MobiOrder/Online Ordering gives you the ability to have your menu online, allowing your customer to take order at your website, sending it directly into your POS and print it to the kitchen.
With the right setup, the entire process can be seamless and no human intervention is required.

To start using online ordering, you will need licenses as below:
- MobiPos Application
- MobiPos CloudSync
- MobiPos Online Ordering

You have to ensure that MobiPos CloudSync is setup and up and running.
You can refer to this guide on how to setup CloudSync.
If MobiPos CloudSync is setup correctly, you should see your stocks or report data in CloudSync.
iPad has to be in app and turned on all the time. In the iPad Settings -> Display & Brightness -> Auto Lock should be set to Never.

To begin setting up online ordering, look for your username located at the right top of your screen, then click Online Ordering.
There's quite a few configuration in it, however for a start you just have to fill in all the non optional setting that has "*" beside it.

General Info

pos online ordering general info settings

Store Name
Enter the store name of yours and it will be displayed on the top of the screen.

Store URL
System will generate your url accordingly based on your preferred name.
If you key in "demo" as the URL, you will be able to access your store at
If you key in "myrestaurant" as the URL, access your store at

As you can see, "" will always be part of the URL, it can't be changed and you can only make changes to the subdomain.
You will need to use another store URL if it has been used by other store.

Enter an email that you are monitoring closely, as all event changes related to order will be sent to this email by the system.
For example if a customer made an order, but no one accepted it or the POS has no internet, system sends out an email with all the details of the order in it.
You can then reach out to your customer to confirm the order or ignore it.

Outlet Address
Key in the address of your store, then click on Validate Address.
Google will search for the location of your address.
If the location is not accurately pinned, you can drag the pin and move it to the exact location.
The address/location is required as the system uses it to calculate the route distance between customer and store.

pos online ordering general info settings

Upload your store'slogo to display at the left top of the online ordering page.
The dimension of it is fixed, photo in square and a size of 500px x 500px is preferred.

Store Banner
A banner to be display on the top of the page, giving personalization to your brand.
An image ratio of width:height (4:1) is preferred.

General Info
General Info will be displayed in the Info section .
A good section to introduce your store or message you would like to convey to your customer.

Configure your timezone as the system use this to determine your operating hour, time to send out pre-order and much more.
System does not determine the time based on user's device time as it might not be accurate.

Operating Hour
Configure your operating hour, prevent customer from ordering anything that is out of the operating hour.
You would want to set your end time to be earlier if your outlet ends operation on time and you require a buffer to prepare the order.


pos online ordering menu settings

Menu's Image
You are encouraged to put in high quality product's image as it would increase customer's spending.
You can upload your menu's photo from the iPad or CloudSync's Stock section.
Turn it off if you do not wish to show product's image in the site.

Menu Configuration
You could choose to hide or disable certain category/product item in online ordering as certain product is not suitable for delivery.
If the product item in the iPad is disabled, item will automatically be disabled in online regardless of what is setup in menu configuration.
If the product is available in the iPad but disabled from menu configuration, it will be disabled.

Confirmation Receipt
When someone places an order, a confirmation receipt will be printed automatically at the cashier's printer.
Turn it off if it's not needed.

Pricing Level
To sell at a different pricing for online order, select a different pricing level.
You will need to setup pricing level in the app, Settings -> Pricing Level before changing it here.

Transaction By
For each online transaction, it will be automatically assigned to the account you selected here.
At the end of the day, you could generate an employee sales report to see how much sales were from online ordering.

Store Language
Select your default language of the store.
You can translate any missing phrase here.

Table QR Ordering
Table QR Ordering allows dine in customer to scan a QR code that is on the table, send order directly using their own mobile phone.

pos online ordering table qr ordering

Table Ordering
Each table number is encoded into a unique QR code.
Orders will be sent into the kitchen directly and no acceptance is required.
Turn it on to enable this feature.

Location Check
To prevent customer from making bogus orders, system does a location check of the device to ensure they are within range before they can order.
If they disallow location check when prompted, they will not be able to send the order.
However this is not a foolproof solution as user can alter their location using 3rd party software.

Table Configuration
To generate the QR code for each table, then print them out to paste it on the table.

Menu Configuration (Table Ordering)
You could choose to hide or disable certain category/product item for table ordering as certain product is for internal usage only.

Delivery Options

pos online ordering delivery options settings

Delivery Method
Collection method will always be set to on, to support delivery is optional.

Max Distance
Set the maximum distance you would deliver to.

Minimum Order
Set the minimum ticket price to complete the delivery order.
This does not affect collection method. Collection is default to no minimum order.

Free Delivery after Price
Setup no delivery fee for orders above a price.

Delivery Price
Define the delivery fee in relation to the delivery distance.
This function will not work if delivery fee is not setup in the POS.
To setup, in the iPad app go under Settings -> General -> Delivery Fee, assign an open price item.

Pre-Order Settings
Upon receiving a pre-order, an email will be sent to both customer and your store's email.
However system will only fire the order to the POS when its due based on Minimum Time Before Pre-Order.
If at moment the POS is not reachable due to connection issue, another email will be sent out to your email stating that the order is missed.
Take necessary action to fulfill the order as customer considers their order to be accepted.


pos online ordering tips and payment settings

Configure tips so your customer could put in the amount they would like to tip.
Setup up to 3 standard option to simplify the tipping process.


pos online ordering tips and payment settings

Configure different payment method to be accepted for different ordering mode.
If online payment is used, bill need not to be checkout again in the POS.
The bill will be closed automatically with receipt printed when order is received.
As for non online payment, bill has to be checkout again in the POS.

Online Payment

pos online ordering online payment settings

We will continuously add more online payment solution to our platform.
If your preferred credit card processor is not listed, do contact us.

Upon setting up, a preferred web URL of yours will be generated.
With that your customer could start taking orders from the website immediately.