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Using Gift Card

Customers may choose to use their gift cards when paying the bill. Make sure that Gift Card payment is toggled on by going to Settings -> General -> Gift Card.

mobipos giftcard payment enabled part 1

mobipos giftcard payment enabled part 2

In the Cash Register page of MobiPOS application, click the Pay button.

mobipos application pay bill

At the payment page, click on Gift Card.

mobipos application pay with giftcard

Next, proceed by scanning the gift card. If the scanning the gift card QR code is not available, you can alternatively click on the Manual Entry option located at the top left corner of the window.

mobipos application scan giftcard to pay or manual entry giftcard number

After that, proceed to enter the gift card number and click OK.

mobipos application enter giftcard number to pay

The following screen will be displayed. While the charge amount is adjustable, the default setting will be the maximum amount of the gift card balance necessary to cover the total bill. Click Apply to confirm the allocation of the gift card to the bill.

mobipos application confirm giftcard payment

Upon applying the gift card, the bill should reflect the attached gift card. To finalise the transaction, click on Checkout.

mobipos application giftcard applied to bill

For the transaction receipt, navigate to the top right corner of the page, click Transaction, and click on the specific transaction you wish to view.

mobipos application giftcard view transaction receipt part 1

The transaction receipt should be displayed on the left like so.

mobipos application giftcard view transaction receipt part 2