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Split Order

Refer to this guide on how to split order when there are two different request for the same order.
As seen in the photo below, if you have Collate Order enabled, the Items can be merged in the same order.

mobipos settings collate order

In the Cash Register, order a quantity of 3 Vege Burger.

mobipos cash register order

3 Vege Burgers will now show up in the same bill with a quantity of 3 listed beside. That shows the Collate Order is effective. The Split Order function can be used if someone wishes to make a remark for one of the Vege Burgers ordered. This separates the burger from the other burgers in the same order.

mobipos order 3 vege burger

For example, a customer has an allergy and would like to remove certain ingredients from the burger. This can be done by clicking on the Order Name and Order Details will pop up. Click on the Split button to separate one of the Vege Burger.

mobipos split order

Now the third Vege Burger will show up as a different item in the bill.

mobipos split order vege burger

Click on the Order Name and Order Details will pop up again. Enter your remarks for the Vege Burger.

mobipos vege burger add remark

An example, "No cheese" has been entered as a remark for the Vege Burger. Click Confirm on the top right corner to finalise the remarks.

mobipos vege burger confirm remark

Now the remarks will show up under the third Vege Burger which have been split into a different item from the first Vege Burger.

mobipos vege burger split with remark

Items will modifiers can also be separated if there are in the same order. For example, order 2 Cheese Burger and select your modifiers. They will show up in the same order.

mobipos order with modifiers

You can also have the same burger but as a separate Item. Order the same burger and select your modifiers. Once that is done, click and hold on the Add button to finalise.

mobipos click and and hold modifiers

Now it shows up as a separate Item in the bill.

mobipos separate item in bill