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In order to receive orders from online ordering, your iPad/main pos has to be turned on and remain in the MobiPOS point of sale app.
At Settings -> CloudSync, make sure it is turned on.
At Settings -> Activation/Restore, make sure you have a valid Online Ordering license.

Do ensure you have a stable internet connection.
You can check your connection availability in Cash Register -> Functions -> Online Ordering.

pos online ordering troubleshoot

Look for Functions -> Check Connection.

pos online ordering troubleshoot check connection

If your connection is established with our server, you should see a message of "Device is online" within seconds.

pos online ordering troubleshoot device online notification

If no message is shown, it means the iPad is not connected.
To restart connection, try clicking on Functions -> Restart Connection.

pos online ordering troubleshoot restart connection

Upon doing so, you will see "Connection restarted" message. Try Check Connection again to see if it's alright.

If troubleshooting doesn't work, feel free to send us an email at