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Multiple Select on Orders

This guide will explain the steps on how to select multiple orders at once in cash register.

In order to select multiple orders at once, click on the More Functions button located at the bottom right corner.

mobi pos cash register more functions

Then, click on Edit Order

mobi pos cash register edit order

Once you have clicked on edit order, the option to select multiple orders will appear.

mobi pos cash register edit order

Select multiple orders by clicking on each of the orders you would like to select.

mobi pos cash register select multiple orders

Multiple select on orders is useful as it helps you to easily apply various functions to all of them collectively. We will talk about the functions that you can apply on multiple selected orders.

Split Bill

If you would like to split multiple orders into a seperate bill, you can do so by selecting those orders and clicking on Split Bill. In the example below, there are three items in the bill. However, seafood and pepperoni pizza are going to be split into another bill.

mobi pos multiple split bill

After splitting the bill, the selected items will be transferred to a new bill, and you will receive a message indicating the creation of the new bill.

mobi pos split bill popup

The new bill will appear when you click on Transaction as seen below for the new bill POS000011.

mobi pos see new bill transaction

Order By

If you want to change who did the orders for multiple items in a bill, instead of clicking into each item and changing it one by one, you can just select the items you want to change and click on Order By.

mobi pos multiple select order by

Then, select an account. For this example, we will be selecting manager.

mobi pos select account

Upon selecting the manager, the previously chosen orders will now be labeled as ordered by the manager.

mobi pos ordered by

The image below highlights the other functions you can apply.

mobi pos ordered by

Reprint Kitchen

In the case where multiple items in your bill were not received by the kitchen, you can reprint the orders for them.


You can apply the same discount to multiple items in a bill simultaneously. Simply select the orders you want to discount, click on Discount, and then apply the desired discount.


You can select multiple orders to void at a time. In the example image above, clicking on Void will cause the two selected items to be voided together.