hourly sales report.
- Stock take can now be done from CloudSync.
- Stock count will now be updated for partially received purchase order.
- Further enhance bill item collation.

- Fixed stock in cost being disabled after performing replace count in managing item inventory.
- Fixed an issue with retrieving customer that has been deleted.
- Fixed receipt date issue in reports for split payment bills.
- Fixed an issue with variant item's collation.
- Fixed collection bill printing address QR code.

Kitchen Display Version 1.483 (Jun 29, 2021)
- Added ability to disable synchronized bump for specific KDS.

- Fixed cutlery option not being printed.
- Fixed font size not being adjusted correctly.

Version 1.482.4 (Jun 10, 2021)
- Added ability for iZettle payments to prompt tips.
- Added more rows for tax surcharge.
- Inventory count will now be reflected immediately when updating from terminal.
- Kiosk will no longer show item inventory count in menu.

- Fixed app exit issue when Tyro base URL is empty.
- Fixed an issue with split payment with iZettle.
- Fixed an issue with Discount report.
- Fixed uncategorized and open item sales being merged in Category Sales report
- Fixed manage order causing issues inventory count.
- Fixed additional address not being printed to kitchen for online orders.

Version 1.482.3 (Jun 2, 2021)
- Added ability to sort deliveries by delivery time and order time in manage delivery.
- Added icons to the settings menu.
- Updated iZettle SDK to v3.1 to support tips.
- GloriaFood now supports service fee.

- Fixed an issue with Top Selling report.

Version 1.482.1 (May 26, 2021)
- POS now supports integration with Uber Eats, Deliveroo, Menulog and Doordash through Deliverect.
- Added payment type PayPal Here MOTO for manual entry.
- Added table layout settings, set table turnover time, warnings, and display progress bar on table layout.
- Added ability for Zebra ZD410, Rongta RP-410, and Gprinter GP-3150 printer to toggle off printing customer name.
- Added cutlery option for online orders.
- GloriaFood payment option will now be shown when entering payment amount.
- GloriaFood orders can now be ordered by course sequence if categorized printing is turned on.
- Attribute, variant, and course settings can now be setup from CloudSync.
- Seating a table will only prompt based on the number of pax configured for the table.

- Fixed an issue causing combo meal modifier to be assigned to wrong item when more than one of the same combo is in order list.
- Fixed online order showing wrong customer address.
- Fixed interface issue with customer credit history page.
- Fixed an issue causing cloud loyalty gift card amount to not be updated after top up history was deleted.
- Fixed item list not scrolling to the saved item.
- Fixed split bill not printing payment details.
- Fixed an issue with reverse tax surcharge calculation.

Version 1.481.3 (May 4, 2021)
- Fixed an issue with CMS via Web.
- Fixed clock in/out date selector sometimes not having enough space to be viewed.

Version 1.481.2 (Apr 30, 2021)
- Alter Customer Credit - Added account's permission to disable user from editing customer credit amount.
- Use Customer Credit - Added account's permission to disable user from using customer credit to checkout bill.
- Added ability to print service request for table ordering.

- Fixed an issue causing app unable to detect Paypal reader.
- Fixed an issue causing double orders for online ordering.
- Fixed transactions report total row missing a cell.
- Fixed terminal printing wrong customer balance when cloud loyalty is turned on and main has same customer in transaction.
- Restaurant name will now be printed in header for table ordering.

Version 1.481 (Apr 14, 2021)
- Added ability to print table QR code for online ordering.
- Added sales type filter to category, item sales, and employee item sales report.

- Fixed extra surcharge not being calculated for online orders.
- Printing current bill from table layout will now show a prompt if cashier printer is turned off.

Version 1.480.9 (Apr 3, 2021)
- Updated GloriaFood online order bill printed text.

- Fixed printing issues causing app exit when receiving online order.
- Fixed an issue with item's discount.
- Fixed item discount text not showing with region format.

Version 1.480.8 (Mar 31, 2021)
- Online ordering now supports closing bill with customer credit.
- Cash register will now show item's full name.
- Outlet settings and tax can now be set and retrieved from CloudSync.
- Added Tyro registration link in payment types > Tyro.
- Added ability to switch to Paypal v1 SDK.

- Fixed x reading report print out showing the wrong collection sales data.
- Fixed online order customer's email not being updated.
- Fixed terminal unable to close bill when cloud loyalty turned on.
- Fixed Add Item search bar not working for barcodes.
- Fixed stock take search bar not working.
- Fixed after stocking in, printout showing incorrect inventory amount.
- Fixed PTP-III v2 printer not working when sending print jobs from terminal.
- Fixed cancel button showing all items when assigning delivery item.
- Fixed customer custody expiry date selector height being too short.
- Fixed customer transaction history not being able to see the whole width of the receipt.
- Optimised pricing level processing.
- UI has been further optimised for dark mode.

Customer Display Version 1.480.7 (Mar 17, 2021)
- Fixed app exit for iPhone terminal when trying to scan customer card.
- Fixed an issue causing POS to not receive scanned customer card.

Version 1.480.7 (Mar 17, 2021)
- Online order table transactions will now show received date.

- Fixed deleted combo meal group causing app exit when receiving online orders.
- Fixed an issue with cash till selection on terminal when generating report for all terminals.
- Fixed an issue with date format for online orders.

Version 1.480.6 (Mar 13, 2021)
- Added ability to delete multiple items at once in stock file settings.
- Added ability to edit customer info directly from cash register.
- Added ability to prompt customer to scan card on customer display.
- Variant item selection will now be hidden in cash register when hidden is switched on.

- Fixed online order bill mismatch error.
- Fixed when in dark mode selected row will no longer be highlighted when it is scrolled out of view.
- Fixed when in dark mode outlet message not readable.
- Fixed birthday and member expiry date selector UI.
- Fixed variant children not being deleted after deleting variant parent item from cloud.
- Fixed cash register order with remarks row height.
- Fixed item/modifier group/modifier/combo meal group not being reselected after saving.
- Fixed discount amount for not being calculated properly for negative valued item.
- Fixed use customer from customer page not selecting the correct address for delivery bill.
- Fixed address changing back to primary address when opening and closing receipt info if the bill not on hold.
- Fixed an issue with saving address when adding new customer from cash register.
- Fixed an issue with admin account for lite version.

Customer Display Version 1.480.5 (Mar 12, 2021)
- Added ability to scan customer card when prompted by POS.

Kitchen Display Version 1.480.4 (Mar 6, 2021)
- Fixed not being able to see docket text when dark mode is turned on.

Version 1.480.4 (Mar 4, 2021)
- Restore Backup from Cloud - added ability to restore database from cloud backup file.
- Top selling report now shows items with different pricing levels as a single item.
- Improved app connectivity to web server when app enter background.

- Updated PTP-III SDK to v2.
- Fixed online ordering incorrect subtotal for bills with promo code.
- Fixed credit history report showing incorrectly for cloud loyalty if payment type is alternate currency.
- Fixed dark more UI for Paypal pop up.

Version 1.480.3 (Feb 25, 2021)
- Software is updated to compile with iOS 14.
- App is now only supported for iOS11 and above.
- Menu Language - Translate, display, and print your menu items in different languages.
- Bill print secondary item name - Select secondary item name to be printed in bill.
- Payment Override - Added account's permission to disable user from performing payment override.
- Added ability to print larger to go queue number font size.
- Added ability to print larger delivery time font size.
- Added ability to print larger customer phone font size.
- Added ability to clear all item inventory and stock in/out records in database settings.
- Added ability to disable reward points for certain items and modifiers.
- Added ability to record item inventory wastage.
- Added ability to record item inventory cost and do cost averaging during stock in.
- Added search bar in modifier list.
- Added search bar for replace word.
- iPhone terminal can now add new table transaction to table with existing transactions.
- iPad terminal can now switch on/off enforce customer.

- Updated Paypal Here SDK to support Chip and Swipe Reader.
- USD/KHR change amount will now continue to alternate even after closing bill.
- UI has been further optimised for dark mode.
- Updated iPhone terminal functions user interface.
- Added support for iPad Air 10.9inch (4th Gen)

Customer Display Version 1.480.2 (Feb 25, 2021)
- Software is updated to compile with iOS 14.
- App is now only supported for iOS11 and above.

- UI has been further optimised for dark mode.
- Added support for iPad Air 10.9inch (4th Gen)

Kitchen Display Version 1.480.2 (Feb 25, 2021)
- Software is updated to compile with iOS 14.
- App is now only supported for iOS11 and above.
- Added ability to hide item notes in docket.

- UI has been further optimised for dark mode.
- Added support for iPad Air 10.9inch (4th Gen)

Version 1.479.9 (Feb 6, 2021)
- Unsent orders can now be voided without permission.
- Fixed an issue with app license.
- Fixed an issue with item inventory.
- Fixed an issue with SumUp payment type when signature and tips are turned on.

Version 1.479.8 (Feb 4, 2021)
- More stable synchronisation for work mode through cloud.
- Current bill can no longer be printed if there are unsent orders in bill.
- Stock movement will now be tracked in more detail.

- Fixed TSP-100 printer not printing online order bill.
- Fixed Rongta RP410 printer not printing full order list when kitchen print order list with price is turned off.
- Fixed unable to modify item after item is voided in unpaid transaction.

Version 1.479.7 (Jan 26, 2021)
- Fixed online order delivery details not being printed when skip acceptance is turned on.
- Fixed online order not showing rewards correctly.
- Fixed for some region formats using "," causing split bill amount to be incorrect.
- Fixed terminal unable to close split bill.

Version 1.479.6 (Jan 21, 2021)
- Remarks in receipt view will now be shown in full.
- Added collection sales to X reading report instead of lumping together with delivery.

- Fixed an issue where gift card number can't be entered through keyboard.
- Fixed label printer printing wrong information for online orders.
- Fixed collection bill is prompting delivery fees.
- Fixed certain reports saving the wrong file name.

Version 1.479.5 (Jan 12, 2021)
- Improved checking when importing database onto the app.
- Added a prompt to help prevent double acceptance for online orders.
- Added ability to show voided orders for order report.
- Added ability to sort by driver for employee performance and employee commission report.
- Added ability to show or hide uncategorized item sales in category sales report.
- Payment report now shows credit card info.

- Fixed an issue with split bill total amount being incorrect.
- Fixed to go tax not being calculated for to go orders in dine in bills.
- Fixed unable to enter price when adding new item while viewing open priced item.
- Fixed refund bill privilege being able to be accessed by all accounts.
- Fixed some user permissions still using enter password instead of QR code when login by QR code is turned on.

Version 1.479.4 (Dec 28, 2020)
- Updated list of new transaction types when press and hold new transaction button.
- Updated demo items to contain recipe.
- Payment override now only accepts super admin account passwords.
- Main and terminal's tills will now always be closed separately. Main will no longer consolidate till amounts.

- Fix 0.00 amount payment for transactions not being recorded.
- Fix an issue with button layout.
- Fix manage order not showing modifier's quantity.
- Fix reports page mail settings missing save button.
- Fix some UI issues for custody pop up.

Version 1.479.3 (Dec 15, 2020)
- Reporting Days - Generate reports for selected days of the week.
- Added ability to sort manage delivery entries by ZIP.
- Combo meal items can no longer be set to different seats from the combo meal header.
- When gift card less than 3 numbers, alert will now be shown without dismissing the gift card manual entry popup.
- UI updated for report list in reports page.
- Category and item button default colors now set to gray color.

- Fix alignment issue between report header and report table.
- Fix category discount not being removed even when the discount has been deleted.
- Fix employee commission report not showing All Employee Total.
- Fix manage delivery not showing customer's secondary address.
- Fix UI issues in iOS10.

Customer Display Version 1.479.3 (Dec 15, 2020)
- Fix bill's change still flashing USD/KHR even after POS cancel pay.

Version 1.479.2 (Nov 29, 2020)
- Fix online ordering bill not printing delivery address.
- Fix an issue with quick checkout.
- Fix customer loyalty page not showing latest info when retrieving from archived db.

Kitchen Display Version 1.479.2 (Nov 29, 2020)
- Fix an issue with reports for 00h 00m time format.

Version 1.479.1 (Nov 25, 2020)
- Unified iPay88 scanner - iPay88 now automatically scans for all e-wallets.
- Access to modify closed till now gives or restricts permission to reset/reopen till.
- Added ability to view customer with existing phone or email when trying to add a new customer.

- Fix generate invoice not loading logo.
- Fix iPay88 signature mismatch issue.

Kitchen Display Version 1.479 (Nov 20, 2020)
- Added ability to change modifier's text colour.

- Fix original order not being bumped on the same KDS when its void order is bumped.

Version 1.479 (Nov 17, 2020)
- Top Up Tier - If tier's minimum amount is reached, give bonus credit when topping up customer credit or gift card.
- Prompt Tips - When turned on for payment type, allow customers to choose from suggested tips.
- When customer search returns no results, text can now be transferred to selected field for adding new customer.
- iPay88 now supports “others” payment type.

- Fix terminal not recording credit history when topping up credit for customer loyalty.
- Fix AirPrint for generate invoice not loading images.
- Fix generate invoice paging problem.

Version 1.478.6 (Nov 7, 2020)
- Tyro payments now only supported for iOS11 and above.
- Customer reward points now supported for online orders.

- Fix app unable to be installed for device running iOS9 and earlier.
- Fix modifier's price not being printed.
- Fix invoice product picture not loading.
- Fix SmartPay tips being not being calculated properly.

Version 1.478.5 (Oct 27, 2020)
- Transaction order report now has the option to show voided orders.

- Fix discount not being calculated properly for online payment.
- Fix customer address issue when making an online payment.
- Fix customer address page showing incorrectly.
- Fix transaction order report showing incorrect report title.

Version 1.478.3 (Oct 21, 2020)
- Actionlog report will now be generated for the whole day regardless of operation hour.
- Add/Edit via CSV and Backup/Restore on CMS via Web will now be recorded in action log report.
- Added stock availability checking for online ordering.

- Fix online ordering stability issues.
- Fix online ordering pre-order still allowing staff to key in ready time.
- Fix stock take printout item name not being trimmed properly.
- Fix inventory printout spacing issue when there are Chinese characters in item name.
- Fix space being changed into + sign when editing item description in CMS via Web.
- Fix receipt list not showing “others” label when there is a combo in the order.
- Fix table entry still being enforced when app is in retail mode.
- Fix ip address issue when terminal turn on work mode through cloud.
- Fix terminal not showing error message and rolling back after failing to switch between eat in/to go.
- Fix terminal showing success message even when undo split failed.
- Fix device without internet to stop connecting to cloud repeatedly.
- Fix app exit when selecting saved report to share.

Version 1.477.8 (Oct 8, 2020)
- Export customer now has customer notes.
- Export gift card is no longer available when cloud loyalty is turned on.

- Fix terminal unable to assign customers to transaction.
- Fix star printers not printing online order ID.
- Fix epson printers printing receipt barcode incorrectly.
- Fix logging customer expiry changed even when there were no changes.
- Fix iPhone terminal quick key/barcode quantity segment background color.

Kitchen Display Version 1.477.7 (Oct 6, 2020)
- Fix an issue with deleting synced db.

Version 1.477.7 (Oct 6, 2020)
- Added support for edit via csv from cloud.
- GloriaFood now supports cloud loyalty.
- Deleting customers will now be recorded in action log report.
- Rongta RP410 will now print customer name.

- Fix GloriaFood always adding new address to customer instead of reusing existing address.
- Fix terminal split bill issue when retrying after network error.
- Fix terminal customer page delete button not deleting customer.
- Fix iPhone terminal always printing order list upon hold even settings is set to upon checkout.
- Fix online order printing to kitchen twice when settings is set to printing upon checkout.
- Fix subtotal not being updated if new orders are sent via Pay button.
- Fix discount rounding issue.
- Fix auto combo arrangement not working when combo item has remarks.
- Fix printers IP not being saved after searching printer.
- Fix Delivery/collection font size not being enlarged when set to Bigger.
- Fix Rongta RP410 not printing the full height of labels larger than 35x28mm.
- Fix theme's text default colour not changing to white color.

Version 1.477.6 (Sep 24, 2020)
- Added ability to change menu item's color from cloud.
- Added ability to view and manage online ordering pre-orders from app.
- Function button now blinks if there are pending online orders.
- Delivery/collection bills' type can now be printed in big font (Following receipt table number font size).
- X reading report now shows "None" instead of "#000000" when there are no first and last receipts.
- Removed extra line under training mode line in kitchen header for TSP printers.
- Tips by price on split transactions will no longer be split by the split percentage.
- Updated Epson SDK to v2.14.0.

- Fix app exit when USD/KHR amount contains ",".
- Fix item pricing level with "," not saving properly.
- Fix customer loyalty not showing online ordering ID beside receipt number.
- Fix customer repeat order text not readable in dark mode.
- Fix receipt info pop up needing to be dismissed twice.
- Fix open drawer button not working for TSP-100 USB printer.
- Fix cloud showing sync in progress after CMS via web not exiting properly.
- Fix segment's background color in dark mode.
- Fix nav, sub nav, category, and item button default colors still setting the old default colors.
- Fix GloriaFood calculating discount takeaway price incorrectly.
- Fix split transactions tips not being calculated into the total in transaction report.
- Fix split transactions showing duplicate orders in transaction order report.
- Fix sell by weight cost being calculated wrongly for item sales report.

Kitchen Display Version 1.477.5 (Sep 16, 2020)
- Fix deleting KDS on MainPOS causing KDS unable to bump order.

Version 1.477.5 (Sep 11, 2020)
- Fix discount rounding error.
- Fix test print not working for KDS.
- Fix bill total not showing in customer report when cloud loyalty is turned on.
- Fix payment surcharge not working for online ordering.
- Fix actionlog recording wrong table name when terminal performs change table.
- Fix terminal being unable to send orders to KDS.
- Fix iPhone terminal not enforcing table entry.

Version 1.477.4 (Sep 8, 2020)
- Fix external barcode scanner not working when scanning for iPay88.
- Fix item search list not showing the item's actual price.

Version 1.477.3 (Sep 4, 2020)
- Changing menu in CloudSync will be reflected in POS immediately without needing to reload the whole menu in settings.
- Fix incorrectly showing menu disabled message in cash register even when there are available items under category.
- Fix cash drawer opening when reprinting customer credit or gift card top up history.
- Fix printing wrong information when reprinting gift card top up history.
- Fix bill total mismatched error for set meal/combo orders.
- Fix transaction barcode not printing in iOS13.
- Removed extra line near the bottom of printout when printing gift card balance

Version 1.477.2 (Aug 31, 2020)
- Added ability to configure more than 20 printers.
- Added ability to adjust label width, height, and gap for Rongta label printer.
- Added ability to adjust unit of measurement sequence.
- Transfer stock now imports data more accurately.

- Changed printer and kitchen display page user interface.
- Fix order's quantity not being reset when validation fails for users without void order after printing current bill permission.
- Fix terminal not getting it's own prompt merchant copy setting for Westpac payment type.
- Fix when editing pricing level, start time, end time, and days buttons not being disabled.
- Fix GloriaFood order confirmation printout printing wrong price for item with size.
- Fix iPhone not showing customer that only has first name and phone number.
- Fix customer with first name and customer notes not being added.
- Fix signature not printing for some payment types.
- Fix Cloud Sync incorrect sync status message.

Version 1.476.1 (Aug 14, 2020)
- Fix update issue for app with version earlier than v1.47.

Version 1.476 (Aug 12, 2020)
- Updated Westpac SDK to support auto IP address resolution.
- Added support of Westpac Pay At Table.
- iPhone terminal can now add new customer.
- Open item's selected printers will now be remembered.
- Making changes to account settings will now be recorded in action log report.

- KDS can no longer be removed if it is being used in printer override.
- Fix online ordering tips not being printed correctly in receipt.
- Fix table online ordering unable to retrieve bill when terminal ordering is not enabled on POS.
- Fix sell by weight item with sell by weight item in recipe not deducting receipt item's inventory according to weight.
- Fix variant item with modifier not setting it's course.
- Fix iPhone terminal app exit when performing partial void without void reason.
- Fix iPhone terminal not displaying alert when trying to void order without permission.

Kitchen Display Version 1.475.1 (Aug 5, 2020)
- Fix receiving split transaction not splitting the orders properly.

Version 1.475.1 (Aug 5, 2020)
- Added account's permission to disable user from voiding bill or order after current bill is printed.
- Added ability to manage till on iPhone terminal.
- To support combo online ordering.
- To support retrieving sent orders for table ordering.

- Fix transaction having no orders occasionally after performing split transaction.
- Fix issue with notifying KDS when doing split transaction.
- Fix void order returning wrong quantity to the inventory for sent orders with unsent quantity changes.
- Fix iPay88 showing void message incorrectly.
- Fix MOTO orders causing bill mismatch issue in online ordering.
- Fix barcode generation issue in online ordering.
- Fix barcode sometimes not being printed for TSP-100 printer.
- Fix combo item being auto formed even when hidden and disabled by time based menu.
- Fix combo item's accessible by and availability settings.
- Fix combo item with modifier not applying the correct discount.
- Fix being able to save KDS settings without name and IP.
- Fix iPhone not checking for variant attribute availability when ordering.
- Fix iPhone not checking for user account's void order permission.

Version 1.474.5 (Jul 25, 2020)
- Rearranged account permission switches.
- Enhanced customer additional address paging.

- Fix tips not working for 1,000 and above.
- Fix all day hourly sales report only generating 2 time slots.
- Hourly sales report will no longer be able to generate till shift report within the same hour or longer than 1 day.
- Fix voiding incorrect quantity when partially voiding order for accounts without permission.
- Fix customer address scrolling issue after pressing the right arrow.

Version 1.474.4 (Jul 22, 2020)
- Added customer's notes.
- If delivery fee item is deleted, it will no longer be assigned as delivery fee item.
- Change iPhone terminal segment's color to be readable in navigation bar with dark background.

- Fix online order tips by percentage sometimes causing bill mismatch error.
- Fix terminal's pay in/out page not getting decimal number amounts.
- Fix retrieving missed order causing app to hang.
- Fix being unable to delete a terminal's cash till.

Kitchen Display Version 1.474.4 (Jul 22, 2020)
- Fix receiving split transaction not splitting the orders properly.
- Fix when changing transaction from one table to another table not being updated in database.
- Fix when changing table, docket's corresponding button's title not being updated.

Version 1.474.3 (Jul 16, 2020)
- Fix auto checkout not working when making payment for online order.
- Fix main app exit when performing stock adjustment from terminal.
- Fix custom transactions report's total row displaying incorrectly when toggling end date and table columns.
- Fix item inventory not being updated when performing refund from terminal.
- Fix item being unavailable when performing refund.

Version 1.474.1 (Jul 11, 2020)
- GloriaFood now supports extra fee.
- Restored ability to perform 0.00 amount payment for transactions.

- Fix kitchen docket's last line not being printed when there is kitchen header extra line feed.
- Fix when email receipt, receipt's last line not being rendered in the image.
- Fix menu pictures being hidden by default after updating to v1.474.

Version 1.474 (Jul 7, 2020)
- Menu Picture - Cash register's menu pictures display can be turned on/off.
* In cash register, go to Functions to toggle on/off.
- Invoice Product Picture - If turned on, product picture will be displayed when generating invoice.
- Refund Bill - Added account's permission to disable user from refunding bill.

- Operation end time will now be set automatically based on start time.
- Kitchen can now be notified of changes to bill's delivery info.
- iPhone will now show bill's change after checkout and viewing past transactions.
- Online order transaction's order list will be printed automatically when order is received.
- Online order confirmation receipt will now print O.O instead of R.No.
- Order ahead for GloriaFood is now supported in online ordering.
* Only available in quick serve mode.
- Online ordering now supports category discount.

- After deleting a category, it will no longer be available as a reporting category.
- Fix work mode through cloud still being active even when iPad is set as main pos.
- Fix discount by percentage not showing in the online ordering page.
- Fix GloriaFood system item list only able to search open priced items.
- Fix item's discount by price line not being indented properly when generating invoice.
- Fix iPad's combo meal item's pricing being removed after saving that combo meal on cloud.
- Fix iPhone removing delivery info when updating customer.

Kitchen Display Version 1.473.3 (Jun 30, 2020)
- Archive Database - system will automatically prompt user to perform archive to speed up performance.

- Fix print order list when bump printing collection type as delivery.

Version 1.473.3 (Jun 30, 2020)
- When generating report from archive, end date will be limited to archive's timeframe.

- Fix time based menu not supporting pub hour setting.
- Fix payments not being deleted when reopening bill.
- Fix terminal split by seat returning null error message.
- Fix terminal split bill/table causing app exit.
- Fix terminal unable to void receipt.

Version 1.473.2 (Jun 26, 2020)
- Online order now supports bill discount.
- Added ability to reopen missed online orders.

- Fix splitting bill from terminal causing main pos to freeze.
- Fix pricing level issue for online ordering.
- Fix iPay88 signature issue for iOS 13.

Kitchen Display Version 1.473 (Jun 25, 2020)
- Delivery and Collection Preparation Time - set the minutes to bring forward orders in the kitchen display queue.
- Order Type Filter - select the type of order to display in the kitchen display queue.

- Will now reflect change, merge, and split bills and tables more accurately from POS (v1.473 or later).

Version 1.473 (Jun 25, 2020)
- Online order now supports cloud loyalty.
- Rongta RP410 label printer now prints table number.
- Change, merge, and split tables and bills now reflects more accurately on KDS (v1.473 and later).

- Fix CloudSync causing issue when terminal trying to check out a bill.
- Fix Transaction report alignment issue when not showing date start and end columns
- Fix in quick serve mode, delivery information not being removed when switching bill to eat in.
- Fix online ordering collection bill showing eat in.
- Fix online ordering not updating address for existing customer.
- Fix online ordering still able to order item that is not accessible by the account currently logged in.
- Fix online ordering not checking inventory for item that is not accessible by the account currently logged in.
- Fix being able to set non-open price item as delivery fee item.
- Fix terminal not showing the delivery fee item's price selection.
- Fix terminal not showing modifier's inventory count in cash register.
- Fix terminal not showing modifier's stock in/out history.
- Fix terminal not able to update order's quantity.
- Fix terminal with terminal ID not able to close till even when it doesn't have any transactions.
- Changed when enforce till is on, main POS will check for unpaid bills starting from operation start time, instead of the till's start time.
- Changed to no longer print pax when pax system is turned off for restaurant mode.

Version 1.472.2 (Jun 11, 2020)
- GloriaFood will now print a confirmation if there is an error with the order.
- Ringer volume is now increased when receiving online order.
- Images will now sync to CloudSync at a faster rate.

- Fix modifier group's reporting category button not reflecting its selected reporting category.
- Fix split by item not being able to do partial split for partially split items.
- Fix online ordering table's transaction show bill mismatch error.
- Fix app exit when deleting a discount that is assigned to a customer.
- Fix app exit when pressing delete button in Kiosk mode.
- Fix app exit when deleting customer.
- Inventory report no longer shows "-0.00" in Total column when stock is less than 0 and cost is 0.00.

Version 1.472.1 (Jun 5, 2020)
Fix GloriaFood modifier's quantity issue.

Version 1.472 (Jun 3, 2020)
Reduce Receipt Number - When turned on, only the last 2 or 3 digits of receipt will be printed
Online ordering now supports tips/gratitude.

If address entered in online ordering only has upper/lowercase differences from existing address, it will reuse and not create again.
Kiosk mode now only allows one transaction per table when table number is fixed.
Fix QR code and address not printed out when using customer's secondary address.
Fix countdown timer still being shown for transaction that skips acceptance.
Fix table transaction being shown as delivery in the top notification.
Fix modifier group causing bill mismatch issue in online ordering.
Fix accept and reject buttons not greyed out when disabled.

Version 1.471.5 (May 27, 2020)
Added item notes field for Manage Item/Combo page of CMS.
Added Partially Paid Sales row to X Reading report.
Online ordering now supports table ordering.

Updated Square SDK.
Partial payments can now be done with customer credit or gift card.
iPad terminal can now access Customer page.

Fixed when bill is not on hold, repeat order from customer's past transactions not assigning the customer to bill.
Fixed online order delivery time not being pushed to next line when customer's name is printed in big font.
Fixed online order transaction ID not being shown on iPad terminal's previous transaction list.
Fixed saving price level removing price level that is not in view.
Fixed only customer's first name is being shown when assigning customer from terminal.
Fixed a section of Back and Main Menu buttons of CMS via web not clickable.
Fixed GloriaFood modifier quantity always set to 1.

Version 1.471.4 (May 13, 2020)
Fixed remarks or long text being cut off in GloriaFood delivery order printout.
Fixed updating table transaction's status sometimes causing app exit.
Fixed online ordering print out not printing transaction by.
Fixed exact button not working for certain payment type.

Version 1.471.2 (May 8, 2020)
Prevent duplicate payments if app exit during checkout.
Added retrieve missed order function for online order.

Fixed Epson printers printing Change for the first partial payment.
Fixed check connection for online order.

Version 1.471.1 (May 6, 2020)
Added search bar for online ordering page.

Fixed GloriaFood discount on modifier calculation.
Fixed online ordering receipt page always showing the first payment type.
Fixed online ordering bill total calculation.
Fixed queue number not printing when online order transaction comes in.
Fixed QR code printing for Epson raster (with space).
Fixed delivery text not spacing to next line.
Fixed segment controller's color for IOS12.
Fixed login screen outlet message positioning.
Fixed terminal being unable to do quick checkout.
Fixed editing order sequence for orders for the same seat but different courses.

Version 1.471 (Apr 28, 2020)
Online Ordering - New web interface available for customers to place order online.
Font size of customer address and name can now be adjusted.
Customer address can be printed as a QR code linking to google map.
Partial Payment - Bill can now be partially checked out and resume payment at a later date.
* Hold on the pay button to initial partial payment.
Multiple Entry of Identical Payment - Bill can now contain multiples of the same payment type.

For Khmer, bill's change will now alternate between USD and USD/KHR. Alternate currency name has to be set to "KHR" in order to work.
Added time format toggle to Clock In/Out report to view total hours in 0.00 or 00h 00m format.
Orders sequence can now be rearranged within the same seat/course before the bill is hold.
CSV import default option is now set to new category/modifier group.
In table layout, orange colored table will turn back to red if there are changes made to the bill.
Account's password can now be changed directly without old password if account is accessible.

Segment's color is now changed to look better in navigation bar with dark background.
Fixed Cash Out button not changing back to Cash In after completing a refund.
Fixed splitting bill with tips by price not splitting the tips amount accordingly.
Fixed combo orders always being added to the top of the order list.
Fixed Gloriafood not applying discount to zero priced item.
Fixed Gloriafood duplicating customer profile.
Fixed iPhone terminal not getting full customer details.
Fixed barcode manual entry not working for iPay88.
Fixed delay printing not working for KDS.

Customer Display Version 1.470 (Apr 7, 2020)
For Cambodian Riel, bill's change will now be shown in $ and KHR.

Default app's theme color is now changed to red and black.
Added support for MobiPOS v1.470.
Added support for 10.2 inch iPad screen size.
Added support of iOS 13 dark mode.

Kitchen Display Version 1.470 (Apr 7, 2020)
Added ability to disable synchronized bump between KDS.

Default app's theme color is now changed to red and black.
Added support for 10.2 inch iPad screen size.
Added support for iOS 13 dark mode.
Change in report's font and style.

Version 1.470.1 (Apr 11, 2020)
Undo split bill will now be recorded in action log report.

Fix action log report saving wrong description for certain split bill actions.
Fix scanning member card for cloud loyalty always showing the loading sign.
Fix outlet message text box being too small for new users.
Fix combo always being added to the top of order list.
Fix negative tax not being printed in receipt.
Fix open item always being disabled.
Fix checkout not saving the original receipt closing date in delete mode.

Version 1.470 (Mar 23, 2020)
Backward Compatible - No longer stop old app version from working with the new. Terminal will continue to work with main even if their version is different. However new features will be disabled..
Delay Printing - Hold the order, but print to kitchen at a specific time.
Stock Take - Count the inventory of each stock item, compare it with system's count and make necessary adjustment.
Reporting Category - Category & modifier group's sales can be reported to another category.
Automated Combo Forming - Auto bundling of ala carte order into a combo.
Multiple Till - Support multiple shift till per day.
Till Remarks - Add remarks to till during closing.
Till History - Shows the breakdown of payment discrepancy and allow you to reopen till or change the amount.
Message at Login Page - Display staff message in the login page.
Customer Group - Generate customer's report based on customer group.
Repeat Customer's Order - Reorder from customer's top 10 favourite or past transaction.

Added ability to create new transaction for occupied table. Click and hold on "New Transaction" to create new table transaction.
Added account's permission to disable user from editing table.
Added ability to duplicate account's permission to another.
Added search bar in table listing for both iPad and iPhone.
Added support of tax with negative percentage.
Added support of adding clock in/out record from cloud.
Added a function to delete order from bill without void, only available upon request.
Added sending of buzzer code to printer during test print.
Added ability to change navigation bar's text color.
Added support for 10.2 inch iPad screen size.
Added support for iOS 13 dark mode.

Merge & change table will now be recorded in action log report.
Changes to customer spending report to show more details.
Pay in/out is now available in terminal as well.
One time password to work for cloud loyalty as well.
Default app's theme color is now changed to red and black.
When idling, table layout for terminal will be updated automatically without the need of clicking reload.
Clicking on an occupied table will go into bill immediately, click and hold on it to show table's information like before.
In table layout, If an occupied table has multiple transactions, it will display a list of transactions to select from.
Updated table listing to support showing multiple transactions within the same table.
Change in report's font and style.
Number of split has been increased instead of being capped at 10.

Fix employee report's pay in/out not getting from individual terminal.
Fix customer info button not working in previous transaction.
Fix doing partial quantity refund for modifier causing it to show incorrect quantity.
Fix manual order list not printing receipt's remarks.
Fix terminal is able to do credit top up for customer that has not been added.
Fix item variant's commission, pricing level and recipe not updating accordingly when the parent item is updated.
Fix splitting bill evenly by pax having slight variant amount.

Version 1.463.4 (Mar 13, 2020)
Updated iZettle by Paypal SDK.

Version 1.463.2 (Mar 3, 2020)
Updated SumUp SDK to v3.4.

Version 1.463.1 (Feb 26, 2020)
Added support of adjusting item's price level and commission from CloudSync.
Added easier duplication of category and modifier.
Minor bug fixes in report.

Version 1.462.8 (Jan 29, 2020)
Fixed app not able to launch for iPhone and iPod.
Fixed Star mPOP logo alignment issue.
Fixed printer option UI issues.

Version 1.462.6 (Jan 24, 2020)
Add item page can now search using barcode as well.

Fixed main pos not being able to search for customers.
Fixed stock usage report's consolidated switch on/off not being saved after app exit.

Version 1.462.5 (Jan 17, 2020)
Added showing the count of each payment type in X reading report.
Added employee, movement type filter for Stock Movement Report.
Combo meal group's item that has been deleted will be shown in red color.
No longer showing discount for 0 price item in bill.

Fixed a bug where clock in/out report is not showing the clock out date if user clocked out on a different day.
Fixed a bug where terminal has to sync to main pos in order to remove a new customer from a transaction.
Fixed multiple reports selection not being saved after app exit.
Fixed iPhone not showing customer's last name in transaction.
Fixed variant item sequence issue when no category is assigned.
Fixed table transaction printing "-To Go" twice in kitchen docket.
Fixed manage till with denomination showing "Reset Till" button even no till has been set.
Fixed member pricing level issues for customers.
Fixed minor bug in cloud partial/manual sync.
Fixed creating customer with member discount not reflecting on terminal.

Version 1.462.4 (Dec 22, 2019)
Fixed multiple report generation not setting shift timing correctly.

Version 1.462.2 (Dec 12, 2019)
Fixed a bug where checkout can still be done when inventory is insufficient.
Fixed issue in CloudSync stock synchronisation.
Fixed customer loyalty view not showing correctly in iPad 12.9".

Version 1.462.1 (Nov 30, 2019)
Allow deleting stock item from cloud.
Added support of online ordering API.
Added work mode through cloud.
Change split/merge/change table print out font to be bigger.

Fixed tax calculation error when bill contains negative item and 0.00 grand total.
Fixed lite version showing up for old non pro user.
Fixed TSP-100 BTi drawer not opening when receipt is printing.
Fixed modifier printing error when print item & kitchen name is turned on.
Fixed GloriaFood not able to accept order if there's a card payment surcharge.

Version 1.462 (Nov 13, 2019)
Fixed a bug where main pos application exits when an order is sent from terminal. (Affecting TSP-100 & Epson Raster)

Version 1.461.9 (Nov 12, 2019)
Added barcode printing support for Rongta label printer.
Order list's transaction by to print order's by instead.

Fixed open price item is still showing modifier when modifier group is set to optional.
Fixed GloriaFood not adding/selecting address accordingly.
Fixed credit top up not entering account's name when top up is performed from terminal.
Fixed KDS order not linked correctly when order is sent from terminal.
Fixed iPhone not able to close discount's permission.
Fixed iOS 13 iPhone's navigation button not enabling.

Version 1.461.8 (Oct 30, 2019)
Hourly report can now be based on the order's time instead.
Terminal can now have its own quick serve (Eat In/To Go) default mode.
Added ability to reprint credit top up.
Dejavoo now support TLS protocol.
Voiding Dejavoo payment's bill will automatically refund the payment.
Dejavoo will retrieve previous payment that was disconnected halfway.

Fixed iOS 13 not changing color of toolbar's button.
Fixed iOS 13 region issue for Iceland region.
Fixed customer loyalty not getting correct figures from terminal.
Fixed pay in/out date issue during printing from terminal.
Fixed Westpac still showing message of payment after auto checkout.
Hourly report can now be based on the order's time instead.
Terminal can now have its own quick serve (Eat In/To Go) default mode.
Added ability to reprint credit top up.

Fixed iOS 13 not changing color of toolbar's button.
Fixed iOS 13 region issue for Iceland region.
Fixed customer loyalty not getting correct figures from terminal.
Fixed pay in/out date issue during printing from terminal.
Fixed Westpac still showing message of payment after auto checkout.
Fixed "To Go" not printing in order list.

Version 1.461.6 (Oct 17, 2019)
Allow AccountInfo to be created from CloudSync.
Allow KDS to have the same settings as printer, split order list by item and print order by quantity.

Fixed KDS not able to do linked bump order if order is sent from terminal instead of main.
Fixed GloriaFood receipt not printing the size of the order.
Fixed GloriaFood causing app to exit if missed order is being sent.

Version 1.461.3 (Sep 25, 2019)
Support up to 10 kitchen display.
Added auto checkout under payment type, option to checkout immediately upon sufficient payment.
Image can now be uploaded through CloudSync.
Printing of current bill will prompt an alert if there's item with no price or weight.
Modifier can now have its own order by for commission purpose.

Fixed login logo not using high resolution image.
Fixed saving of variant item's image not linking correctly.
Fixed 'Unable to connect' bug in cloud terminal mode.
Fixed label printer not able to print standalone modifier.
Fixed app exit if printer's column count is 0.
Fixed empty pdf attached during multiple report generation.
Fixed terminal still able to send order when item's availability is turned off.
Fixed terminal still able void order after the bill has been checkout.

Version 1.461.2 (Aug 27, 2019)
Added support of Epson L90 (35mm x 28mm) label printer.
Added Vietnamese printing language.
Credit card payment will no longer checkout immediately.

Fixed app exit when GloriaFood receives order with remarks.
Fixed app exit when modifier's remarks too long.
Fixed app exit when adding empty modifier group to item.
Fixed Rongta label printer not able to print.
Fixed modifier quantity not printed in manual order list and receipt.
Fixed inventory report not showing the latest inventory.
Fixed combo group's item clearing after saving in cloud.

Version 1.461.1 (Aug 15, 2019)
Fixed app exit when Zebra ZD410 label printer is used.

Version 1.461 (Aug 13, 2019)
Added integration of Rongta RP410 Label printer.
Added multiple report generation, generate multiple reports at one go.
Training mode now require admin's password to turn off as well.
Last 10 transaction will list out according to receipt's end date and receipt's start date if the bill is not closed.
Allow Honeywell PC42 label printing to print on multiple label if the name of item is too long.
Payment's signature will now be shown in invoice as well.
Kiosk to able to enter customer's table number during checkout.

Fixed unable to archive database due to deleted account's clock in/out record.
Fixed app requirement of iOS 10 back to iOS 8.
Fixed incorrect category sales due to "group by main category".
Fixed total weight not showing in item sales report.
Fixed setting timer from terminal causes main pos to hang.

Version 1.460.7 (Jul 24, 2019)
Up to 3x faster in terminal synchronization speed.
Credit card payment can now be the first payment type, enabling quick checkout with it.
Added payment override. Click and hold on the payment type for 2 seconds, enter admin's password to override payment for the bill.
Added order time in order details page.
Barcode scanner can now be used to retrieve customer in receipt info page and gift card during payment.
Button's color can now be changed in category/item/modifier settings as well.
Added cash till report, generate report based on the till opening and closing time.
Combo meal group's item can now adjust its sequence.
Easier way to turn off guide mode.
Bill of material report to support 4 decimals.

Removed merchant ID and API key from SmartPay settings page.
Fixed receipt printing signature from previous bill.
Fixed iPhone/iPod not able to do on screen signature.
Fixed receipt remarks not able to type more than 2 lines.
Fixed terminal through cloud not able to pair.
Fixed a bug where app exit during archive database.
Fixed calculation error in employee item sales report.

Version 1.460.6 (Jul 3, 2019)
Added employee item sales report.
Added cloud terminal mode. Allows you to have a terminal that connects to primary pos through internet rather than local area network (Wi-Fi).
Added support of Dejavoo Canada.
Added warning check for zero price/weight item during checkout.
Unit of measurement for inventory count is now displayed in menu.
Backup printer can now be set to a different model with the same printing command. For example setting Star TSP-100IIIBI (Bluetooth) as a backup of TSP-100 LAN.
Item in combo is now able to show product info.

Recipe to allow item with recipe in it, but will only deduct the item, not the recipe under the item.
Fixed collate order not working for item with modifier.
Fixed combo group item not saving its sequence.
Fixed price check in combo showing the wrong price.
Fixed price check in variant item.
Fixed partial split quantity in refund item not working.
Fixed export customer not showing all information.
Fixed incorrect receipt count of eat in/to go in X reading for quick serve mode.

Version 1.460.5 (Jun 13, 2019)
Fixed unable to select customer in cloud loyalty mode.
Fixed unable to save time based menu, attribute and unit of measurement if info is tapped for the first time.
Fixed not able to change delivery type from terminal.

Version 1.460.3 (Jun 1, 2019)
ActionLog now saves the receipt amount that was being closed during training mode.
X reading now show breakdown of each receipt number for Dine In, To Go or Delivery sales.
Added customer loyalty section, displaying customer's favourite items, last 10 visits and more.
Customer name will be shown in table transaction if there's multiple bill in the same table.
Current bill prints the start date as well if 'Print receipt start date' is turned on.
Improves the speed of retrieving customer list.
Replace word can now be imported via csv.
Fixed Epson TM-M30 printer connectivity issue.
Fixed terminal not retrieving customer additional address.
Fixed attribute menu button showing wrong item during price check.

Version 1.460.3 (May 23, 2019)
Manage order can now click on course title to toggle orders under the course.
System now accept both username or email to login into Cloud.
Label printer now prints progress of 1/3, 2/3, 3/3 if quantity of order is more than 1.
Fixed incorrect pricing for table's takeaway order when there's pricing level setup.
Fixed incorrect pricing for takeaway modifier ordering from iPhone terminal.
Fixed refund using iZettle by Paypal unable to click on Checkout after refund.
Fixed cms via web showing category's modifier group in add item section.

Version 1.460.1 (May 14, 2019)
Discount report can now be printed.
Fixed bill discount not saving if customer has both member pricing level and automated discount.
Fixed square payment not working for non US countries.
Fixed refund bill needs to be closed twice if logout upon hold is set.
Fixed category report not showing percentage correctly.

Version 1.460 (May 6, 2019)
**System Feature**
Support item quantity up to 2 decimal. Sell product item at 0.25 quantity. This allows sharing of order during split bill.
Added assign modifier group to category. All product item under the category will have the modifier group assigned.
Replace Word. Replace any system wording with your own.
Time based menu. Added ability to configure the order of menu uniquely for each terminal.
Device based button layout. Added ability to configure different button layout for different terminal.
Up-sell product info. Hold on product button to show product details with bigger product image. To change button color is now swipe up instead of hold.
Added refund without linking to previous bill. Simply start a refund bill and refund any product item you wish.
Quick access in new transaction. Click & hold on new transaction button now gives you the option of “New Transaction”, “To Go”, “Delivery” and “Refund”.
Default ‘-‘ modifier symbol can now be changed.
Added ability to email all unpaid bills to the customer.
Pay In/Out is now available in terminal as well.
Enforce customer. Prompt to enter customer name in receipt on hold.

Set kiosk terminal to a Fixed table number. Order sent will always be sent to the assigned table number.
Fixed kiosk payment type. Allow customer to checkout orders on their own with credit card terminal.
Kiosk can now hold order to not print to the kitchen until checkout is done.

Added support for Star TSP-100 USB printer.
Added support for Star SM-L200 printer.
Print order based on the quantity. For 3 quantity order, system prints 3 dockets with 1 quantity instead of 1 docket with 3 quantity.
Added ability to disable printing of combo meal header in kitchen docket.
Current bill's header & footer can be different from checkout bill.
Kitchen table name alignment can now be adjusted.
Print stock in/out receipt during stock in/out.
Print discount summary under the receipt.
Print bill's start and end date in receipt.
Print bill's start and end by in receipt.
Print bill's remarks in receipt.

Added support of Square payment. Square app has to be installed and transaction will be processed in Square app.

**Customer Display**
Added ability to display alternate currency grand total.

**Kitchen Display**
Added KDS Job Order & Summary report.
Added ability to rearrange order sequence in the docket.

Version 1.452.8 (Apr 16, 2019)
Added sort by total instead of quantity in top selling report.
Fixed a bug in GloriaFood ordering.
Fixed unable to print bill if chinese word is too long.

Version 1.452.7 (Apr 16, 2019)
GloriaFood item mapping show linked item in red if item is mapped incorrectly.
GloriaFood will not allow linking of modifier to non modifier item.
Remove open item from top selling report.
Fixed kitchen order list printing incorrect count.
Fixed tax summary alignment.
Fixed scrollview's scrollbar not showing for iPad bigger than 9.7"
Fixed price checker not working for modifier item.
Fixed upon splitting bill system prompt for split even the original bill is closed.

Version 1.452.6 (Mar 25, 2019)
Open price and weight item can now be negative price.
Fixed not able to close invoice preview generated in previous receipt.
Fixed till including payment that is non cash.
Fixed GloriaFood not receiving bill as to go/takeaway for quick serve mode.
Fixed bill shows old orders when table is being previewed and someone sends in order.

Version 1.452.4 (Mar 25, 2019)
Added iPay88 payment type.
Fixed iZettle by Paypal refund payment.
Fixed Belize region date formatting.

Version 1.452.3 (Mar 19, 2019)
Added bill of material report.
Category to be included in discount transaction report.
Fixed tick icon is blocking variant item inventory in combo meal.

Version 1.452.2 (Mar 11, 2019)
Added Westpac MOTO payment type.
iZettle by Paypal to support refund.
Commission report now comes with grand total.
Fixed iPad pro unable to remove favourite menu.
Fixed an issue where table goes to another layout.

Version 1.452.1 (Feb 26, 2019)
Track inventory can now be switched on in CloudSync.
New product item can now be added into purchase order in CloudSync.
Fixed incorrect order list printing column count.
Fixed system crash if table layout goes out of view.
Fixed kitchen notification printing gibberish data if main printer and kitchen printer model is different.

Version 1.452 (Feb 17, 2019)
Modifier will be selected automatically if modifier group is set to non optional with only 1 modifier in it.
Added rounding option of 500 & 1000.
Added search options in settings.
QR scanner no longer display card number upon scanning.

Version 1.451.8 (Feb 8, 2019)
Added support of Zebra ZD410 Ethernet label printer.

Version 1.451.7 (Feb 4, 2019)
Fixed GloriaFood integration not able to accept orders with tips.
Fixed void sales in consolidated x reading report showing incorrect amount.
Fixed rounding errors for for large figures in x reading.
Fixed category sales report not printing Modifier sales.
Dejavoo payment will go revert back to cash payment type if it fails.

Version 1.451.6 (Jan 30, 2019)
Fixed app exits when collate order is turned on for bill.

Version 1.451.5 (Jan 27, 2019)
Added support of all devices screen size.
Fixed "tax before discount" causing bill to become negative value for inclusive tax setup.
Fixed combo meal not collating accordingly in bill printing.
Fixed printer override not showing full list of printer due to space constraint.
Fixed chinese character printing alignment in receipt.
Disable receiving orders during cloud "Syncing with server..."

Version 1.451.3 (Jan 11, 2019)
Fixed email not having a subject name for Z reading report.
Fixed unable to login by password when clock in/out is enforced.
Fixed chinese character alignment in receipt printing.
Fixed AirDrop not working for backup files.

Version 1.451.2 (Jan 5, 2019)
Added delivery details into transaction report.
Color selector can now be keyed in instead of just sliding.
Attribute sequence can now be adjusted.
Training mode is now printed bigger in receipt and order list.
Fixed a bug where member discount is asking for permission.
Fixed item sold by weight is set to price per unit automatically when the weight is 0.
Fixed reward list not able to adjust sequence.

Version 1.451.1 (Dec 19, 2018)
Fixed variant item displaying zero price in iPod/iPhone terminal.
Inventory count of variant item is now moved to the bottom of the button.
Cutter code is now included into PTP II/III printer model.
Improve speed of "Syncing with server..." after a long time of not updating to CloudSync.
Fixed change password button is not shown as enabled under settings -> account.

Version 1.451 (Dec 12, 2018)
Added ability to choose between 2 or 3 digit in queue number printing.
iZettle by Paypal SDK is updated to version 2.0, supports iZettle Reader 2.
Added date range to custody report.
Added unclaimed custody report.
Delivery bill can now be split and merged.
Splitting bill with customer transfers the customer over to the new bill as well.
Support transfer stock between branch using CloudSync.
Fixed an issue where item price becomes 0 after split or transfer by item.
Fixed system showing too many decimal for split or discount on bill.
Fixed invoice showing payment type as the total instead of the value.
Fixed a bug where application exits when closing a split bill with 10th payment and above.
Fixed not able to add table to a new layout due to sequence.

Version 1.450.9 (Nov 27, 2018)
Enforce table entry can now be set individually for each terminal.
Barcode label printing will now remember the settings for each individual item.
Support modifying of clock in/out records in CloudSync.
CloudSync no longer turns off after long period of internet outage, will sync again when internet is available.
Fixed price of modifier not changing to to go price.
Fixed customer address is not printed when order is made from the terminal.
Fixed reward point is still awarded during redemption, if custom reward option is not turned on under settings.

Version 1.450.8 (Nov 20, 2018)
Fixed Dejavoo not able to adjust tips for TSYS.
Fixed an issue where terminal unable to change quantity of item due to member pricing level.
Fixed daylight saving causing incorrect date to be shown in report & previous receipt.
Fixed alternate currency not showing the actual value due to region formatting.
Fixed remarks in Khmer language not printing.

Version 1.450.7 (Nov 12, 2018)
Variant item will now show inventory for attribute type view as well.
Fixed table unable to un-join when there's no bill.
Fixed emailing customer summary report hangs the system.

Version 1.450.6 (Nov 08, 2018)
Extended GloriaFood synchronisation timeout, prevent it to fail prematurely.
Commission report now shows order and bill discount separately.
Fixed an issue where keyboard not showing up for quick key and inventory in item settings.
Fixed Bixolon SRP-R300 model printing not printing report.

Version 1.450.4 (Nov 02, 2018)
Total number of orders in bill will now show beside subtotal.
Fixed adjusting quantity of orders in terminal clears off the new orders.
Fixed GloriaFood not able to save delivery fee item.
Fixed Dejavoo adjusting tips in previous receipt not completing.
Fixed concurrent insert of new transaction merged into 1 bill.
Fixed iPod/iPhone terminal not showing joined table correctly.
Fixed iPod/iPhone terminal not showing customer tab name in the receipt.
Fixed iPod/iPhone terminal not seeing inventory changes immediately after sending order.

Version 1.450 (Oct 30, 2018)
Terminal will now display inventory level as well.
Item can now be hidden. Hidden item can still be ordered through barcode scanning.
Added delivery tax type.
Added delivery fee. Prompt selection of delivery fee in delivery type bill.
Added option to print extra receipt for certain payment type.
Added time based menu, show different menu in different terminal or during different hour.
Added customer tab, adding orders to customer tab table prompts for customer name before ordering.
Added option to enforce clock in before ordering, clock out must not have opened table.
Added option to print tax summary at the bottom of the receipt.
Added option to print item notes in kitchen docket.
Added option to join table before the start of the bill.
Added 6 more privileges to account, controlling pay in/out, clock in/out, gift card, rewards/loyalty, cloud sync and GloriaFood delivery.
Added non login account. Account can be used for commission or clock in/out purpose, but not logging in into the system.
Added customer spending report.
Added ability to print barcode label.
Configurable end of day report printing. Choose report to be printed during end of day.
Entered denomination figures in cash till will now be printed in Z reading report.
Previous receipt can now be accessed from cash register screen.
Added ability to check stock movement between the last stock in/out.

Version 1.448.4 (Oct 8, 2018)
Added the ability to hide inactive clock in/out users in report.
Added pay in/out in employee report.
Westpac can now support multiple terminal.
Fixed rewards are still given when customer claim rewards.

Version 1.448.3 (Sep 27, 2018)
Added customer credits & rewards history report.
Fixed rewards discount not showing up in X reading.
Fixed 'Use Customer' retrieves only the first name but not last name in receipt.
Fixed transaction number not showing correctly in enforce till error message.

Version 1.448 (Sep 17, 2018)
Modifier group will automatically go to the next selection if max selection is reached.
Added guide button to all settings page under guide mode.
* Changes to kitchen order list print upon checkout.
Added unsent void in void report. Orders that are void before checkout will be shown as unsent void.
If order is void before sending to kitchen, it will not be included in void sales.
Previously if a bill is reopened and checkout again, the entire bill's order will be printed to kitchen again. Only additional orders are printed now.
Fixed unpaid sales showing incorrectly when consolidated is turned on in x reading report.
Fixed commission report showing voided bill sales.
Fixed previous receipt not able to list receipt from different date in terminal.
Fixed previous receipt not able to search for receipt in terminal.
Fixed a bug where till can still be closed when there's unpaid bill.
Fixed a bug where changing modifier order details remove To Go selection.
Fixed To Go text alignment for modifier order.
Fixed kiosk mode not showing new transaction button.
Fixed a few bug which causes the app to exit.

Version 1.447 (Sep 3, 2018)
App will now send delivery date and delivery type to kitchen display.
Action log now record changing of pay in/out.
Fixed transaction order report calculation error.
Fixed misalignment in invoice.

Version 1.446 (Aug 28, 2018)
Category sales report to include modifier sales in it as well.
Prevent admin account from being deleted.
Table and transaction listing is longer right now.
User can search customer by card number in the search field.
Reduce app memory usage to prevent random crashes.

Version 1.445 (Aug 15, 2018)
Added category sales report, the old category sales report is now named as item sales report.
Added share button for reports and backup. Easily share files between iOS devices.
Fixed minor bugs.

Version 1.442 (Jul 31, 2018)
Fixed kitchen order list pricing alignment.

Version 1.441 (Jul 24, 2018)
Terminal synchronization now works automatically.
Added GloriaFood 1 for 1 promo integration and discount on cart.
Added sales to date for that month in X reading.
X reading report will be printed as Z if till and all bills are closed.
Z reading report will be printed automatically when till is closed.
Fixed a bug where app hangs when terminal void order.
Fixed keyboard blocking remarks in order details.

Version 1.440 (Jul 18, 2018)
Added categorisation in stock movement report.
Clock In/Out report now show hours in decimal instead of hour:minute
Added search bar in GloriaFood item mapping.
GloriaFood will now print out order that is not linked in the system.
Fixed GloriaFood sending as to go in KDS instead of delivery.
Fixed transaction list not showing delivery bill when retrieving from terminal.
Fixed Customer Display not showing alternate currency in total.
Fixed HoneyWell PC42 not printing long item names.

Version 1.439 (Jul 3, 2018)
Added support of iASPPOS iPad Stand printer.
Added transaction order report.
Fixed incorrect course sequence.
Fixed commission report not working for orders without tax.
Added back old method of Epson raster printing.

Version 1.438 (Jun 28, 2018)
Fixed bugs in SmartPay
Fixed report date selector showing null if there’s a shift
Added Assembly payments (Westpac)
Fixed void order unable to use user with void order privilege as password.
Improve epson raster printing speed.

Version 1.437 (Jun 17, 2018)
Added scan barcode using camera at item page.
Report date will be saved, easier for switching in between reports.
Tyro payment will automatically checkout bill if amount is sufficient.
Fixed item search missing the first row.
Fixed incorrect calculation in commission report.
Fixed custody receipt not printing remarks.
Fixed delivery item matching with other food in GloriaFood delivery.

Version 1.436 (Jun 10, 2018)
Added scan barcode button in cash register.
Added support of 5000 & 2000 rounding.
Added print transaction report.
You can now choose to print category or item report.
Support negative price in price overwrite.
Fixed printing alignment issues for bigger font customer details.

Version 1.434 (May 27, 2018)
Fixed combo meal not able to add newly added item.
Fixed rounding not working for the first payment type.

Version 1.433 (May 22, 2018)
Support BIR for Philippines.
Fixed SumUp crash upon paying.
Fixed manual split bill by percentage not working.
Fixed X reading report not showing pay in/pay out amount.
Fixed pay in/pay out removing old records when number overflows the page.
Fixed cloud loyalty not working for customer rewards.
Removing all attribute from variant item will delete all items automatically.
Receipt information will display customer's reward points balance.

Version 1.432 (May 12, 2018)
Fixed iPhone/iPod terminal returning to orders from another bill if order fails to send.
Fixed bill closed with gift card + cash causing payment report to show extra cash payment.
Fixed transaction payment report not showing payment type for bill that is split.
Fixed recipe that is deleted in the iPad, not updating to CloudSync.
Fixed timer button blocking print current bill button in table layout.
Stop barcode scanning when item is not found.
Prevent device from logging out during barcode scanning.

Version 1.430 (May 09, 2018)
New Features:
Support up to 20 payment types.
Allow changing of "transaction by" for table.
Added timer for table. A timer which counts down from the time of the transaction.
Added option to assign modifier's price to to print at parent item.
Added option to disable double discount. Order with discount will not be affected by bill discount again.
Added page upon login. Each user/server can define their own preferred page upon login for quicker access.
Added option to enforce till. Enforce staff to start shift before closing any transaction.
Added option to print transaction barcode in bill. Scans barcode to retrieve transaction immediately in the system.
Added option to enforce table entry. Ordering is disabled if table is not assigned to the bill.
Added tax before discount. Tax will be calculated based on the order total price before any discount.
Added support of Epson M30 bluetooth printer.
Added support of Honeywell PC42 label printer. Print label to paste it on product.
Added user privilege to disable certain staff from changing customer card number.
Added discount transaction report. Shows breakdown of each discount in each receipt.

Variant item can now be ordered using breakdown of each attribute type or through the list of all variant item.
Added replace count option in inventory stock in/out management.
iPad terminal can now access to inventory stock in/out management as well.
Closed bill's order can no longer be refunded again and again.
Barcode scanning accuracy and speed is now improved.
A pop up with barcode scanned will show if item is not found in the system.
Price level overwrite will be cleared not just upon hold, but upon checkout as well.
Queue number will now be printed not just upon hold, but 'Pay' and 'Quick Checkout' as well.

Bug Fixedes:
Fixed emailing gift card list not closing the mail composer after sending it.
Fixed modifier that is disabled can still be ordered through the product image of it.
Kitchen order list will now print all wording instead of being Fixed to 2 lines.
Fixed character printing alignment in kitchen order list.
Fixed iPod/iPhone terminal is opening cash drawer if receipt printout for that device is turned off.
Fixed table change not working if print kitchen order list upon checkout is turned on.
Fixed TSP-100IIIBI not opening drawer using the open drawer key.
Fixed ordering variant item not getting custom tax configuration from category.

Version 1.429 (Mar 20, 2018)
Fixed logout upon checkout is disrupting email receipt after bill.
Fixed customer credit is affecting cash till amount.
Modifier group and combo meal group's item sequence can now be adjusted.

Version 1.428 (Mar 12, 2018)
Added delete archive feature.
Fixed a bug where weight item causing inventory to deduct incorrectly.
Fixed customer import with expiry date causing issue.
Fixed weight item not coming up through scan.

Version 1.427 (Feb 26, 2018)
Added SmartPay Integration for New Zealand.
Allow member pricing level to have adjustable time as well.

Fixed customer credits balance deducting twice for image generated receipt.
Fixed terminal not retrieve customer balance correctly.
Made changes to barcode scanning product, it will prompt choices of item if both item has the same barcode.
Remove in GloriaFood receipt.
Fixed GloriaFood not printing the correct customer details and receipt number.
Fixed an issue where iPhone printing extra order to kitchen if user went into old orders and click on Confirm changes without making any change.

Version 1.426 (Feb 9, 2018)
Importing customer now comes with expiry date, reward points and credit balance.
Added delete all customer function.
Adding item into recipe will turn on inventory tracking automatically for each of them.
In terminal, it will now show all customer list instead of having to search it.

Fixed gloria food docket chit showing ' '
Prevent clicking pay and checkout together too quickly causing error in report.
Fixed a bug where Dejavoo adjust tips for split bill, not updating x reading report.
Fixed a bug where there's a 1 cent difference in x reading when split bill has discount.
Fixed variant item can be ordered by clicking on the right top add button instead of the variant item.
Fixed forfeited voucher not showing up in x reading.
Disable KDS from saving own IP address as POS IP address.

Version 1.425 (Feb 2, 2018)
Added consolidated stock report.
Fixed not able to add more than 10 terminals.
Fixed printing 1 extra line if order comes with remarks.

Version 1.424 (Jan 31, 2018)
Fixed GloriaFood not retrieving modifiers for item without size.
Disable combo from ordering if combo's item has been deleted.
Fixed table layout not reflecting name immediately after changing.
Fixed terminal keep showing not synced if main changed database.
Fixed app exits receiving combo meal update from cloud.

Version 1.423 (Jan 29, 2018)
Added total for void report.
Speed improvement when entering table layout & cash register.
Added price overwrite/unit of measurement in order details for easier calculation.
Added To Go for order that is takeaway in dine in bill.
Emailing backup/archive will have outlet name attached to the subject.

Fixed rewards loyalty not able to delete.
Fixed terminal not able to retrieve previous transaction when hide transaction from other staff is turned on.
Fixed line item pricing not showing correct price for weight item during price overwrite.
Fixed customer font not getting bigger for kitchen customer header.
Fixed terminal not printing orders due to empty printer overwrite.
Fixed weight item not updating inventory when it is being changed after hold.
Fixed changing to "To Go" in dine in bill does not change to to go pricing.
Fixed cms via web, save item's modifier, printer, recipe and combo not working.
Fixed gift card or customer top up, payment with alternate currency not charging correctly.

Version 1.422 (Jan 17, 2018)
Fixed not being able to add new item.

Version 1.420 (Jan 16, 2018)
Added ability to adjust bigger font for customer name in bill and kitchen printout.
Added upon checkout proceed to 'New Transaction', 'Logout or 'Table Layout'.
Added ability to print pay In/out receipt.
Added ability to collate orders during bill printing, reducing the length of printout.
Added denomination for easier till closing process.
Added printer override. Allow terminal to print to a different kitchen printer for the same order.
Added product variant. Create a different sizes/color product with the same settings.
Added expiration date to member.
Added credit & gift card report.
Added refund report.
Added GloriaFood Delivery.
Customers & gift card can now be shared across all branches if you are using CloudSync.
Report can now be generated individually for each terminal.
You can now select a particular order in a dine in bill to be take away/to go.
Disable usage of customer credit if credit is insufficient.

Version 1.417 (Dec 13, 2017)
​Fixed reprinting bill not printing tax summary correctly when its printed from secondary terminal.
Fixed refund item with discount calculation error.
Fixed tips/gratitude not printing correctly for TSP-100 printer.
Fixed discount by price to not go higher than the item price.

Version 1.416 (Dec 03, 2017)
Fixed set meal children item taking the original price during the switch of to go/eat in.
Fixed set meal children item taking the original price when price overwrite is removed.
Fixed bill discount, reward discount numbers cutting off for TSP printers.
Fixed a bug where epson raster not printing correctly from previous receipt.

Version 1.414 (Nov 17, 2017)
Fixed receipt total being cut off for graphic printer.

Version 1.412 (Nov 13, 2017)
Added unpaid sales to x reading.
Support up to 20 printers.
Support up to 100 pax for seat assignment, previously 12.
Terminal can now redeem rewards as well.
Added khmer printing language.

Fixed pub hour shift report not working if operation hour is not pub hour.
Fixed keyboard blocking text field in customer tab.
Fixed theme and unit of measurement not having restriction.
Fixed phone number not saving for customer if its a new bill.
Fixed commission report showing extra quantity for multiple days report.
Fixed image printing showing extra spaces between line.

Version 1.411 (Nov 13, 2017)
Receipt line item pricing will be printed if its sold by weight.
Charge customer credit amount will turn red if it's more than it's balance.
Fixed combo meal not selecting automatically if modifier group selection is set to optional.
Fixed app not working in pro version, if it crashes twice.

Version 1.410 (Oct 13, 2017)
Updated iZettle by Paypal Library.
Terminal will print customer's credit balance as well.
Fixed single character got cut away in Invoice.
Fixed ordering not checking for sold out recipe.
Fixed inventory not deducting if order comes from terminal by adjusting quantity.
Fixed inventory not returning if an entire bill is void.
Fixed manual cloud sync shows no data to be synced even though there is.
Allow system to sync with cloud again without having to reset & re-sync even after a long period of time without internet.

Version 1.409 (Oct 05, 2017)
Orders that are not hold will not be cleared during logout. Orders will be saved according to each user account.
Fixed closing bill with open item from terminal, app exit.
Fixed app exit generating invoice in previous receipt.
Fixed set meal name showing incorrectly in invoice.