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Tips Configuration

Click to toggle on Allow Tips and customers are able to input tips amount before they checkout. There are a maximum of 3 options for different tips amount. Insert the amount and select the tips type you want. In this case, 2%, 5% and 10% tips amount have been entered and percentage is selected as the tips type. Click Save to finalise all changes.

mobipos online ordering tips configuration

Go to the online store and add items to the cart then proceed to checkout. It will bring you to order details and now you have the option to input tips before checking out. Click on the pencil icon.

mobipos order details tips

Select the tips amount you want and it will show how much it is in price depending on your bill. You can also insert a price of your choice for the tip amount if you do not want to choose the tips percentage provided. Click Save to continue.

mobipos order details select tips amount

The tips amount is applied. Click on Next.

mobipos tips applied

Now it shows the tips in the bill.

mobipos tips shown in bill