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Edit Clock In/Out

This guide explains about the editing of Clock In/Out at MobiPOS CloudSync.
This is useful when there is a mistake in Clock In/Out time, and the employee did not change it at the iPad.
Users gets to change it online, and it will be reflected on the MobiPOS app upon syncing.
To edit Clock In/Out, go to MobiPOS CloudSync.
At the homepage, go to Records -> Clock In/Out.

pos system cloud records clock in out settings icon

Upon clicking Clock In/Out, the page will be redirected to the image, as shown below.
If your staff forgot to clock in, click on "Add Clock In/Out".

pos system cloud add clock in out settings icon

Upon clicking on "Add Clock In/Out", the page will be shown as below.
First, click on the "Select Employee" field.
Then, click on the date and time for Clock In and followed by Clock Out.
Upon completion, click on "Add" at the top right corner.

pos system cloud add clock in out details settings icon

Upon saving, there will be a pop-up showing "Add Successful" as shown below.
Click "OK".

pos system cloud clock in out add successful settings icon

To check the report, select the desired start and end date of the report, then click on "Generate".

pos system cloud clock in out records report settings icon

The report generated shows the date and time of the clock in/out, the total duration of work in hour and minute, and in hour for each employee as shown in the image above.

Users can edit the date and time of clock-in/out by tapping on the desired column.
Upon editing, click on "Save".
Users can also delete the row by clicking on "Delete".
Do note that users can only delete the clock in/out details that are created in MobiPOS CloudSync.
The ones that are created on the iPad can only be modified but not delete.