pos system secondary terminal setup

Enable Multiple Terminal Ordering

In order to enable multiple terminal ordering, you are required to purchase either iPad Terminal or iPod Terminal license.
Upon purchase, switch on Enable Multiple Terminal Ordering.

Work Mode

For the primary device where you store all your stock files and settings, set it as "Main POS".
You can use iPhone terminal or iPad terminal to serve as terminal.
Refer to Terminal Setup for more information on instructions to set up secondary terminal.

There can be multiple terminals to work as an ordering terminal.
Orders payment can also be enabled on the secondary terminal(s).
To add secondary terminal(s), in your secondary iPad, go to Settings -> Terminal.

Enable the Multiple Terminal Ordering mode.
As this is the secondary terminal, change Main POS to As Terminal tab, then pair this secondary terminal(s) by inserting the Main Terminal IP Address.

pos system multiple terminal setup settings

Enable Payment on Terminal

To enable payment on secondary terminal(s), just turn on the switch.
There will be a Terminal ID tab shown below it.
Terminal ID can be inserted for report splitting purpose.

By default, all terminals report are consolidated as one at the end of the day.
However by inserting a different Terminal ID for each terminal, you can generate report based on each terminal and also the consolidated one.
You can enter any name for Terminal ID for your own identification purpose.
Upon entering Terminal ID, do remember to pair/sync with the main POS again.

Please refer to Reports to find out more about generating report based on individual terminals.