Setting up MobiPOS is simple and easy.

mobipos system setup guide

What is the hardware requirement?

To start using MobiPOS, you would need to have following hardware:

1) Any version of iPad with iOS 8.1 or above installed.

2) LAN thermal printer. (We recommend Epson TM-T88)
* You need printer with ethernet interface, USB, parallel or serial port will not work.

3) Cash drawer. **

4) Wi-Fi router

5) Kitchen/Bar printer. **

6) iPad Terminal. **

7) iPod/iPhone Terminal. **

posframe     RJ 45 physical connector           posframe     RJ 11 (telephone jack)            ** Optional.

How do I setup?

1) Download our application from the Appstore. Using your ipad, search using the keyword 'MobiPOS' or download using iTunes.

2) Setup your LAN thermal printer. Connect the LAN cable from your printer to the router, print out the configuration slip from the printer and obtain the IP address.

3) Connect your cash drawer to the printer's RJ11 port (telephone jack).

4) To test, enter our application under Settings -> Printers. Enter the printer's IP address, port default to 9100, select the printer model and click on test print. Your printer will print out a demo receipt & the cash drawer will pop.

* For custom code, please refer to this link.

Supported Printer

Epson tm-t88v

Epson TM-T88V

Epson tm-u220

Epson TM-U220

Star TSP-100

Star TSP-100

Star SM-S220

Star SM-S220 (Bluetooth)

MobiPOS supports all ESC/POS ethernet interface printer. For more, please refer to the list in the app.

Unable to connect to printer?

I bought a new printer, hooked everything up but its not printing!
It would best to check the IP address of your iPad and the printer.
If iPad's IP address is and printer's IP is, they are both in different subnet.
You would need to change the printer's IP address to 192.168.1.XXX.

What is my printer's IP Address?

To find out your printer's IP Address, turn off the printer. Hold the feed button and power on the printer.
You should have the IP address printed on your printer configuration sheet.
If the printer's IP is not in the same subnet, its best to change them via PC.

What is my iPad's IP Address?

To find out your iPad's IP Address, go under iPad settings, Wi-Fi network.
Click on the right pointing arrow or info button on the network you joined.
You will be able to find your iPad IP address.

Not working still?

Having some difficulties in setting up?
Unsure about your printer model?
Let us know, we would be glad to help. Email us at